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How to plan a stag do

Costing, Valuing & Chasing

So you're the best man, congrats, write a speech, don't drop the rings, provide the stag do to end all stag dos and you're golden. It's as easy as that.

Ok, the truth is we feel your pain and know what a tough task being the best man and/or organising a stag do can be. One of the trickiest points to overcome is managing the money. Taking charge of stag finance is a tricky thing indeed, it's the easiest point to offend or upset potential guests with, especially if you haven't met them before.

Here at StagWeb HQ, we deal with over 3000 stag parties a year, so we've learnt exactly how to get the most bang for your buck.

Important things to remember are:

Stag activities

Covering The Basics

There are three essential areas you need to prepare for when booking for the group as a whole;

  1. Activities
  2. Accommodation
  3. Nightlife

After that there are further costs which will differ for individual members of the group that people will need to set for themselves.

  • Travel (different guests will probably be travelling from different locations)
  • Food (you might not always eat on mass)
  • Insurance
  • Extras (is everyone bringing fancy dress? Or you’re getting T-shirts for the group? Are the guys bringing gifts or pranks to play on the groom?).

As the stag organiser all you need to do is have the main three booked for the group then others can set their own personal budgets on the other items as needed.

How Can StagWeb Help?

Firstly, we can save you money. When you think of the big supermarkets, they offer great prices because they bulk buy which is essentially what we do on stags behalf, because we make so many bookings with companies each year we get preferential "mates rates" which you won't get booking direct. That means we can pass those savings on to you.

The second thing is we will book up exactly what you need, we won't let you get caught out with fancy extras or provide you with activities or services you don't want or need. We meet all our providers and see first-hand what they offer and the quality of their activities, if they're not good enough for us they certainly won't be suitable for you so you can be sure you'll get quality.

If you're not sure check out our reviews and see what other stag parties have said about us.

Stag Do Packages

How Do We Set Our Budget?

The first port of call here should be the groom. He will have a much better steer on how much the various invitees have to burn or indeed what he himself wants to do or where he wants to go. Once you have that information you can then start costing it up, build in an overall idea of the cost (and then remember as well as bookings to budget for spends and extra costs, that could include flights, beer money, taxis, eating, if you can think ahead for any surprises then hopeful you'll mitigate unexpected costs that come back to bite you later).

The sooner you get this aspect sorted the better because then you can give all the guests an idea of how much is required. The groom-to-be might be of an age where many of his mates have already tied the knot and have kids, while others will be footloose and fancy free with no dependents or nappies to budget for. Always best to bear these things in mind so the groom can have his full guestlist in attendance without too many pulling out because of the price.

Stag destinations

How Do I Ask Everyone To Cough up?

This can be tricky, often the group will come from different walks of the groom's life (work, school, uni, clubs, etc) and you might not know them all personally. Asking a stranger for cash (especially if he's late paying) can be awkward. At StagWeb we have created a system where each member of the party pays individually which takes that burden of chasing up payment off your shoulders.

With our VIP Client Area each guest logs in and pays his share so if anyone is late in paying we'll chase them up so you don't have to (although in extreme case we will keep you informed if it likely to affect your booking).

Get Protected

We're not telling you we send round the heavy boys if we don't get paid or telling you to slip a rubber friend in your wallet. However, we do urge you to book with a reputable company. At StagWeb we're proud members of ABTA which means we have to adhere to strict guidelines of how we manage your finance and booking.

Booking through a carrier that doesn't offer your booking financial protection means that if things do go t**s up you'll lose your cash.

Always ask the right questions, if things go wrong you'll be looking at a room full of angry stags wondering how you made their cash disappear with nothing to show for it. You don't want to find it's you and not the groom that ends up handcuffed and naked on a slow boat to Belgium.

Remember, at StagWeb HQ we face tricky questions on budgets every day and we’re often asked "How much is the average spend?" but there are no "average" pockets. You want the best time you can have, and dealing with over 3000 stag parties a year we've learnt exactly how to get the most bang for your buck. So it's not all about "How much?" but about setting a budget that all the boys are comfortable with and then managing that money to get the best deals and maximum fun for your cash.

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