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Top 5 Most Booked Extreme Stag Activities

  1. White Water Rafting
  2. Coasteering
  3. Bobsleigh
  4. Canyoning
  5. Abseiling

You know it's going to be a great activity when you're all asked to sign a waiver before you start just in case one of you doesn't last the distance.

When it comes to stag adventures there's no point pussy-footing around, while the occasional stag dare and a couple of drinking games help keep the party moving, they aren't the kind of stag moments likely to go down in legend.

StagWeb's Adrenaline Stag Do Ideas

Our extreme stag do activities are edge-of-seat, thrill rides with plenty of room for face-plants, fails and all manner of calamities you'll be rushing to upload to YouTube so all the world can see the groom's misfortune. After all, that's what mates are for.

Leaping from cliffs, jumping off of bridges, dangling down the side of rock faces, racing down ice runs, bombing down hillsides, or going wheel to wheel in heavy metal crunching action are just some of the brown-trouser moments we have in lined up for worthy stags.

Surf's up!

What could be more relaxing than some worldly chaps messing about the beach? Well forget relaxation, you'll be lining the lads up for a face-full of surf and white water thrills that are just this side of "You're having a ****ing laugh are you?!?".

Blo Karting Combining the speed of go karts and the skill of sailing these are essentially three-wheel karts with sails. Extreme beach racing, just try to keep them the right way up!
Coasteering It's easy, all you need to do is get from A to B. The only problem is that this will involve navigating over rocks, cliffs, leaping into the tide, and all manner of "fun" routes.
Sandboarding What happens when you head down a sand dune on a surfboard? Well for the first couple of attempts you face-plant and your mates laugh! However, stag kings will rise to the occasion with supreme ease. Big laughs, big fun!
Kite Buggying Finding a stretch of beach with huge winds, attaching a buggy to a missive kite and then hoping for the best might not sound like a sane idea. But who wants sane? This is a stag do, we demand madness!!!
Hot Dogging These incredibly tough two-man canoes are quite simply brilliant! This one really isn't for the faint-hearted so we do advise caution before booking this awesome extreme adventure.
Hydrospeeding Fast flowing water and hungover stags. Really, what could possibly go wrong? It'll certainly wake them up and is a real one off activity.
Zap Cats Imagine the angriest boat ever, add a huge engine and some adventurous stags then stick them all on broiling waves. Epic!
White Water Rafting A real extreme stag party classic. Teamwork is required to face some of the roughest waters in the UK. Good luck... you might need it.

More man madness...

For those that are worried the water and sand offers too much of a soft landing, we have plenty more potentially face-flattening action in store.

Paragliding Get airborne with one of the most incredible and unforgettable extreme activities known to stagkind.
Tobogganing Fired down a 650m run on a small metal toboggan with limited brakes and just your own screams for company.
Bobsleigh Officially the most dangerous of Olympic sports. But hey, don't let that put off. If you want ‘extreme' then this is it!
Luge If that isn't wild enough for you then how about we turn you around, give you a slim tray instead of bobsleigh and send you down the run head first? Yep. That's more like it!
Zorbing Mad fun. Get strapped into a huge inflatable hamster ball and have your mates push you down a hill. Stagtastic!
Bungee Jumping A tick off the old bucket list with one of the most celebrated and coveted of extreme activities.
Extreme Dodgems Wheel to wheel action in race prepped stock cars. This one is HUGE and the kind of thing you'll talk about for years.

Build your own...

Any stag weekend is a big event, a celebration as another one of your faithful crew crosses the threshold into matrimony and Saturday evenings trying to survive through Strictly-Come-Get-Me-Out-of-Here-I-Was-Once-On-X-Factor while waiting for MOTD to come on. As such the weekend deserves to be huge, so we'll work with you to create a tailor-made weekend of extreme stag party ideas, with big days and great nights all at the best prices.
With over 600,000 previous clients and more than a decade of experience we are dedicated to helping you build a weekend that will go down in stag legend.

To get the ball rolling just send us a quick enquiry and we'll send you a hassle free quote. It's then just few steps to the ultimate in stag excellence.

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