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Bournemouth | 14/08/2023 | 5/5 stars

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Big Budget Adventures

"To infinity and beyond!" Here at StagWeb HQ we're just like you, regular guys who do regular things; we always cheer for Rocky, we weep at the end of Terminator 2 and we know that you should never feed a Gremlin after midnight. In fact nearly all our most valuable knowledge we learnt from the movies.

But we've also learnt how to save stag groups money; we've been building quality relationships with our suppliers for years, and because we send them so many groups we get 'mates rates'. These are savings we're able pass on to our groups to help you get the most from your weekend budget. That means more action without putting a huge dent in the beer kitty.


"We like big bangs and we cannot lie..." One of our chief goals is to give your group more bang for your buck, whether that's our Exploding Archery, Stuntman School or fantastic exploding zombie targets. We've create a huge list of blockbusting activities at the very best prices. And in many cases our activities are created purely for us, to our own specifications giving you more in enhanced experiences you won't find from other stag companies.


"Go ahead punk, break my clay." For many guys there obsession with movies revolves around the hardware. Glocks, Magnums, AK47s, pump action shotguns, Heckler and Koch, we have a massive array of gun based adventures from competitive events such as Clay Pigeon Shooting and Target Shooting through to...


"Yippee-lay-aye mother-hugger!" Activities where the shooting and action is all about taking out your fellow stags such as Archery Tag, Laser Wargames and Soft Air. See more stag shooting activities here...

Double Bill

"I'll be back." You can keep coming back for more. Not only more adventure on the day (we'll work with you to help you time the day to pack in as much action as you can) but also more adventure in the future. All our clients gain instant V.I.P. status (like the action stars you are) so you, your friends and family will instantly be offered savings on any future stag parties, stag reunions and lads only weekends.

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