Trying to sort a celebration in the UK can sometimes be a pain, let alone planning a stag do abroad.

The flights, the passports, the currency – THE STRESS!

Look. Don't sweat it, fella.

Here at StagWeb, the UK's leading stag planners, we've been arranging stag dos on the continent since way back in 2002 and will make it an absolute breeze for you.

Here's what you need to know...

Planning a Stag Do Abroad

Things to Consider

Where You're Going

Yes, it's always a good place to start if you're planning a stag do abroad...

... deciding where you want to go!

Here at StagWeb, we have an unrivalled range of top European stag do destinations for you to check out.

From Dublin to Prague, Tenerife to Tallinn, we have an extensive list for you to choose from.

Top Tips for Deciding Where to Go...

  1. Consider the Budget
  2. Look at Flight Prices
  3. Consider the Time of Year
  4. Consider What You Want to Do
  5. Consider Where the Groom Wants to Go
All European Locations

What's Your Budget?

Obviously, jetting off abroad costs money.

But it can actually work out cheaper than partying in the UK.

These days, if you book far enough in advance, flights are really cheap.

Plus with a lot of the destinations, the price of drinks, accommodation, activities, etc., are a lot cheaper when you get there.

Booking Flights

With StagWeb, because we're so flexible, you can book your stag before you book your flights.

Then, if you decide to change the dates or find cheaper flights for another weekend, we can move your event free of charge.

For more info on booking your flights for the stag do, hit that link.

Search Flights Today...

How to Plan a Stag Do

All Your Questions Answered!

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  • Do you have yours?
    Is it in date?
  • Does the groom has his?
  • Is his in date?
  • Do the rest of the guys who are invited have theirs?
  • Are they all in date?

You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't be) at how often people book a trip abroad and forget to check whether their passports are in date or not.

Travel Insurance

If you're heading off abroad, you and the boys definitely need to get insurance.

Yes, we know, it's not very exciting, but you could end up stuck up stag creek without a paddle if something goes wrong.

For all the info on sorting your travel insurance for your stag do, tap that link.


Depending on where you're going and what you're doing, you might get away with just taking hand luggage on the stag do.

It'll save you time, effort and a fair chunk of change, too, so it's definitely worth seeing if you can cram your going-out gear in a backpack.

Sidestep the Stress with StagWeb

The stag stressing you out?

Forget the hassle and book your big weekend with StagWeb.

Not only do we have the best European destinations, activities, accommodation options and nights out on the market, but we make booking super simple.

Not only do all the stags pay us directly (so you don't have to awkwardly chase them for money), but we only need one small deposit to secure your event.

Don't miss out.

Head to our homepage today to kickstart the planning and send your free, no-obligation enquiry today.

Tom Probert
Written & reviewed by Tom Probert Tom is a seasoned stag party professional having written about pre-wedding weekends for four years, arranged three stag celebrations, and attended many many more (the good, the bad, and the ugly).

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