Escape Room in Bristol

What's Included

  • 5 escape rooms
  • 60-minute challenge
  • Creepy storylines
  • Intense puzzles & clues
  • Live action game play
  • Bristol

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1 hour

Group Size

Minimum of 6 stags


All Year Round

Dress Code



Must have brain cells

  • Locked in a room
  • You have just 60 minutes
  • Solve all the clues and escape
  • Or it could be "Game Over"...
  • Permanently!

Please note: Games may vary depending on availability and you may be split across two venues approximately 1-minute walk apart.

A weird mix of Saw and Crystal Maze, this superb live-action adventure will see you split into teams and then race to beat each other, but most importantly make it out alive. You and the guys will enter an escape room (up to 5 stags per room), you then have just 60 minutes to solve all the puzzles and codes to break free.

If not, we'll tell your loved ones you tried your best.

There are a number of escape rooms and scenarios including a genuine prison van to break out of.

The Rooms

The Room of Al Capone (2-5 players)

In the depths of the prohibition era in America, notorious gangster Al Capone is still managing to evade the clutches of the police. You need to find some hard evidence to take him down! You and your team of detectives will enter Capone's bar where you'll attempt to find some proof to put him away once and for all.

The Fortress (2-5 players)

Don't say we didn't warn you this was going to happen! The Zombie Apocalypse finally happened ten years ago and the undead still rule the Earth to this day. You and your squad are just a handful of people still alive and you're trying to reach the only known human base in existence - The Fortress. In order to reach it, you must complete a series of challenges, but you only have one hour before the zombies sniff your delicious, fresh brains out.

The Artefacts (2-5 players)

Having returned from Africa, renowned adventurer Jack Travis disappeared along with his most recent discovery, a rare and incredibly precious diamond. You must search his warehouse to uncover the gem, but could it be cursed?

Secret Agent Room / MI6 (2-6 players)

Someone has stolen a highly sensitive list of every MI6 agent currently working undercover. It seems a double agent might have infiltrated the secret service. Your mission is to track down both the missing list and the spy. You do NOT have a license to kill but you can get ruddy angry!

Poltergeist Room (2-5 players)

What happened to the widow and her daughter that lived in this room? Who or what is behind the silhouette of a woman seen walking around in the rooms? Can you manage to exorcise the room and find out if a poltergeist really is behind all the phenomena?

Prison Van Escape (2-5 players)

Busted, you and the guys are banged to rights but you prefer the taste of sunshine on the Costa del Blagger rather than porridge for the next 25 years. But would you Adam 'n' Eve it, the van has had a huge accident. You've probably got 60 minutes before the rozzers make it to your remote location. This is your last chance to break free or you'll be locked up for good. (This room uses a real prison van!)

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