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Stag Do Challenges & Dares

Man up and get your stag challenges ready

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The stag weekend it booked, the troops are massed, and as the adventure begins it's time to man up and set yourselves a challenge or two.

At StagWeb we've been running stag do's since 2002, we've seen the good, the bad and the "What the f*ck were you thinking?!?" and we can state categorically that great stag do's don't happen by accident. The very best, the truly epic, the legendary have all been well thought out and with stag do dares planned in great detail.

Ready. Aim. Fire...

Whether you target key individuals (the groom, natch) or spray comedy ammo at all the guys, make sure you are armed with quality (hilarious) dares. If you start lame it can only go downhill from there.

Top 8 Stag Challenges

  1. Bug Pong - A very special sporting bug tucker trial for the groom-to-be.
  2. Stag vs Food - A giant eating challenge. No guts, no glory! Failure is for wimps.
  3. Serenade a Stranger - Find a girl to romance and sing her a song. You smoothie you!
  4. Kari-Blokie - The rest of the stags are now challenged to carry you to the next pub.
  5. Pretty Boy - Find two girls to give you a makeover for the rest of the night.
  6. Girly Cocktail - The other stags must design an awful cocktail for you to drink.
  7. Superman - Wear your pants over your trousers for the rest of the night.
  8. Dad Dancing - Hit the dance floor and do your best dad dancing (stay straight faced).

Complete Stag Challenges & Stag Do Dares...

Be Prepared...

Print out individual stag dares or challenges and then put them into envelopes. You can then give everyone an envelope or just hang on to them and hand them out to the deserving few who must pay a stag forfeit.

#1 Serenade a Senorita - That means sing to a girl you numpty!
#2 Pretty Boy - Get some girls to give you a makeover.
#3 Superman! - Go put your pants on over your trousers.
#4 Dad Dance - Get on the dance floor and show everyone your best dad dancing, but keep straight faced or you'll fail the challenge.
#5 Kari-Blokie - You are now king! As befitting a man of your status the rest of the stags must carry you to the next bar.

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The Secret Challenge...

Raise the stakes a notch but setting every stag his own secret challenge. All the stags have to achieve their challenge without anyone else guessing what their assignment is. Anyone who gives the game away must buy a round.

#1 Dedicated - Get a song played and loudly dedicated to the groom. Make sure it's a truly cringe-worthy dedication.
Dancing stags #2 Night Fever - Start a new dance craze. Get on the floor and get the rest of the guys copying something you do.
#3 Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Create a stag catchphrase. Something you say must become THE phrase for the weekend.
#4 The Ronaldo - Fake an injury.
#5 The 'Strawberry Daiquiri' - Pick a girly drink on every round until someone susses.
#6 Top of the Pops - Use song titles in conversation until rumbled. Get 10 in and it's a win. Any less and it's a fail.
#7 The Ray Winston Invitational - Win a bet. 'Responsibly'.

Beer Bug Pong

Beer pong... Yawn, that's just so 2015. The world has moved on my friend and you should too by taking the classic beer/pong ratio and slipping in a few gruesome bugs.

The first player (is it 'ponger' or 'pongee'?) bounces the pong toward the cups which are filled with either beer or a bug. Once a cup has been drunk/eaten it's removed from the game until all the beer and bugs are gone. Make sure you film and upload the action. #BugPong

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The Stag Do Challenge T-Shirt

Get a T-shirt printed with your stag do challenges on the back, on arrival at your party city the Groom is given his challenge shirt to wear and the Best Man takes control of a marker pen. As the Groom rises to each challenge on the t-shirt the BM ticks it off the list.

  • Win a Bet
  • Dance with a Stranger
  • Go Busking
  • Blag a Free Drink
  • Skinny Dip
  • Etc

Or the challenges can be for the whole group to achieve;

  • Perform as a male choir
  • A round of shots
  • Act out a classic scene from a movie
  • Have a curry
  • Form a human pyramid
Stag Do T-shirts

Be the BEST man...

As the stag do organiser it's down to you to make the magic happen, a few accessories and a few good challenges or stag dares are a great way to get your party started. The best ‘Best Men’ plan in advance and if you’re still looking to find the best stag do dares and challenges (or think your skills are best used on the couch while we do the legwork for you) then give our team a call and put us to the test.

Stag dares and stag do challenges are the staple of any stag party but it's up to you, the man with the plan, as to how far you take it. A true artisan of the stag do will of course take this to the nth degree, he'll make it the central point of the stag and use it to keep things ticking along, whenever there is a lull he'll pull out the next dare or prank and use the whole thing to keep everyone fired up and on their toes.

Let's be honest, we've all been on really dull poorly thought out stag parties in the past, wandering aimlessly from pub to pub until eventually someone mentions a drinking game of such dullness it actually makes your brain ache. That's why it's really important to do a little planning ahead of time and be ready with a trick or two up your sleeve. If you do it well you really will go down in legend as THE MAN. The guy who really made the magic happen.

So there you have it, stag challenges, stag dares, stag mayhem. Have at it!

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