So, you're the best man – congrats!

Write a speech, don't drop the rings, organise the stag do to end all stag dos, and you're golden.
It's as easy as that...

OK, we lied – it's a whole lot more effort than that.

We know what a tough task being the best man and/or organising a stag do can be, and one of the trickiest points to overcome is managing the money.

Taking charge of stag finance is a tricky thing indeed – it's the easiest point to offend or upset potential guests, especially if you haven't met them before.

Here at StagWeb HQ, we deal with thousands of stag parties a year, so we know exactly how to get the most bang for your buck.

  1. Talk to the groom
  2. Get the help of the experts
  3. Talk to the guys
  4. Book early
  5. Collecting the money from everyone
  6. Added extras
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Talk to the Groom

The first port of call should be the groom.

He will have a much better steer on how much the various invitees have to burn or indeed what he himself wants to do/where he wants to go.

Once you have that information, you can then start costing it up.

Remember the extra expenses, including:

  • Transport (taxis, train, petrol, flights, parking, etc.)
  • Beer Money
  • Eating Out
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Get the Help of the Experts

Here at StagWeb, not only can we give you great advice and take all the pain out of the planning process, we can help work to your budget and actually save you money.

Due to our relationship with suppliers, we get preferential deals and we pass on the savings directly to you.

We're also ABTA bonded, meaning we're held to the strictest regulations in the industry, so you can relax in the knowledge that not only your money but all the guys' money is safe.

Top Tip: Remember, it's not just your money you're in charge of, it's everyone's, so be sure to book with a company who are covered.

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Talk to the Guys

Once you've got your quote for your weekend, put it to the guys to see what they think.

Top Tip: It's better to pitch an idea to the group once you have the details, rather than asking them before. Otherwise, everyone throws their ten cents in and organising becomes an absolute nightmare.

Book Early

As with most holidays/getaways, the earlier the book, the more money you'll save.

Prices of accommodation get hiked up closer to the time (as do the price of flights, etc.), so you can get more from your budget by booking as early as possible.

Don't hang about, get searching on StagWeb today to get the ball rolling!

Collecting the Money

This can be tricky. Often the group will come from different walks of the groom's life (work, school, uni, clubs, etc.), and you might not know them all personally.

And, let's face it, asking a stranger for cash (especially if he's late paying) can be awkward as well as a royal pain in the a*se.

At StagWeb, all the guys pay direct, so you don't have to waste your time and energy chasing everybody up, plus you don't have to look after it all yourself.

If you are going solo, check out our handy guide to collecting money for the stag do, so you're not left out of pocket.

Added extras

Whilst you'll have a load of awesome activities and nights out planned, the little extras can really elevate a good celebration into an unforgettable weekend you'll be talking about for years to come.

We have a load of games and accessories for you to check out which can help take your event to the next level.

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