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Why Bad Shirts for the Stag Do are a Great Idea...

  1. Just look at them – what's not to love?!
  2. Big laughs
  3. Get everyone looking on point
  4. A cheap and easy way to make it memorable

Remember: Check the dress codes of the venues you're visiting.
You don't want to splash the cash on these ugly shirts for the stag do only to be refused entry on that big night out.

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Same Shirts or Go Solo?

If you want to make the groom stand out, you and the boys could all purchase the same shirts and have the main man wearing something unique.


You can each get a different one, so you have a cracking range of ugly shirts on display.

Break the Ice!

Getting the guys in a range of ugly shirts on the stag do is a great way to break the ice if some of the lads don't know each other.

It also ups camaraderie and gets everyone in the mood for a monumental weekend celebration.

Our Top 5 Ugly Shirts for the Stag Do

Bad shirt for a stag do

Shit Shirt #5

Patterned Geometric Shit Shirt – Buy Now

Loud. Chaotic. A bit of '90s wallpaper vibes. It’s a strong start to our Top 5 shite shirts.

Bad shirt for a stag do

Shit Shirt #4

Skeleton Shit Shirt – Buy Now

Say goodbye to boring and hola to this Day of the Dead-inspired shite shirt!

Bad shirt for a stag do

Shit Shirt #3

Wacky Trippy Shit Shirt – Buy Now

I mean... just look at it. This is a statement shit shirt.

Bad shirt for a stag do

Shit Shirt #2

Yellow Sunburst Fruit Shit Shirt – Buy Now

Too jazzy? Nothing is too jazzy in the weird world of ugly shirts... especially on a stag do!

Bad shirt for a stag do

Shit Shirt #1

Loud Purple Flamingo Shirt – Buy Now

Flamingos? Bang. Bananas? Boom. Insanely bright purple? Come onnnnnn... this is what shit shirts are made of.

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Don't Forget the Challenges!

You've got your bad shirts for the stag do, now you just need a few challenges to take on and conquer along the way.

Be sure to check out our legendary stag do challenges and dares to ensure you keep the party vibe going strong and the boredom at bay.

Tom Probert
Written & reviewed by Tom Probert Tom is a seasoned stag party professional having written about pre-wedding weekends for four years, arranged three stag celebrations, and attended many many more (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

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