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Adventure Stag Weekends

Man has created some great stag challenges (paintballing, bubble football, quad bikes, etc.), but if you really want to push yourselves, then Mother Nature has provided the ultimate in potential face-planting, arse-kicking, fear-inducing activities known to stag-kind.
Getting out of the city and into the wilderness is a great way to get the lads back to basics. You can regress to your most primal state and battle against the highest highs and the lowest lows that the great outdoors can throw at you. After all, this is a stag party, where men are men, beer is plentiful, and the groom is ultimately a sitting duck just ready to be shot at (we mean that metaphorically, please don't actually shoot the groom no matter what he has decided you have to wear at the wedding or how far into the woods you take him).

Outdoor Stag Do Ideas

A stag party is a great opportunity to do something completely different and, at StagWeb, we don't believe in half measures.

Wet & Wild Adventures

The other great thing with a stag party is it brings all the boys together – while your evenings can be spent in a quiet pub, sipping a few ales and re-telling tales of daring adventures (or of course you can go totally nuts on a big night out!), your days can be spent giving Mother Nature a two-fingered salute.
Working together you can overcome whatever she puts in your way.
Navigate – Bypass obstacles and go your own way:

are all a great way to get from A to B by the toughest means possible and a great way to really test the lads.
High Speed – Do you want to measure your outdoor adventures in terms of mph?

Bigger Adventures, Better Prices

Going big doesn't mean having to spend large amounts of cash. If you're clever with the budget, you and the guys can pack in more thrills and spills for less dosh.
Right, pay attention at the back, here comes the maths bit...
If you book a single stag activity and your own hotel, you'll have to pay the standard rate, but at StagWeb, we've been working with many of our suppliers since 2002. We have built up superb relationships with all our suppliers and because we book so many events, we get special deals on the prices which we can pass on to you.
"Yeah, but you could just trouser the difference in price!"
Yes, we could... but we don't. Our philosophy is about providing quality. This is a massive event and the groom is only going to have this party once, therefore it should be of the highest calibre.
And it's simply not how we work, we're not a supermarket and we don't count beans in that way. We take pride in doing a great job. Giving you huge adventures and a fantastic price. Having served over 700,000 clients, we know that doing the job well not only means they'll tell their friends about their epic outdoor stag adventures, but because we got them such a great price, they'll remember us future events.

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It's far more pleasant than going out into the forest for some extreme stag survival and giving the groom bugs to eat... oh yes, we would... and we do! (Stag Bushcraft).
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