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Packing for the Stag Do

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packing for the stag do

Let's face it ... men hate packing. Packing for anything, except perhaps sports. When it comes to sports we approach it more maturely, think it out practically and in most cases try and ensure we've got all the necessary kit in reasonable order. Hell, on occasion, we even take pride in our kit, at least when it's newish. Sure the odd sock goes missing; a jockstrap or box, often a towel, maybe a gum shield but we'll make a pretty good fist of it. That said we usually leave lugging the team kit to someone else.

Enjoying what you're doing is the name of the game, getting the aesthetic perfect is not the ultimate motivation. Plus we're not good at packing, we don't think like the fairer sex, we don't plan ahead and consider outfits, combinations and getting ready. Going commando if you have to because you've neglected to pack clean jocks and the odd blemish here and there are not going to derail our enjoyment or queer our pitch, some won't even fret over the absence of toothpaste or deodorant and I for one say as long as it's not habitual let's respect that and let it pass without comment.

Annoyingly there are those that always look pristine and well turned out but I think it's fair to say they're usually eyed with some suspicion; it's the exception rather than the rule.

Anyway the point is we don't really think about packing for the stag do very much, and why would we it's just a weekend away with the boys. However decent preparation means once it's done you don't have to think about anything else and all your bases are covered. With a nod to improving your approach to lads weekend packing, here are a couple of the basics you might want consider ... (don't worry we're not talking clothes and fashion) ...

The stag do bag

In most cases you'll want something small, light and manageable - maybe with shoulder straps or wheels. The lighter it is the more you'll appreciate it on the Sunday / Monday when you're headed home accompanied by an evil hangover. If you're staying in country why spend any money if you don't have to, as long as it fits in the car - it'll do. Just don't steal the mrs's. And if you haven't got a separate compartment for the washbag, pack a carrier bag and elastic band in case of unwelcome spillage, you don't want to have to deal with that on your return.

lads holiday packingIf you're travelling abroad you've got to think whether you're going to check in or carry-on. Carry-on is obviously ideal but those pesky proportions can fox even the most experienced traveller, so make sure you check the guidelines in advance. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to be standardised yet which may be reasonable given the variables or cynically it may be just to confuse us and drive revenues and check-in frustrations / YouTube opportunities! The last thing you want is to be shafted for extra expense by taking a slightly bigger bag, that's a bummer of a start to any trip. Rule of thumb if you plan to carry on keep the packing light and the bag small.

Just remember if you do carry on you can't have liquids and other things in your luggage, so don't for example take your favourite aftershave. If you want a little more info on luggage restrictions here's some useful advice from the powers that be - Gov.uk.

At the time of writing there doesn't seem to be a single point of reference for all UK flight luggage policies / recommendations and things do change, so just check out your airline's policy directly with their website.

Back to the bags, 2 of the best carry-on bags we've seen lately are ...

Cabin Max Luggage - these guys do one of the biggest carry-on's around (44L capacity, 55x40x20 cm). I've got one of these 44 litre babies myself and it's pretty good. I haven't been told off or penalised yet -
but that's my own experience, don't rely on it for yours. Yes it's boring
but always double check with airline guidelines.

If you've got something a bit more formal planned then you might want to think about a "Suiter", no good for carry-on but great for keeping the "whistle" or DJ / Tuxedo in peak shape - just don't pack the Paco Rabanne in the same compartment! There's a whole range of "Suiters" or "suit carriers" and they can start out cheaply and get up into eye watering indulgence. If you intend to use it more than once then it's worth reviewing online and spending a couple of quid, the big brands like Antler do a great job. Otherwise you could pick one up cheaply on eBay.

And for the last word ... the stag do wash bag

Each to their own and we wouldn't comment on personal hygiene but just to mention a couple of the essentials. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash - get that booze / halitosis off your breath in the morning, and importantly - hangover remedies! I'm no medic and for many reasons including the all important legal ones, I can't offer or promote advice here but think about the likely state you'll be in and what usually works for you. Why not take a couple of extra ones for the lads in case they've forgotten.

And if someone's washbag looks a little poncey fill it with shaving foam ... but don't get caught!

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