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Highland Games in Glasgow

What's Included
  • Set at a Scottish castle
  • Range of different sporting events
  • Including Tossing the Caber, Haggis Throwing & Target Golf
  • Presentation ceremony for winning team
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  • Duration 2.5 hours.
  • Group Size Minimum of 6 stags.
  • Availability All year round.
  • Equipment All provided.
  • Dress Code Don't wear your Sunday best.
  • Meet the marshals for a safety briefing and team allocations.
  • Get your game faces on ready to go "full Braveheart".
  • Each game will be explained as you commence including;
    tossing the caber, haggis throwing, target golf, shot put, whiskey challenge and more...
  • You'll face 9 different events in total.
  • At the end of the day, the points will be counted and the winners crowned 'Lairds of the Highlands', the rest will simply be left to cry into their porridge.

No Glasgow stag do is complete without some healthy sporting competition and there's no greater test of a man than the Highland Games. For those not in the know, imagine the Olympics had been dreamt up by two wee Scots fellas, in a boozer somewhere in the back of Inverness while deep into their 4th bottle of whiskey. Add extra danger, near-impossible tasks, sprinkle with Tartan and the sound of bagpipes and you're just about there.

Split into teams you'll tackle a series of epic tartan inspired challenges, but in terms of winning teams, in the words of Highlander... "There can be only one!" (although we would like to point out you won't be required to chop anyone's head off, any decapitations will be completely unintentional and should be avoided at all times).

  • Tossing The Caber - Simply pick up an entire tree trunk and lob it as far as you can. Easy. To give you a sporting chance you will be using slightly smaller but still "bloody heavy" cabers.
  • Haggis Hurling - Bred and raised locally these little critters are hard to catch. Thankfully all you've got to do is throw them as far as possible. Please note; no actual haggis were harmed during the making of this event.
  • Archery - What better traditional sporting challenge would better suit a band of particularly merry men? "Lets... Play... Arrows!"
  • Fly Casting - It doesn't get more rural than this. You'll need a feather-light touch and real skill to master the required accuracy and technique.
  • Target Golf - It's not quite St Andrews but this is a brilliant test of your skill with a club. Various targets and distances to chip and aim for.
  • Shot Putt - A test for the manliest of men. You'll be throwing steel balls of varying weights into scoring zones.
  • The Whisky Challenge - A cunning test of accuracy. The last person standing wins the bottle!
  • Bagpipe Playing - Some of the lads might well have more wind than Glasgow in November, in which case this is the perfect opportunity for them to truly shine.
  • Welly Hurling - It's Man vs Footwear as is this battle of strength and accuracy. Getting power behind your throw is easy but to chuck it furthest and stay within the boundaries takes a little more skill.

Please Note; Games and challenges may vary depending on the weather and groups size.

"Awesome guy"

"Awesome guy, he was amazing and even arranged help for my disabled grandpa so he could be with us during the games!"

Glenn Jamieson | Glasgow

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