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You can't have a stag party without forfeits.

It would be like having a civilisation without laws: unless you have the means to keep the stags in order and afraid of the consequences, then chaos will ensue.

... plus good stag do forfeits are just downright hilarious.

And whilst you won't want to be carrying loads of props around, a little smart thinking and a few small extras can set up some belting stag do forfeits that will have the guys in stitches.

Please Note: Some of these forfeits contain alcohol – please remember to drink responsibly. Also, never force anyone to take part if they don't want to.

1 Busk In Time

Sentence the stag to trial by public. Relieve him of all his cash and wallet, give him a cap to catch money in and send him outside to busk by singing his favourite song. Don't allow him in the pub until he's made enough to buy a drink. It works even better if the pub has a beer garden, so the rest of the stags can watch his efforts.

2 Toilet Training

When needing to answer the call of nature, the stag must make sure everyone else hears his call as well by shouting: "I NEED A WEE-WEE!" every time he has to go to the bathroom. 

3 Two-Faced

For crimes against stag-kind, the perpetrator must have half of his face covered in fake tan. Should not be applied to the groom ahead of the wedding day photos for fear of revenge attacks from an angry bride.

4 Kiss & Make-Up

The stag must sit down on a stool while some willing females are found to give him a make-over. Ideally, they'll give him the full 'Katie Price'. He is not allowed to remove the make-up for the remainder of the night.

5 Dad Dance

Move over, Cowell, 'Stag Parties Have Got Talent' and to prove it, the shamed stag should now perform some classic dad dancing in a public place (but do think of innocent bystanders and never ask him to do it where he might frighten small children or upset the locals).

6 You've Been Onesied

Have a bright pink onesie ready for any stag party misdemeanours. It can easily be slipped over clothes which means the onesie shame can be passed from stag to stag for shared or recurring stag offences.

7 The Gaffer

What bloke doesn't like the pleasing sound of gaffa tape? Maybe not so much when it's being used to tape him to a tree or lamppost.
Please note: Never put gaffa tape over someone's mouth, it would be a bad time to find out they're asthmatic. However, eyebrows are definitely fair game.

8 The Cocktail

Get an empty glass, pour some of each stag's pint in, and then down the contents. Works well if there are a few different varieties on the go, but not so much if everyone's on the same drink!

9 Bring Them Down a Peg or Two

Any stags who have spent far too long getting ready will have to reverse their outfits for the walk to the first pub/bar/restaurant! They can only revert back when they have either bought a round or downed a suitably horrible shot.

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10 Chilli Challenge

As failure in fulfilling his stag duties (or just coming last in a stag activity), your victim should be given a fresh chilli to eat for the rest of the stags' amusement. No water or beverages shall pass the stag's lips until the entire chilli has been consumed. Alternatively, you can use a shot of hot chilli sauce.

11 Hi-Viz Hazard

If you're heading to a paintball site or laser war games, give you groom a hi-viz jacket or bright coloured onesie to wear, so they can be seen nice and clearly by the rest of the stags at all times.

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12 Twinkle-toes

He's got the moves and now's the time to show them by dancing all the way to the next pub.

13 Street Serenader

"You have been judged to be a numpty. To pay for your crimes against the stag party, you must now serenade a passer-by! If they join you in singing the song, you will not only be exonerated, but you'll also receive a pint from the rest of the stags"

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14 Dancing Bear

As a suitable forfeit, the sufferer must dance on command for the rest of the night. Any time. Any place. Anywhere.

15 That Socks

The chosen stag must remove a sock, stretch it over the top of his glass, and then down his drink through it.

Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough...

We've shown you ours, so now it's your turn to show us yours. If you've got a stag do forfeit you think we should know about, or want to share with other stags, then post it below and we'll add the very best to the list.

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