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somerset challenge Stag Party

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What's Included
  • Stag sporting madness
  • 9 hilarious games
  • Epic groom prank
  • Free team photos
  • Prize for the winner

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Individual payments

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Individual payments
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2-3 hours

Group Size

8-40 stags


Saturdays only


All year round. Indoor venue between Nov-Feb

Dress Code

Sportswear. Fancy dress welcome

Activity footage may vary depending on location.

  • 9 totally mad sporting challenges
  • Culminating in putting the groom in the Farmer's Shower to confess all
  • Get your kit on and limber up
  • Game faces on
  • Lay down some West Country smack talk, "Oi've seen bigger muscles on a scarecrow!" Boom!
  • The scrumpy sporting carnage begins
  • Photos will be taken throughout the day. You'll get these for free!
  • At the end of the games, shake hands, make up, drink cider

Please note: Arrival times for this event are 10.30am & 1.30pm

"Olroight, moy luvverrrrr." Welcome to the West Country and the maddest sporting event since John Terry challenged the Lithuanian netball team to a game of naked paintball.

Imagine if The Wurzels were to organise the Olympic Games, purely for athletes who don't train but stick to a strict regime of pies and family packs of crisps. And rather than illegal substances, the competitors were being fuelled by Somerset's finest scrumpy cider...

Welcome to the Somerset Challenge! It's going to get messy.

Please note: From November to February, the event runs indoors… but it's still messy!

Events include:

CIDER RUN CHALLENGE: A glass of cider is placed at one end of an inflatable run, all you need to do is reach it first. The only problem is you're attached to the start by a bungee rope.

PITCHFORK DUEL: You and your competitor will battle it out against one another using inflatable pitchforks to topple the other from their podium!

MANGOLD DANGLING: Bar skittles but with human targets on cider kegs!

WURZEL KNOCKOUT: Armed to the teeth with cider apples and a huge catapult, you need to take out the target in the fewest number of shots.

WEST COUNTRY WIPEOUT: A pedal-powered sweeper arm and last stag standing fight to the pub.

VICKY POLLARD HANDBAGS: "Yeah but, no but, yeah!" Get your Burberry handbags at the ready to wallop your opposing chavvy mate while dressed in big comedy suits.

WELLY WANGING: Sharpshooting farmer-style. Take out the targets with a well-aimed welly.

DRUNK PUB SKITTLES: This is real West Country pub skittles on a grand scale, and it's another chance to give your opponents some earache. Easy when you're not dizzy drunk, but try spinning around a pole first!

FARMER SHOWER: Strap the groom into the "Tractor Seat of Truth," then the lads will fire a series of questions at him! If his answers don't meet your approval then no amount of product will save his precious hair from the bucket of dirty ditchwater balancing above his head.

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Because of the pandemic, there's limited availability for 2022 due to 1000s of events being rescheduled and new events being booked in daily.

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somerset challenge Stag Do Legends

"We had a great time!"

"Very funny games, we had a great time there! The weather was really good too, which helped a lot."

Marc Domenech Vadillo | Bristol
"Really fun"

"Very friendly instructors, really fun activity that didn't require too much effort after the night before!"

Tim Newman | Bristol
"Would go again"

"Everything about West Country Games was perfect. Absolutely brilliant activity for a mixed group of ages. Would definitely recommend and go again!"

Jonny Richardson | Bristol

"The instructors were great and in the heat even offered around sun-cream and drinks, to keep everyone safe and hydrated!"

Lou Hamber | Bristol

"The instructor really made the activity, she was brilliant!"

Gareth Harlow | Bristol
"So much fun"

"The challenges were so much fun, the Instructor was fantastic, even in the sh*te weather, she lifted up the spirits, and got everyone having a laugh!"

Jacob Martin | Bristol
"...Excellent afternoon out..."

"Excellent afternoon out, have already recommended to friends. Everyone enjoyed themselves."

Peter Allen | Bath
"Good laugh!"

"Had a good laugh! Instructor was good fun too"

Ben Childs | Bristol
"Best part of the stag do"

"Best part of the stag do. Shame about the weather, but they still made us laugh the whole time there."

Mario Ciaramella | Bristol

"Highly recommended, made organising the stag pain-free. Everyone had an amazing time!"

Bristol Stag Weekend
5/5 stars
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