It's the ultimate stag test, a month-long stag weekend to push the groom and all the stags and his wingmen to the limit.
Four challenges, four awesome locations over four separate weekends.

Four weekends... Four locations... Four challenges... Formidable!

Challenge: highest

Great stag do challenge

Weekend #1 / Reykjavik

If you're afraid of heights, you better look away now. In fact you might as well stop reading all together as you're probably not going to make it past day one of the first weekend which takes place in the land of fire and ice.

Challenge 1 | Volcano Hike

Exactly what it says on the tin, you and the guys will hike up and look down into the crater of a live volcano. This is living life to the extreme, is the groom up to the test?

Dinner | Shark Snack

Known locally as 'Hakarl', traditionally shark's flesh was fermented in urine. But these are modern times, so instead it's left to decompose and ferment for five months, then served to your stag party to eat. Enjoy!

challenge: toughest

Great stag do challenge

Weekend #2 / Top Secret (somewhere in the UK)

Held at a top secret UK location, you'll meet Bear Grylls' own team of survival guides who'll teach you survival skills before you put your new knowledge to the test during 24 hours surviving in the wilderness.

Challenge 2 | Bear Grylls Survival Course
24 hours under the guidance of extreme survival experts. Learn how to forage and catch dinner, light a fire and spend the night in shelters you'll build yourselves.

Dinner | Bug Tucker Trial

It can't be as bad as it sounds can it? Erm, yes. Yes it can. This is a last man standing bug off with a series of crunchy critters to munch on, ending with the giant water bug.

challenge: fastest

Great stag do challenge

Weekend #3 / Prague

It's a city renowned for a love of beer. It also has one of the greatest driving challenges taking place in one of the worst cars of all time. Think Gumball Rally in Robin Reliants then take away the glamour!

Challenge 3 | Trabant Rally

Trabants are quite possibly the worst cars ever built and they're definitely one of the ugliest which just makes them all the more charming. Pair up and get ready to rally!

Dinner | Beer Tasting

You can't go on a stag weekend to the Czech Republic and not sample the local beer. Well you can but that's called a hen party. Taste some of the city's best beers.

challenge: strongest

Great stag do challenge

Weekend #4 / Edinburgh

Strong whisky and strong blokes. It's time to prove your manliness in one of the most manly countries on the planet. Leave the moisturiser at home, put down your man-bag and get North of the border, sharpish!

Challenge 4 | Highland Games

You'll head to the highlands, where men are men and the haggis are nervous, and compete with your fellow stags in a series of awesome Highland games.

Dinner | Whisky Experience

Check out the world's largest whisky collection before sampling amazing malts in this incredibly scientific tasting experience.

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