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How to write a Groom speech

A complete guide to writing your groom speech

Amongst all the many hazards and dangers that come with asking someone to marry you there is one that many grooms over look until it's far too late…. The Best Man's Speech.

By appointing your best man you've given him free reign to commit a complete character assassination in front of all your nearest and dearest and the simple truth is... he's going to go large!

He will already be counting the days until he can let rip so whatever you do, don't go into battle unarmed and make sure your groom speech is ready to meet him head on. In fact if you can draw first (comedy) blood then you might be able to limit the damage his jokes will do, or at the very least score some early points.

“In fact his idea of ‘sophistication’ is choosing something off the menu that doesn't come with a toy.”
How to write a best man's speech

The Basics

StagWeb have teamed up with the wedding speech specialists at SpeechBuilder.co.uk to create a complete online groom speech system to really cut him down to size. Nothing is off limits and you'll find groom wedding speech jokes to take the wind out of the best man's sails including;

  • His speech nerves
  • His dancing
  • His job
  • His hair (!?!)
  • His hobbies
  • His sporting prowess
  • His fashion sense
  • His (terrible) sense of humour
  • His looks
  • His drinking
  • The stag weekend
  • And more...

The system has been written and compiled by expert comedy writers who have written for stage, screen, TV and professional stand-up comedians.

You also find jokes and great words on;

  • Your speech nerves
  • Siblings
  • Wedding preparations
  • The bride
  • Bridesmaids
  • Ushers
  • Father of the bride
  • Stag do
  • Hen party
  • Grandparents
  • Honeymoon
  • The wedding meal
  • Drinking
  • Your speech nerves
  • And more...
“I do apologise for my choice of best man, if you can all do me the favour of laughing at his terrible jokes, pretending to believe his outrageous lies and stories or at least acting as if you’re enjoying his speech, then I promise to stop him from bursting into song.”

Help from the prosGroom's Speech
Writing Tips

The groom's speech is given second, after the father of the bride and before the best man.
A good wedding speech should run to around 7 minutes long (time your speech by practising it out loud).

Your speech should follow a few key phases;


  • Welcome all your guests and thank them all for coming.
  • Thank the father of the bride for his speech and kind words.

Thank Yous

  • These are your official thank yous, these will be to everyone that has helped make the wedding happen and all the members of the wedding party.
  • During this phase of your speech you'll hand out any gifts.
  • It's also traditional to present both the bride and groom's mothers with flowers/gifts.
  • Don't forget you're speaking for both you and your new bride.

Your Story

  • Tell people a little about the build up to the wedding and also the story behind how you and your bride got together (while it might seem so familiar to you, many of your guests won't know).

Damage Limitation

Before you go on to talk about the real reason you've gone to all the trouble of squeezing into your suit, take some time to try and get those all-important shots in at the best man. He's going to be giving you both barrels shortly so don't go down without a fight.

Don't Forget the Bride!

  • You'd be amazed how many grooms actually decide they'll just be able to just ad-lib their speech and then manage to forget to mention the most important person in the room! You don't want to spend your wedding night on the sofa so make sure you plan your speech in advance.
  • Take the time to write a real speech
  • And don't forget the bride!

The Toast

  • The closing part of your speech is to raise a traditional toast to the bridesmaids before handing over to your best man (gulp!).

If you'd like any more groom's wedding speech tips then head to SpeechBuilder.co.uk or for a faultless, professionally written speech try our own groom speech builder system...

Groom's Wedding Speech System

speech builder

A step by step guide will walk you through the correct phases of your groom speech from funny opening lines through to your final toast (stopping along the way to fire a few shots at the groom and deliver some amazing words to your new bride). And it's available for just £9.99.

Over 4,000 wedding speech icebreakers, jokes and quotes.

Once you begin...

  • You'll find your own individual groom's speech page
  • You can then work through each phase of your groom speech
  • You'll find dozens of options for each part of your speech
  • Click on the joke or quote you like and it will appear in your template
  • You can edit your groom's speech as you go adding names, dates or other details
  • You can also add your own stories and special words
  • Once you have worked through all the phases, you can save the speech to finish later or give it a final edit before printing it out

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