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laser combat
stag party

Unleash your own stag party Call of Duty

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laser combat laser combat laser combat

What's Included

  • Laser guns, rocket launchers & mines
  • Awesome game scenarios
  • Hunt the Stag & Capture the flag
  • all ammo included

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  • Icon durationDURATION
    Will vary depending on location
  • Icon groups sizeGROUP SIZE
    Minimum of 6 stags
  • Icon availabilityAVAILABILITY
    7 days per week
  • Icon seasonalSEASONAL
    All year round
  • Icon dresscodeDRESS CODE
    Boots and outdoor wear

What You’ll Be Doing

So What's the plan

  • The marshals will give you a quick safety briefing and explain the rules of engagement
  • You'll be issued with your kit including the state-of-the-art weapons
  • Some guns are even fitted with grenade launchers for maximum firepower!
  • You'll then be split into your teams/fighting units
  • There are a number of different missions
  • Be prepared to get down and dirty, this is a stag do, so show no mercy!
  • And unlike paintball you won't run out of ammo
  • Or be covered in bruises

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We work with 1000s of suppliers across the UK & Europe so prices, availability, photos and specifics on our laser combat activity may vary depending on your preferred location and dates.

Feel free to ask your Destination Specialist at the time of booking if you have any questions about this.

Stag Top Tip!

You don't want 'Mummy's little soldier' getting lost so bring hi-viz trousers and a jacket or pink onesie for the groom to wear.

Share with the boys!

"To survive a war, you gotta become war." - John Rambo
"Johnny Love, your tea's ready." - Rambo's Mum

laser combat in  stag party activity 1

More About Stag Do laser combat...

Forget Call of Duty, drag the lads away from their consoles and prepare for combat with stag party laser war games. You'll be equipped with the latest state-of-the-art machine guns which are accurate up to 100 metres as well as helmets and body armour.
While paintball is indeed a truly epic stag battle activity, Laser War Games has some superb hi-tech advantages.

  • No pain. No bruising. Without paint pellets hitting you at 70m.p.h you won't have to explain to your partner that the "love bite" on your neck really IS a paintball bruise.
  • No masks and no and scratched up goggles.
  • No misfires due to running out of gas.
  • No stray shots due to strong wind, our guns are highly accurate to over 100 metres.
  • No extra costs. You don't have to pay for extra ammo if you manage to loose off two hundred rounds in a blind panic (taking out half your own platoon in the process).
  • No environmental damage. Prince Charles will be most pleased you haven't decorated a stand of spruce trees in your rush to capture the enemy flag.

Games take place in dense woodland which really add to the atmosphere, as well as bunkers, camouflaged fox holes, sniper positions you'll also find the site littered with mines and some guns will have grenade launches for maximum fire power.
There will be a number of different game scenarios to face including;

  • Capture the flag
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Bomb disposal
  • Manhunt
  • Death Match - Last Man Standing
  • And more...

As well as settling old scores this is a fantastic way for the guys to work up a thirst without having to wash paint out of their hair (therefore protecting the 'dos' of any prima-Maradonnas).

"It was an awesome weekend!"

5/5 stars
5 Stars

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