Top Tips for Booking Flights
for the Stag Do

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Is figuring out flights for the stag do stressing you out?

Well, it needn't.

It might seem like a massive pain trying to get a big group of guys to commit to flights, but it's actually pretty stress-free when you follow these simple steps below.

1. Book Your Stag Weekend Before Your Flights

Booking flights for the stag do

"But what if we book the stag do, then we find cheaper flights on a different date?"

No dramas!

With StagWeb, your weekend is totally flexible, so if you book your weekend and decide you want to move it to a different date, we can do so free of charge!

We only need one person in your group to pay a £40 deposit to secure your entire event. The rest can pay theirs at a later date. Also, most of the time, if a few people drop out, this won’t even affect the price!

2. Book Yours and the Stag's Flights First

Booking flights for the stag do

Yep, get the idea that you have to book all your flights at the same time out of your head.

Just book yours and the stag's, tell the guys where you're flying from, what time you're landing etc., and leave them to it.

It's surprising how quickly others will follow suit.

3. Book Early for Cheaper Flights

Booking flights for the stag do

Flight prices shoot up the closer to the departure date you get, so be sure to book yours as early as possible to secure the best deals.

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