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The ultimate stag do drinking games

"Help! I can't feel my tongue!"

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Grab your passport, toothbrush and flameproof underwear. You're going on a stag do, so here's some seriously messed up drinking games but be warned things could get a little bit sticky (StagWeb refuse to accept responsibility for the severity of your hangovers, so please drink responsibly).

1) The Beer Hunter

Beer hunter

If you’ve seen that classic scene from the movie The Deer Hunter then you’ll know this game well. Of course you can’t play Russian roulette with real bullets, people get really funny about getting claret up their wallpaper. So take 6 cans of beer, one of these must be seriously shaken (not stirred) and then all the cans are placed on a table. All the players then take a can, hold it over their heads and pull the tab.
Repeat as necessary until all the stags have risked a hop flavoured shampoo.

stag do drinking game2) Sir Spin-a-lot

You'll need; a coin, alcohol.
This is a simple drinking challenge. The player takes the “Decision Coin” and spins it on a table or bar, he has the time it takes the coin to come to rest to drink his beverage. Forfeit!

alternative hands3) Alterna-righty

Alternate Hours = Alternate drinking hands.
So you pick a start time, allocate which hand to start with and remain drinking with that hand for the next hour. After the hour change hands. If caught mis-supping then a penalty may ensue as determined by the group or the judge.

Drinking stag do games4) 4 Jacks

Deal out a pack of cards, keep watching for the Jacks as they are dealt…

  • 1st  Jack - picks the drink
  • 2nd Jack - orders the drink
  • 3rd Jack - gets the drink
  • 4th Jack - drinks it
Stag Do Mr and Mrs Questions
Beer pong

5) Ping Pong Pints

Someone carries a table tennis / ping pong ball. If it's deposited in your drink you have to neck that drink. You then keep the ball and attempt to redistribute.

6) Chicken/Where's Wally/Fox Hunt

Where's wally stag game

Ask all the lads to stick £20 in the stag kitty, one volunteer is then asked to “guard” the kitty, this will involve him running off and hiding in a random pub while the rest of the stags find him. He is allowed to use the kitty funds for his drinking pleasure until he’s found.

Once a volunteer steps forward only then does he get shown his costume.

The rest of the lads are now split into teams of 4/5, they are not allowed to carry any cash or plastic and their only hope of getting a drink is to find the fox/Wally/chicken who will buy them a drink as soon as they find them. They will keep drinking until the last team reaches them who might well arrive to find the kitty well has already been drunk dry.

shots7) You've Been Shot!

Get the right amount of shot glasses for your group, fill all but 1-3 with water. In the 3 remaining fill with a clear drink eg gin, vodka, tequila, sambuca. Place the drinks down and then tap the table and call “Bang”. You’ll see who’s been shot!

Game of thrones style drinking game


A Note About Drinking Games

We're all about having fun and whilst there are a few drinking games above we absolutely don't condone excessive drinking. It's not only really bad for you, with potentially lethal consequences, but being out of it isn't really a fun celebration (plus it also gives stags worldwide a bad rep). Too much grog, as they say down-under, can put you and possibly others in a position you don't want to find yourselves in - and that's a nightmare as opposed to a dream night. Remember the body can only take so much, so please don't overdo it both for yourself and others around you. And if you see someone struggling please help them and certainly don't force them or encourage them to consume any more. You know yourselves you don’t need to be in a paralytic state to have a legendary night. So have a lot of fun just drink responsibly and remember to respect those around you.

See this video of the top 10 movie drinking games...

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