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| Chester | 31/05/2024 | 5/5 stars

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Zombie Survival Stag Do

If Hollywood is to be believed it's merely a matter of time before a zombie infection spreads throughout the world, the remaining survivors will be the last hope of mankind. And who better to save the planet from the forthcoming zombie apocalypse than a group of slightly hungover stags?
At a number of top secret bases throughout the UK your pre-wedding party can receive expert undead-ass-kicking weapons and tactical training to turn you into an elite, special forces unite.
It's really not as easy as Shaun of the Dead made it look, you'll need a bit more than a few LP records, an old Jag and an empty pub.
Have you got what it takes to survive?

Zombie Survival Training

Assault rifles, axe throwing, archery, crossbows, exploding targets, undead-bra-wearing zombies... This isn't your average weekend away. A team of crack experts will train you in a variety of weapons to arm you should a brain-munching doomsday hobble into site. With so many different activities on offer you can also add a little competitive element to your day as you slug it out to see which of the stags is a natural born zombie killer.
Head way out west for a superb activity in one of the UK's biggest party destinations. Read more about Zombie Survival Training...

Available in: Bath, Bristol, Bournemouth

Zombie Outbreak

Set in unbelievable locations such as an old warehouse, forest and a genuine abandoned insane asylum this hugely atmospheric live action game play throws in some serious shocks and surprises that aren't for the feint-hearted. You'll be split into teams and then be working against not just the undead enemy but also the other teams to be the first to complete the mission and halt the spread of the deadly virus. That will of course involve shooting the putrid brain-sucking foe.

Zombie Paintball

Complete with coffins, crypts and a 2 storey church this zombie splatting session takes place at night to add to thrills and chills. To paraphrase a certain high street store "This isn't just paintball, this is skull-splatting, undead-ass-kicking, midnight-terrors, stag do zombie paintball."
For extra laughs, half your group will be playing the part of the zombies while the rest must hunt them down and exterminate them before you switch roles. It's blood, gore and so much more. Read more about Zombie Paintball...

Available in: Norwich

Zombie Escape

A mash-up of The Walking Dead and Saw, our zombie escape game will really test your grey matter. Although should you fail your grey matter will become 'dinner' for one particularly hungry brain muncher. Locked inside the escape chamber, your task is simple, solve the riddles and problems to release yourselves, the only snag is the zombie chained to the wall, for every minute that passes the chains will stretch a little further. You have just 60 minutes, will you escape or will you become zombie canapés? Read more about Zombie Escape....

Available in: London

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