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blindfold driving Stag Party

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What's Included

  • Expert instructor
  • Challenging course
  • Potential 4x4 chaos
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1 hour

Group Size

Minimum of 6 stags


All year round

Dress Code

Outdoor wear

  • See the track and get familiar with the 4x4 vehicles
  • The group will then be split into teams
  • Your team will enter the car
  • And the first driver gets behind the wheel...
  • Blindfolded
  • The rest of the team will act as your eyes and try to direct you
  • You'll be driving against the clock
  • Battling to record the fastest individual and team times
  • The team that has the combined fastest time will be the winners!

Activity footage may vary depending on location.

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Combine... Blindfold Driving + Accom to save you TIME & MONEY!

"Everything we needed was arranged for a stress-free weekend. Worth the money to save stress." - David Cooper

Driving 4x4s, that's all fairly straight forward, no obvious kinks there. In fact, it can be a really cool hobby if you face the right kind of terrain. But it's all just too easy. No, you need to Top Gear it up a bit, just make it that little bit more interesting, more of a challenge, more stag-worthy.


Yeah, driving a huge 4x4 is a cool challenge for city-dwelling stags but adding blindfolds does make it even better.

But what if we gave you the worst co-drivers ever to make things just that little bit trickier?
Ok, game on!

But we're not talking bad backseat drivers or GTA addicts. It's even worse than that, while you're blindfolded, the only voices you'll have to help point you in the right direction will be your fellow stags! And of course, they'd never deliberately give you bad instructions so you ended up crashing into the nearest tree, would they?

Stag party blindfold driving is a timed challenge so every second counts. You'll be working in teams in a race against the clock and guided by your team, you'll be aiming for the quickest time possible while incurring the fewest penalties along the way.

You'll also get to watch and laugh at all the other teams as they shout, bump, crash, argue and sulk during their runs. The flip side is they'll probably be laughing at you just as much. Or maybe even worse.

If you ever thought you and your other half argued in the car, you haven't seen anything compared to how fraught it will get once the clock is ticking the rest of your team are panicking/floundering/talking b*ll***t. Stag party blindfold driving is a race against time, teamwork, communication and cool heads are an absolute must. Then, of course, there is the joint desire of all the stags wanting to see the groom do really badly. Because that's what friends are for.

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