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Situational Survival in Bristol

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What's Included

  • Navigation & survival tools
  • Survival based games
  • Build shelters, throw axes
  • Take selfies with giraffes
  • Friendly instructor
  • Post survival cafe
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Half day

Group Size

Minimum of 6 stags


All year round

Dress Code


  • Oh crap! Your balloon has crash landed out in the wild
  • Which goes to show you should never let the groom drive Ever!
  • Luckily it's landed near a café where there's a friendly survival expert (what are the chances?)
  • You'll have a choice of up to 5 items to take with you
  • Quick squad selfie then you need to get back to civilisation
  • Beating the crazy survival tests and challenges on the way
  • Take a selfie with a giraffe
  • Navigate a known assault area
  • Compete in deadly axe throwing
  • Build a fire and toast marshmallows like proper tough guys
  • And more weird adventures
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Combine... Situational Survival + Accom to save you TIME & MONEY!

"Everything we needed was arranged for a stress-free weekend. Worth the money to save stress." - David Cooper

Right, as we all know, mankind has gotten a little too comfortable these days. With the advent of the internet, pizza on speed dial and about a billion TV channels at our fingertips we're a long way from the burly hunter gathers we once were. Well gents, it's time to get back to basics. With our Bristol survival challenge, you can put your manliness to the test once and for all as you learn to fend for yourselves having been thrust back into the wild.

You and the boys will meet at the centre's café where you can have one final caffeine boost before you begin. You'll receive a quick briefing in a yurt giving you a lowdown of the day's activities and events.

You and your fellow stags find yourselves stranded deep in the woodlands after your hot air balloon crashes "I knew we shouldn't have let Dave drive it!". In order to survive, you must compete against a number of teams to locate items to help you. There are loads of challenges and puzzles to overcome before you then have to construct a shelter and light a fire to protect you from the impending blizzard. "Is it too late to invite Bear Grylls?"

You'll need to choose five from fifteen items to help you solve your tasks which range from axe throwing, getting your shelter materials through an assault area, taking a selfie with a giraffe and much, much more.

This epically unique adventure is guaranteed to go down an absolute storm with the rest of the lads and is the perfect preparation for when the computers finally rise up and plunge society into apocalyptic chaos (it's only a matter of time!).

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