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Torquay has the distinction of being the setting for the classic TV show Fawlty Towers - possibly a slightly dubious distinction, since it's not exactly the model of a well run hotel. Luckily, things have moved on since the era of Basil, and the booming tourism industry in Torquay means that you and the lads have plenty of Torquay stag hotels, hostels and guestrooms to choose from. Selecting the one that's going to be best for you and the boys isn't an easy task with so much choice around - fortunately we've got experience tracking down the hotels most suited to stag groups, and have found the most welcoming and friendly of the bunch for you to pick. As a popular tourist resort, prices can get steep around peak times, so we've also sorted out the best value Torquay stag accommodation for you and the lads.


If all you really want is a place you and the lads can crash out in the evening - or early morning - and don't need anything more fancy than that, hostels are an excellent choice for groups hoping to save a bit of money for more important things. It's only a short walk from the beach and harbour, even closer to pub heavy Union Street. There's a self catering kitchen, free internet and wifi, a TV lounge on the off chance you have an evening in, and a beer garden for when you're downing a few pints and getting the party started.


A slight upgrade on the hostels, a budget Torquay stag hotel is just what's needed for groups of boys that aren't concerned on splashing out on all the bells and whistles - you won't find any Barcelonan porters serving on you here. We've got a selection of different options for budget hotels, depending on what you need... all are centrally located, only short walks from some of the top nightlife areas in Torquay, as well as being exceptionally close to the waterfront. There are a range of different facilities and services offered too - for example, one has an attached indoor pool, hot tub, sauna and gym facilities, as well as a bar and one of the most popular restaurants in Torquay. Theres also smaller Torquay stag accommodation ideal for large parties, as they give you the opportunity to completely book out the venue, with facilities like ensuite rooms, TVs, and wifi to enjoy.


For a quieter or more private stay in Torquay, try staying at one of our guesthouses instead. You and the lads will get a more personal service than you would at a hotel, but the rates are just as good, giving you all the best of both worlds. Like the budget hotels, we've got a few different options available to ensure you get the best out of your stay - you might want to try somewhere a little further out of the centre of Torquay if you don't mind a brief walk to the top nightlife. If you're dead set on being right next to the pubs and bars, we've got a B&B style guesthouse with wifi, TV, parking, and full English breakfasts on offer.

So why StagWeb?

Organising Torquay stag accommodation isn't the easiest. It's pretty popular with the tourists, so prices tend to run high, and spaces tend to be limited. And lads, no offence - but stag dos don't always have the best reputation for being fine upstanding guests, so not all hotels are completely open to you descending on them in a mass. We can help you with all of this. We've been working with both chain and independent accommodation providers since 2002, so we've developed relationships with the hoteliers that others just don't have, and we can use them for you. We can work out deals and offers to get you all the best rates around, and our longstanding partnerships mean we can help you escape the premiums that a lot of stag parties have to deal with. Also, we know both the hotels and area very well, so we'll be able to sort something that fits in best with your group - close to your activities, close to the nightlife you're interested in, whatever parking you need, and so on.

How soon do I have to book?

We're pretty flexible on exact numbers and times generally at StagWeb - we don't usually ask for final confirmations until about 6 weeks before you head off, giving you plenty of time to round up the lads and get names and numbers. However, Torquay is a holidaying hotspot, so in summer months you're going to want to get your numbers in early to secure the absolute best of the StagWeb accommodation, and avoid the Fawlty experience. Give us a call on 01225 474200 in order to find out a bit more.

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Planning a Stag Do Solo

Planning a stag do solo
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Booking with StagWeb

Booking with StagWeb
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