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Stag Do Memes

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Yeah, the stag do is coming. You’re more wired than a seven-year-old who’s just had five glasses of cola and been told Father Christmas will be here in the morning. How does a grown man express this level of it’s-going-to-be-epic-ness?

That friends and neighbours is what memes were invented for. Stag do memes are the chance to keep laughing, get the party started and take the p**s out of the groom. Win/win/win.

You can create your own stag memes or share a few of ours.

Memes before the stag do...

Flame proof stag meme
First rule of stag do stag meme
Put that mankini stag meme

Memes during the stag do...

Before drinking stag meme
Mankini stag meme
Clubbing stag meme

Memes after the stag do...

Jager stag meme
stag meme
stag survivors stag meme

Stag Do Meme Jokes

Before the stag do

  • One does not simply go on a stag do.Stag do bitches!
  • Brace yourself, the stag do is coming.
  • That feeling you get when you plan a stag do.
  • That feeling you get before the stag do.
  • Bend over and take it like a stag.
  • Stag do? You mean girlie cocktail party.
  • Nothing says “We're on a stag do”
    like using a trolley in the beer aisle.
  • I'm going on a stag do, you stay home and call your mummy.
  • Go back to the hen party where you belong. #StagDo
  • One week until beer-magedon
  • The Stag Do - One Week until stag-magedon.

During the Stag Do

  • That feeling you get during the stag do.
  • Stag Do Beaches!
  • Didn't hurt.
  • No pain, no gain. #StagDo
  • "Hello ladies, we're the stag do!"
  • Stag Do Challenge Accepted!
  • Wish you were beer!
  • Stag party balanced diet. A beer in both hands.
  • Drinking beer is like pouring smiles on your brain.
  • Beer. Because no good stag story started with
    “We'd had a few too many coffees…”
  • Soup of the day. BEER.

After the Stag Do

  • I fought the beer and the beer won.
  • I went on a stag do once.
  • Stag Do - We came, we saw, we drank.
  • Stag Do - We came, we saw, we partied.
  • Two weeks on, still hurts when I blink.
  • Best stag do ever!
  • #StagDo - Same time next weekend guys?

Other insults

Of course, you don't have to just stick with stag party memes, there are so many fun ways to fire comedic bullets at the groom ahead of his big weekend with the guys. Our VIP area has a private message wall where as well as making all your evil genius stag plans, you can fire plenty of insults at the nearly-wed.

And for best men we have a complete speech builder system, loaded with over 4,000 jokes, icebreakers and groom jokes to cut him down to help you write a killer best man speech.

Check out our Best Man Speech System

Places you can share stag do memes

There are all kinds of places you can share your memes to be able to insult the groom from as many different directions as possible ("It's what he would've wanted.").

  • Pinterest
  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • The groom's mum (she loves the banter)

In fact, when it comes to hurling casual stag party memes and stag related insults at the groom, the more the merrier!

How to share stag do memes

Save an image to your device. Log on to the social account you'd like to share it on. Then simply post the image to your timeline or into the group discussion.

How to create stag do memes

If you don’t like our stag party memes, there are plenty of meme generator apps you can use to create your own memes. You can also add the groom’s name and date or the location of the stag weekend.

Please note; if you are creating your own stag party memes you must have legal copyright to use any images. It’s always best to stick to your own photos or photos taken by your group.

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