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Battle Archery Tag in Brighton

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What's Included
  • Game marshals
  • Bows & arrows
  • Battle zone
  • Safety equipment

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Individual payments
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90 minutes

Group Size

Minimum of 8 stags


All year round


Bows, arrows & safety masks

Dress Code


  • You'll meet the game marshals for a quick safety briefing and rules of engagement
  • Get kitted up - bows, arrows & safety masks
  • Practice session
  • Game on! 80 minutes of sharp shooting, arrow dodging mayhem!

If you hear the guys big up their prowess on Call of Duty then you can now put their sharpshooting, enemy spanking claims to the test with our epic and hilarious Brighton stag party Archery Tag.

If you've never seen or heard of the game before the premise is fairly simple (yet utterly nuts!). It's a weird mash-up of tag and paintball, but instead of touching people or firing paint you'll be pointing (heath and safety approved) arrows at the groom's wedding tackle. Well, it's not just the groom, you'll be split into two teams/armies and then fight to the... pub on a specially created battle zone. Your two tribes will then go to war in a series of rounds where your arrows will do the talking and no quarter shall be given.

The battle zone is made up of a range of obstacles, barricades and battlements with two opposing areas facing each other, between the zones is the safe ground which players are allowed to enter in order to collect fallen arrows, players cannot fire from the safe zone but could get hit by stray arrows, making collecting ammo a perilous mission. And to make it more interesting players are only issued with two arrows each to begin, they must then collect their arrows that fall in front of the barriers and then sprint for safety before being turned into human pincushions by the enemy archers. Each time a player is hit by an arrow he is "out" and must watch from the side-lines until allowed back into action by the marshals. It's also possible to pluck arrows out the air if you're seriously badass!

Each battle zone has a series of targets, teams can win one of two ways;

  • By knocking out all their opponent's targets
    This requires skill and teamwork.
  • Or wiping out the opposing team -
    This requires the will to inflict maximum pain!

Our Brighton stag party archery tag really is one of the craziest yet most hilarious stag activities and with the balmy south coast summer and a group of like-minded (vicious stags/thugs), it is quite simply epic fun and really is highly recommended for a top-quality afternoon of laughs. Watching the groom being strafed with arrows from all sides or seeing the best man perform his best Bruce Willis role and fire only to take one straight in the happy sacks is the stuff the stag parties were made for!

The session lasts 90 minutes with ten minutes of instruction and practise and 80 minutes of complete carnage. There is one marshal for every 12 stags, so 13+ stag get two marshals, 25+ stags get 3 marshals, 37+... you do the maths.

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