The stag do is booked, the troops are massed and, as the adventure begins, it's time to set a few stag challenges to keep the guys on their toes and the hilarity in full flow.

Here at StagWeb, we've been running stag dos since way back in 2002; we've seen the good, the bad, and the "What the f*** were you thinking?!", and we can state categorically that most memorable stag weekends don't happen by accident.

No, the very best, the truly legendary, are all carefully planned out, which includes throwing in a couple of stag do dares to keep everyone in the party mindset.

So... what are you waiting for?

Ready. Aim. Fire...

1 Bug Pong

Beer pong? You're not a student any more! The world has moved on and the ante has been well and truly upped.

Yes, now you and the guys can take on your very own Stag Tucker Trial in the hideously hilarious Bug Pong. It's the same rules, just with bugs instead of nice delicious beer.

A great way to play is to have half the cups with beer in and half with bugs in!

2 Urine Trouble

Every time one of the stags goes for a slash, they have to use the urinal closest to a stranger.

Funnier when the bog is almost empty and you awkwardly waddle up to the one next to the only guy in there.

You can even up the challenge by getting the stag to engage in a chat with them.

You'll have to sync up so two of you go in at once, so you can vouch the other has completed the challenge.

3 Lap Dance

In a crowded boozer, one of the stags must put a chair in the middle of the room, get the groom/best man to sit on it, and give them a suitably raunchy lap dance.

You better pull out all the stops, though, as the other stags will judge your efforts. Failure will result in a stag do forfeit.

4 Dance Class

Teach a group of strangers a new dance and get them to copy you.

Bonus points/pints if you can get a group of you (at least 5) to perform it at the same time.

drinking games

5 Sing What You Say

Simply sing everything you say for an hour.

This is a great time to tell them it's their round - kick back and watch the magic unfold as they sing your order to the bartender!

6 Convince Someone You're French

Oui, monsieur!

Put on your best French accent and talk about your beloved home country.

If they think you're actually French, job done! If you get rumbled, you'll be paying a heavy forfeit.

7 The Collector

Give a stag a list of items they must collect during the night.

You can pick the items you like, but here are a few to spark some inspiration:

  • Someone's shoelace
  • A hat
  • Someone's phone number
  • Tartan paint
  • A long wait
  • Etc.
Stag Do Mr and Mrs Questions

8 The Phone Call

Pretend to be on the phone to your partner begging them not to leave you.

And make it as funny/embarrassing as you can.

"I'm sorry, love, I'll try to stop eating butter straight from the tub and going for a number two with the door open, just please don't leave me!"


Every time you take a sip of your drink you must say 'onside'.

If you don't and someone shouts 'offside', you have to down the remainder of your beverage.


10 The Floor is Lava

A childhood classic brought back to life.

If someone shouts 'lava', everyone has to get off the floor. The last person touching the ground has to down their pint.

11 Convince a Stranger

Walk up to a complete stranger and convince them you know them!

"Gary? It's me, John! I haven't seen you since Barry and Sharon's wedding? Shame she went off with the postman in the end, but hey, that's life sometimes..."

12 Text the Stag a Dare

Look, whilst we're self-proclaimed experts at stag do challenges, Joe Public might have some even funnier dares we haven't ever thought of.

Get the stag this awesome t-shirt and watch the magic unfold.

*Buzz* "Oh, I've got a text, lads... What the f***! I'm not doing that!!"

13 Toilet Attendant

We all know them. Those guys who hang out in the blokes' bogs spraying you with an assortment of relatively cheap cologne.

Well, now it's your turn (except without all the spray). Get one of the stags to pitch up in the urinals and as people walk in greet them with a smile and say:

"Hello, my name's [insert name], and I'll be your toilet attendant today. Just give me a shout if you need a hand, and I'll be right on over!"

14 Pole Dancer

No pole, no problem! Get one of the stags to perform a raunchy pole dance in the middle of the pub/bar you're in.

Bonus points and possibly a pint if he earns a wolf-whistle from a stranger.

"It was just banter..." - don't overstep the mark, fellas!

Whilst stag dos are exclusively about good times and having a laugh (and the stag do challenges are very much a part of that), it's important not to take things too far.

If one of the guys is a bit shy/lacking a bit of self-confidence, don't force him to do anything he doesn't want to do.

Also, just be mindful of innocent bystanders and locals who might not find the challenges as funny as you do - it can be quite intimidating being confronted by a large group of potentially tipsy guys.

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