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Useful Advice for Stags Travelling Abroad

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How to plan a stag do

"Stags On A Plane!" If it's not already a movie staring Samuel L. Jackson then it really should be. Scaring off a few snakes, that's kids stuff (didn't St Patrick do that in Ireland? And all he had was a stick), but shepherding a bunch of highly excitable blokes, who rarely pay any attention, to your chosen destination, that is a challenge.

However it needn't be stressful, if you plan in advance and make sure all the guys each have their particulars in hand (stop sniggering at the back, you know what we mean) then you'll soon be flying the friendly skies to sun, sand and stag salvation. If you're venturing further afield for your stag do there are a few extra considerations to get sorted that you won't face if you're staying in the UK.

Flight Etiquette

We’ve all seen the horror stories of stags behaving badly, sadly it does happen and there will always be a minority making a bad name for the rest of us. The simple rule of thumb when travelling is always “Be nice!”.


Currency & Exchange Rates

When travelling with a group it's a good idea to make sure that you have not only enough money to cover your trip's expenses, but also an 'emergency fund', just in case. Pre-paid travel money cards such as a Post Office money card is handy for this. For the best exchange rates check online (we recommend MoneySupermarket) and try to exchange currency before you travel as it will be cheaper. And if you're deciding on prices abroad, using an exchange rate app on your phone will ensure you know exactly how much you're paying for your cerveza.

Passports And Tickets

check your passport for your stag weekend

This might seem like a no-brainer but it is sometimes overlooked and we get the occasional call from stags who are standing in airports holding 15 plane tickets but only 14 valid passports. Make sure the guys all check. Although many airlines and hotels claim to accept e-tickets on your phone, play it safe and get printouts sorted, just in case technology lets you down. Even if you book your trip well ahead, be aware that new passport applications can take up to 6 weeks to process - and make sure yours has at least 6 months left before expiry! Also, don't forget to check whether any of your group require visas (UK passport holders won't have an issue with EU countries).

And before you all leave your hometown, appoint one person to check that everyone has their tickets and passport as a failsafe "numpty" check.

Airport Restrictions

Government restrictions can and do change rapidly. Below is a list of current restrictions at the time of writing, however to make sure there are no issues you are best to check the government website before you set off.

  • Electronic devices - Make sure they are charged. All devices must be seen to be working by airport security, if you can't switch it on you won't be permitted to take it with you. This includes mobile phones.
  • Liquids - The maximum sized container is 100ml and must measure no more than 20cm x 20cm. They should be in a re-sealable plastic bag and just 1 bag per person (medicines are exempt, beer is not considered a medicine).
  • Cigarette lighters - Only one lighter is permitted per person, it must be in a re-sealable plastic bag and kept on you at all times during the flight (not in hand luggage).
  • Sports equipment - All sports equipment including tennis rackets must travel in the hold.
  • Corkscrews & penknives – Neither item can travel in hand luggage but both are allowed in the hold.
  • Razors - Fixed cartridge razors are permitted in hand luggage.
  • Duty free - When travelling from EU countries you can bring in an unlimited amount as long as it is considered to be for personal use. Outside the EU you must stick to the duty free allowance which is 200 cigarettes, 4 litres of still wine, 1 litre of spirits, 16 litres of beer, up to £390 worth of all other goods.
  • Luggage allowance - Check with your airline for weight and size allowances on luggage.
Stag destinations

Travel Insurance

You might think it's a little overdramatic for just a short trip, but should something happen it's a hell of a lot cheaper than European medical fees. The Post Office's travel insurance is very affordable, covering each individual for just £2.69 a day and offers to cover up to £5m in medical fees. However, always make sure that your insurance covers any activities you've lined up, often 'extreme sports' for example aren't included and so you may have to pay a little more. Take a copy of your insurance papers away with you in your stag pack and leave a printed copy with someone at home, just in case.

EHIC card

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC card)

Although only applicable to European travel of course, European Health Insurance Cards or EHICs are free from the NHS and entitle you to heavily discounted or free medical treatment on the continent, where national healthcare systems are uncommon. We really recommend you carry one and you can get yours here!


Don't get stung by expensive airport taxis, get online and book something ahead of time. Easier still, our team can arrange all your transfers for you. And if you want to get your party started as soon as you step out the airport then you can travel in style…

Duty Free

Duty free, surely as much a part of travelling abroad as walking around the airport in your socks and having a stranger wave a metal detector over your gentleman's vegetables. But don't go into overload or you'll end up getting caught for the tax anyway.

Ordering Drinks In A Foreign Language

Being British you should of course never be held back from your beverage by some Johnny Foreigner who doesn't speak the Queen's English. If in doubt point and talk much louder… We're kidding!
Having a crack at the local lingo can help ingratiate yourself with the locals who although they might reply in English will appreciate you giving it a go so have some fun and give each of the lads a phrase printed out in a the local language that they have to master and slip into conversation. It'll be funnier still if you don't tell the lads what their phrase means.

International stags

Advice from Travel Aware...

It's easy to get caught out while heading overseas by letting a little hijinx impact on your weekend. Following a few brushes with the law by British travellers the Foreign Office launched a new campaign to make sure travellers can check out any local laws or Foreign Office travel advice to keep themselves out of sticky situations.

For example did you know;

Spain - "Don't’ el drink and el drive". Alcohol limits are much lower in Spain than the UK so it's best to steer clear of alcohol if you’re going to be driving.

Germany - No way AA. It's actually illegal to run out of fuel on the Autobahn.

Italy - It's illegal to eat or drink alcohol on the steps of churches or cathedrals in some parts of Italy.

United Arab Emirates - If you're trying to kick the habit be aware, e-cigarettes are banned in every part of the UAE.

Indonesia - It's considered bad form to point, eat or touch another person with your left hand in Indonosia and some other Eastern destinations. The right hand is reserved for these activities as the left hand is used to wipe your a...

France - In France you're required by law to carry your own breathalyzer in your car at all times.

To check for details of any destinations you might be planning to visit in the near future check out the foreign office advice page. https://www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice

Travel aware

In Case Of Emergency...

We don't want to sound like your mother but with a large group (and possibly a few drinks being enjoyed occasionally) it's always best to make sure you are at least a little prepared should anything go awry.
You'll sent via email/sms StagWeb's Emergency Number (+44 7590 296246), add that number into your phone and keep it with you at all times. We're only ever a phone call away.

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For information on staying safe and healthy while travelling abroad as well as local laws and latest government advice on destinations visit the FCDO Travel Aware website.
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