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4 Biggest Stag Mistakes

How to not c*ck it up!

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The 4 biggest mistake when booking your stag party

Booking a stag do is easy. Arranging a bad stag do is very easy, in fact any numpty can organise an averagely bad weekend, all it takes is terrible planning, no fore thought and the ability to outrun the rest of the stags when they start demanding their money back for having given them such a crap time.

Don’t be that guy.

Getting things right when booking a stag do isn’t rocket science, however it does take a bit of time and effort so the truly wise stag organiser will call in the experts and let the pros take care of the big stuff. He can then focus on the fun details ensuring the stag weekend will be celebrated and remembered as THE stag do that all future lads’ weekends will be measured against.

Be that guy.

If you book it they will come, what’s more if you make it awesome they will raise you aloft and carry you through the streets victoriously as they sing songs about your great deeds. Or at the very least they’ll tell you it was a great weekend and buy you a pint. So if you’ve never organised a stag do before here’s the ‘don’ts’ of stag planning and the 4 biggest mistakes to avoid when booking your stag do.

flame proof underwear


"Someone's sitting in the shade today because
someone planted a tree a long time ago." - Warren Buffett

There are hundreds of cheesy quotes on how “…failing to prepare is preparing to fail…” yadda, yadda, yadda but the fact is it’s true. If you don’t plan ahead on your stag do the wheels will come off. 3 guys go camping in the woods, yeah fine, grab a tent, some beers and a makeshift BBQ and you’re golden. However this is a much bigger group and the final hurrah of the groom as he hangs out with all his best mates for the final time as a single man.
In short it deserves, nay it NEEDS planning properly.

There are two basic planning fails;


Mr Can’t-Be-A****d - Doesn’t really want the hassle of it all so turns to booking a stag do that is cheap and easy with no real thought “Yeah, that’ll do...”



Mr I’ll-Do-It-Tomorrow - Has the best of intentions of booking the stag party but is about as well organised as Accrington Stanley’s back four. He’ll most likely leave booking everything to the last minute with dire consequences.


The Cure

Always plan ahead, don’t leave everything to the last minute (if you ARE in a panic and things are getting a bit tight call our team today 01225 474200) or you will inevitably run out of time. Let one of our Destination Managers do the running around for you so you can focus on getting the t-shirts, games and dares organised.

Stag Do Planning guide

Hit & Hope

Alongside our two previous examples there is a third cock-up merchant, once again he’s well intentioned but misinformed. Mr Hit-&-Hope works under the belief that as long as everyone brings a passport, toothbrush and their wallet then it’ll all be alright on the night... no you won’t. This will be a mixed bunch of the groom’s friends and family, some will expect a few basic comforts (like a bed and a roof) and won’t be happy heading off into the wide blue yonder with no idea of what’s happening.

Once again this route doesn’t lead to stag heaven, it leads to the first boozer you find and spending the days walking around looking for something to do with yourselves.

Late bookings and last minute ideas ALWAYS cost more. Booking your stag party ahead not only means you’ll have a great activity lined up but in most cases will save you money.

Not Using Protection

When you’re buying online do you always check to make sure the company you’re dealing with are who they say they are? Is your money protected when you hand it over? Or once you hit “Return” on the transaction will you never see your (and more importantly the rest of the groups) hard money again?

Always book with a reputable company, ensure they are financially bonded and adhere to strict guidelines that mean no matter what happens you and the lads are well covered.

If the company you've booked up with aren’t protected and it all goes pear shaped it’s you and not them that will have to fit the bill.

And if you’re heading oversees always check your travel insurance.

Advice for stag going abroad


This comes into every part of your weekend.

  • Ensure you talk to the groom and book the weekend HE wants, it’s his weekend after all.
  • Make sure you book with a company that are easy to talk to and give clear information in good time (if a company takes ages to respond to your initial enquiry how long with they take if things go wrong?).
  • Keep the lads up to date with all the plans and details. At StagWeb our VIP client login area ensures all the lads get all the info they need. Even paying is a doddle as once you have given us their details then each member of the stag party can pay for his own share without you having to run around.
  • Stay in touch. By keeping in touch with us you’ll get to hear about future deals, competitions and special offers for future stag parties, reunions, company away days and sports tours.

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