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Machine Gun Shooting in Bratislava

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What's Included

  • Competitive shooting
  • AK47, PPS41 Sudajev
  • Taurus .38 Special, Glock 17
  • SigPro 2009, SWT 40 Sniper rifle
  • Free beers (AFTER shooting!)
  • Return transport & guide
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Don't risk missing out - send us your enquiry today!

3 - 3.5 hours

Group Size

Minimum of 6 stags


7 days a week


Guns, ear defenders, goggles


All year round

  • Our English speaking guide will pick you up at your hotel
  • You'll be taken to the range
  • Important safety instruction
  • Bust out the big guns and get busy
  • Who will be Top Gun?
  • Who couldn't hit Kim Kardashian's backside with a bazooka?
  • Compare targets after the event with a complimentary cold beer
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Combine... Machine Gun Shooting + Accom to save you TIME & MONEY!

"Everything we needed was arranged for a stress-free weekend. Worth the money to save stress." - David Cooper

It's time to bust out the big guns! If you want to book the lads on a legendary Bratislava stag do that they'll be talking about for years then this awesome shooting package is bang on target!

Back home in Blighty, the health and safety guys will be waving hi-viz jackets on you the moment you get out a stepladder but in Bratislava you can get your itchy trigger fingers on some serious hardware and some of the most infamous guns ever!

You'll be picked up at your hotel and driven to the shooting range. Once on-site, the instructors/safety marshals will give you a safety induction before you're allowed near the guns. You'll then be shown the stunning array of weaponry you'll be getting busy with. The guys might think they're a bit handy at Call of Duty but nothing compares to the terrifying power of these fully-automatic guns and sniper rifles.

At the end of the session, you'll each get a cool beer to enjoy while you talk about how lucky the targets are that it was you doing the shooting or they'd be full of holes right now!

There are six packages to choose from:


Ruskie 20 bullets (3 hours)
AK-47 Kalashnikov

Scorpion - 40 bullets (3 hours)
2 semi-automatic weapons - Kalashnikov and Scorpion

Heavy Metal - 60 bullets (3.5 hours)
4 different weapons - AK-47 Saiga, PPS41 Sudajev, AK-47 M, SWT 40 Sniper Rifle

Yipee-kay-aye Mother Hugger - 90 bullets (3.5 hours)
5 different weapons Taurus 38 Special, AK Saiga, SA Vz. 58, AK 47 RPK, SKS 45 Sniper Rifle

The Full Arnie - 120 bullets (3.5 hours)
7 different weapons - Taurus 38 Special, Glock 17, SigPro 2009, Scorpion, Benelli M3, AK 47 M, SWT 40 Sniper Rifle

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Please Note: We work with 1000s of suppliers across the UK & Europe so prices, availability, photos and specifics on our machine gun shooting activity may vary depending on your preferred location and dates.

Feel free to ask your Destination Specialist at the time of booking if you have any questions about this.

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