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17 Hilarious Stag Do Drinking Games

  1. The Beer Hunter - Re-enact the iconic movie scene... with beer!
  2. Sir Spin-a-Lot - Ooh, look at you with your fancy title! You want some?
  3. Handicap - Like golf or horse racing, we're making things harder for you.
  4. Jacks - All you need is four playing cards and booze. Easy!
  5. Ping Pong Pints - One rule: never, ever, leave your pint unprotected.
  6. Where's Wally - Hide and seek for men old enough to know better!
  7. You've Been Shot - Pints = slow juice. If you need to speed things up: add shots!
  8. Jacob's Ladder - It's essentially a card game with added booze!
  9. Guess Who - It's an oldie but a goldie and a great icebreaker to get started.
  10. Stag Do Cocktail - Oh yes, it's as hideous and undrinkable as it sounds.
  11. You Bet - It's a game of chance where anything can happen.
  12. Pub Trivia - Thinking caps on, this is where the gaming gets serious!
  13. Question of Port - It's time to add some thinking to the drinking.
  14. Stag Do Darts - Possibly the worst thing to add to any drinking game. Ever!
  15. Pizza Box – A simple game that is easy to play and devastatingly hilarious.
  16. Beerio Kart – Where Mario Kart and beer collide!
  17. Photo Finish – Can you get in the picture before the camera snaps shut?!

See the full games and rules below

A Note About Stag Do Drinking Games...

We're all about having fun and drinking games are great... in moderation. Just remember:

  • Drink responsibly: Never force anyone to play stag do drinking games (it's not a playground, everyone can make their choices).
  • Always show consideration for other people not in your group/game.
  • Intersperse alcoholic drinks with glasses of water.
  • Have fun - drinking games should be an aid to a good evening, not the focal point.
  • Tailor the games to suit your limits.
Drink aware

1 The Beer Hunter

You'll need: 6 cans of lager.


  • Two stags must sit either side of a table facing each other.
  • Take 6 cans of beer, one of these must be seriously shaken (not stirred), and then all the cans are placed on a table.
  • The two players then take it in turns to pick a can, hold it over their heads and pull the tab.
  • The loser is the stag that ends up with hop flavoured shampoo.

Extras: The sicker alternative is to prepare hard-boiled eggs which the stags must smash on their heads; however, that version won't go down well in the local boozer, so best played in a garden or camping.

2 Sir Spin-a-lot

You'll need: A coin, alcohol.


  • This is a simple drinking challenge.
  • The player takes a coin and spins it on a table or bar - he has the time it takes the coin to come to rest to drink a pint.
  • If he fails... forfeit!

3 Handicap


  • Each stag starts drinking using his natural hand. At the start of the next hour, everyone must switch drinking hands - lefties must become righties and vice versa.
  • If a stag is then caught using the wrong paw, he must pay a penalty.

4 Jacks

You'll need: A deck of cards.


Deal out a pack of cards to all the stags in turn. The four stags that receive the Jacks must each perform the following tasks:

  • 1st Jack - Picks a spirit
  • 2nd Jack - Adds another
  • 3rd Jack - Pays for the new "cocktail"
  • 4th Jack - Drinks it

5 Ping Pong Pints

You'll need: A table tennis ball.


  • One stag will start with the ball.
  • If the ball is dropped into your drink when it's unprotected, you have to neck that drink.
  • However, the ball is then under your control to get the next unsuspecting stag.

6 Where's Wally


  • Ask all the lads to stick £20 in the stag kitty, one volunteer is then asked to "guard" the kitty - this will involve him running off and hiding in a random pub while the rest of the stags find him.
  • He is allowed to use the kitty funds for his drinking pleasure until he's found.
  • Once a volunteer steps forward only then does he get shown his costume (be sure to pick something suitably awful).
  • The rest of the lads are now split into teams of 4/5, they are not allowed to carry any cash or plastic and their only hope of getting a drink is to find Wally, who will buy them a drink as soon as they find him.
  • The stags can then keep drinking until the last team reaches Wally.
  • However, slow teams could arrive to find the kitty well has already been drunk dry.

7 You've Been Shot!

You'll need: Shot glasses, a bottle of clear spirit, water.


  • Set out the shot glasses on a table (enough for one per stag), fill half the glasses with water and the rest with a clear spirit (gin, vodka, tequila, sambuca, etc.).
  • The drinks are arranged on the table, and the stags must slide one towards them at random without lifting them off said table.
  • When the ref/best man shouts, "Bang!" all the players must down their drink and see who got shot.
Stag Nights

8 Jacob's Ladder

You'll need: A deck of cards.


  • Lay some of the cards face down on a table in a pyramid formation, 5 on the bottom row, 4 on the next row, 3, 2, 1.
  • The player then chooses a card on the bottom row, turns it over and selects a card on the next row.
  • He must then predict whether that card's value will be higher or lower.
  • He must continue all the way to the top of the pyramid without making a wrong call.
  • If he gets a call wrong, he must take a shot and start again at the bottom of the pyramid until he eventually makes a clear round calling every choice correctly.

9 Guess Who

You'll need: Pen and paper, a hat (or an empty pint glass will also do) and some shots.


  • Each player writes a secret about himself on a piece of paper, folds it up and drops it into the hat or glass.
  • The first player picks a secret out of the bag and tries to guess whose secret it is.
  • If they guess right, then the person they guessed has to take a shot. If they guess wrong, then they have to down the shot.
Stag nickname generator

10 Stag Do Cocktail

You'll need: A round of drinks and an empty pint glass.


  • At any moment in time, the best man will hold his drink on top of his head, the rest of the stags must follow suit.
  • A small measure of each drink is then poured into a pint glass, the last stag to raise his glass has to drink the stag do cocktail.

11 You Bet

You'll need: A deck of cards, empty glass.


  • Three stags (with very different drinks) start the game making a stag cocktail by pouring a small amount of their drinks into the pint glass.
  • The 'games master'/ref will then shuffle the cards, and turn one face-up on a table.
  • The first player then has to place his bet (by adding a little of his own drink to the glass) and call: "red" or "black".
  • If he's right, he passes the glass to the next player. If he's wrong, he has to drink what's in the glass.
  • Continue until every stag has had a bet and the final glassful has been drunk. Cheers!

12 Pub Trivia

You'll need: A set of board game quiz cards.


The best man takes the role of quizmaster as the stags split themselves into even teams.

  • Each team member is allocated a number - the quizmaster will then call forward the number 1 of each team and ask a question off a quiz card.
  • The players have to shout out the answer the quickest without any help from their team – the player that guesses correctly is safe, and the rest of the number 1s must drink 2 fingers of beer.
  • The number 2 players then step forward for their turn. The game continues until the first team scores 7 correct answers.

Extras: Give each team a different buzzer: a bicycle bell, kazoo, hooter, baby's rattle, etc.

13 A Question of Port

You'll need: A bottle of port or two, set of sports quiz questions.


  • Split the stags into 4 teams.
  • The quizmaster will stand beside a table 12 yards from the teams containing three different sized containers filled with port: a thimble, a single shot, a double shot.
  • One player from each team will face a sports question – whoever calls out the correct answer is safe, the other three must then sprint to the table and down one of the three drinks.
  • Each round continues in the same way.
  • The first team to get 10 correct answers are the winners.

Extras: Give each team a different buzzer: a bicycle bell, kazoo, hooter, baby's rattle, etc.

14 Stag Do Darts

You'll need: A dartboard and sets of arrows.


  • Split the group into two teams.
  • One player from each team must throw three darts starting at the number 1
  • If they hit number 1, the team is safe.
  • If they miss with all three darts, the whole team take a drink.
  • A player from the following team then steps up for their throw.
  • Take it in turns until you've hit all 20 numbers ('Round the clock' style)
  • If any player hits a double or treble, then their team must all take a shot.
  • First team round the board wins.

Extras: You could substitute double and triple shots for players that hit doubles or trebles.


You'll need: A pizza box, a pen, a coin.


  • Grab a pizza box
  • Write all the guys' names on it and draw circles around each one
  • Each stag will then take turns to throw a coin onto the box
  • If it lands on someone's name, that person has to drink
  • If they miss, they write a new rule where the coin lands and make the circle as big or small as they like
  • Repeat until the box is filled

16 Beerio Kart

You'll need: Beer and Mario Kart.


  • Go head-to-head in a race on Mario Kart
  • Each player must finish a full beer before the end of the race
  • However, you can only take a drink when you are stationary

17 Photo Finish

You'll need: A camera.


  • One of the stags is armed with a camera
  • At any given moment, he can aim his camera somewhere and start counting down from three
  • All the other stags must race to get in the shot
  • Anyone not in the picture drinks a shot!
  • If everyone gets in the shot, the stag with the camera must drink

Funny Drinking Game Rule Ideas

Need some drinking game rules inspiration? The 'make a rule' element of a drinking game has the ability to make a good game the greatest game you've ever played.

Here are our Top 5 favourite drinking game rule ideas:

  1. Don't Look at Me – For the duration of the game, the rest of the stags will have to avert their eyes from you or pay the ultimate price (... a shot!)
  2. Question Talkers – You have to make everything you say sound like a question.
  3. Compliment the Groom – Before every drink, you have to give the groom a compliment (no two compliments can be the same).
  4. Two-Hand Drinking – An alternative to opposite hand drinking, each stag must grab their vessel with both hands each time!
  5. Mum's Name – Everyone must refer to each other by their mum's name.

You want even more?! Check out the Ring of Fire Rules - Cheers!

Stag Do Mr and Mrs Questions

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