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Escape Room in Liverpool

What's Included
  • Live game play
  • 7 deadly rooms
  • 60 minutes to escape
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  • Duration 60 minutes.
  • Group Size Minimum of 6 stags, maximum of 20.
  • Availability All year round.
  • Dress Code Casual.
  • Game briefing before the group splits into teams.
  • Each team will be given a separate room in this eerie race against time.
  • Enter the room and hear the door slam shut behind you.
  • You have just 60 minutes to escape...
  • If not it could be 'Game Over'...
  • Permanently!
  • Which team will make it out first?
  • Which teams won't make it out at all...?

If you're fans of Saw, The Crystal Maze, and Hostel you'll love this live-action game that brings the best elements, ties them in nasty little knots, lights a fuse and then leaves you to crack the code or go out in a blaze of glory (or possibly just whimpering in the corner?).

The basic premise is simple, you'll be split into teams and each team will enter an escape room. Each room has a separate game scenario. Once locked inside you have just 60 minutes to solve the riddles, lateral thinking problems, codes and mystery in order to escape.
Which team will make it out first?
Which teams won't make it out at all...?


Deep behind enemy lines, your mission is to stop the launch of an enemy missile strike. There's just 60 minutes until launch which would potentially wipe out mankind. Your team will need to work as an elite unit in order to sabotage the launch and make good your escape... But the clock is already ticking.


Think you've got what it takes to become a secret agent? Could Jack Bauer and James Bond stay as cool under pressure? This is the most explosive and technologically advanced room yet! You'll need to pass the spy exam to make the grade, those that don't have a habit of simply disappearing...


There be pirates! Locked in the wreck of Captain Chiver's ship you must locate and escape with his long lost treasure. The only thing that can possibly stop you? Well, that's the man himself who has haunted his vessel ever since. And keeping trespassers locked in his watery grave.


Welcome to the Wild West. This room gives you two choices in a classic tale of how the west was won, but one of them might not be the golden nugget it at first appears? Can you outsmart your captors and escape? Or will you be deader than a turkey the day after Thanksgiving?


Ah, mad professors, where would we be without them? Well, not locked in a room surrounded by the creepy Dr Andrews failed experiments and desperately trying to find a way out before he conducts his most lethal and crazy experiment yet. On you!


Carnivals, they're not horrifically creepy at all! The 'cuddly' carny folk, horrible music and promises of prizes and fun (cure scary clown face!). But what happens when you find yourself lured to the carnival's workshop to collect a 'prize' with just 60 minutes to go until midnight? Do you really want to find out?


You're possibly the world's greatest bank robbers and about to pull off the greatest blag of all time. But things have gone 'Pete Tong'. You've now got 60 minutes to get the bling and get out before the boys in blue show up and you have to spend the next 25 years locked in a cell with a 6'6" bruiser called 'Petal'.

"Very unique"

"Great activity. Very unique. The lads really enjoyed it."

Mitchell Hunt | Liverpool
"Very unique"

"Great activity. Very unique. The lads really enjoyed it."

Mitchell Hunt | Liverpool

"Booking through StagWeb was the best decision I made. Saved so much money and time."

Newcastle Stag Weekend
5/5 stars

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