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What's Included
  • Top 10 Stag Activity
  • Semi-automatic weapons
  • Masks & goggles
  • Epic missions & scenarios
  • Complete stag carnage

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Individual payments

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Individual payments
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Group Size

Minimum of 6 stags


All year round


Semi-automatic weapons

Dress Code

Outdoor wear

Activity footage may vary depending on location.

  • Get your kit on for the lads
  • You'll be issued with semi-automatic weapons
  • Safety briefing and rules of engagement
  • Split into teams, plan your tactics
  • The starting siren will sound then…
  • Kick ass!!!
  • You'll battle it out in different scenarios and missions
  • Even if you lose a battle, you can still win the war
  • One team will be declared overall winners

Stag party paintball is an all-in, balls-out, trigger-happy activity which is bang on target for an epic stag do!

Synonymous with stag weekends far and wide this is a brilliant, all-action, multi-coloured fight to the boozer. Where else would a group of grown men get to run around holding guns, shooting at each other without the old bill getting involved? It is total stag carnage with the added bonus of having brightly covered ammo so you can see exactly where you hit your targets.

Not only do you get to shoot your opponents/best mates (and teammates, "by accident") but you also get to give the groom a complete Dulux makeover ahead of his big day, "Those massive green splodges really bring out your eyes, Gary!"

Plus, in recent years, stag do paintball has become incredibly high tech: you can add smoke grenades, scopes, indoor and outdoor facilities, ex-military bases and all manner of man-madness. We can even offer stag party paintball tanks. Yep, shooting at each other with genuine, bonafide tanks! It's competitive stag action taken to new levels of legendary!

Making stag party decisions...

If you're looking for a stag party activity, always consider the following factors before you make any final decisions:

• Will you get to run around?
• Will there be winners and losers?
• Will it cure a hangover?
• Will anyone who has a hangover be made to suffer?
• Are there any guns?
• Will everyone have a laugh?
• Can you shoot the groom?
• Repeatedly?

If you get a "no" to any of those answers, then we would seriously urge you to reconsider. Stag party paintballing is where legends are made, so during the course of conflict remember the words of the ultimate tough guy, Rambo: "Always go for the happy sacks." (We might be paraphrasing a little).

Does Paintball Hurt?

It really depends where your pain thresholds lie, but most people when hit will simply feel a minor sting (if anything) that will soon stop. It obviously varies depending on temperature, your choice of attire, plus the distance and speed at which the paintball hits you, however, most shots will feel pretty insignificant. It's called paintball, not painball - it's all about the fun, not inflicting pain!

How Fast Does a Paintball Go?

On average, paintballs tend to fly out at about 190 mph, which sounds incredibly fast when written down, though this won't cause much damage to a person - see above if you're worried.

Can We Gang Up on the Groom?


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Because of the pandemic, there's limited availability for 2022 due to 1000s of events being rescheduled and new events being booked in daily.

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paintballing Stag Do Legends


"Perfect day"

Hameed Abd-El-Gawad | Norwich

"Fantastic event. The staff were friendly and kept the whole event fresh and entertaining. Would definitely go back there again."

Andrew Greenwood | Newcastle
"Thoroughly enjoyable"

"Safety was first and foremost instructed to us! The staff were on our level and had good banter, myself being best man, was stitched up big time which I saw the funny side of! It was thoroughly enjoyable"

Ollie Perry | Bournemouth

"Was really good until I had to do the lap of honour and everyone emptied their bullets at me haha! Great time though!"

James Cunningham | Newcastle
"Cool staff"

"Cool staff who didn't mind 18 English idiots (which is always appreciated in Europe!)."

Ryan Poulson | Lisbon
"The best paintball location"

"The best paintball location and paintballing team I have ever experienced. Thanks to the manager having over 34 years in the business!"

Jay Landymore | Bournemouth
"Hosting was excellent"

"Hosting was excellent, appreciated the stag specific touches - chicken suit/chicken run game for the groom was good fun."

Thomas Charnock | Lisbon
"Staff were friendly and approachable."

"The guys were extremely competent when explaining site safety whilst ensuring that games could be enjoyed. All staff were friendly and approachable."

Pete Glews | Edinburgh
"wicked stories and memories"

"This was honestly the funniest part of the whole weekend!! Myself and the lads had the best time and have come away with wicked stories and memories! Absolutely loved it!"

Stacey Baskerville | Exeter
"...Staff were helpful..."

"The games were good and the staff were helpful and gave us a discount on the paintballs."

Elliot Eady | Reading

"The place itself was excellent, best paintball I have been to."

Dylan Hughes-Jukes | Hamburg
"...our party really enjoyed..."

"Well run organisation which everyone at our party really enjoyed and we had a great time. The staff were great."

Nick Butler | Newcastle

"Highly recommended, made organising the stag pain-free. Everyone had an amazing time!"

Bristol Stag Weekend
5/5 stars
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