No real stag party is complete without stitching up the groom-to-be at least once. At StagWeb HQ, we take our stag pranks very seriously. We'd even go as far as to say that quality stag do pranks are no laughing matter.

Our offices often reverberate to the tune of "Oh you bunch of *****!" as another one bites the dust, so here are a few of our favourite stag pranks to get your creative juices flowing...

StagWeb Top Tip – For stag do pranks abroad, Budapest is the perfect location to stitch up the groom. Activities include stag arrest, fake bride and the unforgettable roly poly stripper.

The Best Stag Pranks

  1. Stag Arrest - Fake coppers, handcuffs, strippers and one very happy ending.
  2. From Busk 'til Dawn - The groom must busk to earn the price of his first pint.
  3. Roly Poly Show - MY eyes... MY EYES! This is one HUGE (and terrifying) stripper.
  4. Hi Vis High Jinks - Before a game of paintball, be sure to give the groom his hi-viz jack and trousers!
  5. Dressed For Excess - Improve the groom's wardrobe with a hilarious fancy dress outfit.
  6. Oil Wrestling - Two smoking hot babes wrestle the poor groom into submission.
  7. Stag vs Food - A giant eating challenge. No guts, no glory! Failure is for wimps.
  8. Sexy Hitchhiker - The stunning hitchhiker isn't all she seems, and then she get nekked!
  9. The Hangover Part 2 - Once the groom falls asleep, apply a fake tattoo to his face!
  10. Customs Classic - Attach a sex toy to a water bottle and lob it into the groom's carry on!

1 From Busk 'til Dawn

One of the slightly more artistic stag do pranks, grab the main man's wallet, hotel keys, phone and anything else he's carrying, give him an instrument or other busking tools plus a hat to catch the pennies and him a target (a few quid should do). The groom is not allowed to join the party again until he's earned the full amount. Then simply find a nice pub from where you can all watch him in action.

2 Roly Poly - Stitch up the groom with a stag prank on a grand scale!

Roly Poly stitch up

The Roly Poly show is stag pranking on a much bigger scale. And by big, we mean HUGE. We'll have one of our BBW dancers give him the kind of lap dance that he'll never (be able to) forget. Read more about Roly Poly.

3Kidnapped - Stag Stitch Up

Stag kidnap

As stag do pranks go, this is an oldie but a goldie and done well it's nothing short of spectacular.

Without the groom's knowledge, get his stag bag packed ready for the off. You'll then need a couple of the boys kitted up in balaclavas. Now all you need to do is wait until the groom is somewhere remote so the "kidnappers" can pounce, blindfold him and then whisk him away (keep it low key, you don't want some unsuspecting member of the public dialling 999).

Now for the fun part. Don't remove the blindfold or speak to the groom, drive him off to where the rest of the stags are waiting. You can then tell him why he's been grabbed and set him a task before releasing his bonds. (A word to the wise, DO NOT attempt to gag him in anyway! If he suddenly drops the bombshell that he uses an inhaler and none of you knew, then things might not end as humorously as you'd hoped).

Our Kidnap Prank is available in: Riga kidnap and Budapest kidnap.

4 Paintballs - Big Cojones!

If one of your stag activities is paintball, then there are a few variations on a theme to this gag, but essentially it's target practice with the groom as your goal. Have a word with the marshals to get the all-clear, and when you're all in position, grab the groom and de-bag him. Once he's down to his Y-fronts, give him his outfit (have a chicken suit, onesie or Speedos ready and waiting). Give him his facemask and elbow pads, then lead him to the "wicket".

Lay his clothes out at either end of the run/wicket. His challenge is to sprint between the wickets collecting his clothes one item at a time while the stags line up on either side ready to hit their target.

5 Pedal Low

If the groom is all about his looks and "street cred," then it might be time to bring him down a peg or two. Rather than his usual "pimp walk" that he puts on, he should be given a far more suitable stag mode of transport – a pink tricycle, for example – then during your night out, between each pub he has to motor along by pink pedal power like the overgrown toddler he is.

6 The Gaffer

Another well-worn traditional stag party prank, but done well it never gets old. Find a suitable object or landmark, then it's gaffa tape time (and if you're really creative, you can get him off the ground!). A word to the wise, gaffer taping someone's mouth can be dangerous. However, gaffa tape on someone's hair or eyebrows (especially when it comes time for them to remove it) can be bloody hilarious!
Please Note: Loss of eyebrows too close to the wedding (photos) could result in the bride exacting bodily revenge on every last one of you.

7 Fake Bride Stitch-Up

Fake bride

If you like your stag party pranks to run like a well-worked script, then this is the one for you. Imagine the groom's face when he wakes to find he has a (fake) bride, complete with her suitcase, marriage certificate – the works! Our "bride" (actress) will have a convincing story so that the panic-stricken groom will soon be asking the rest of the group: "I know I was drunk, but I didn't, did I...?" and if you're all good, you can convince him that, yes, indeed he did! Read more about Fake Bride.

8 Dressed For Excess

If your groom-to-be has more skin and hair products than Ronaldo and spends far too much time clothes shopping than is healthy, then this is the perfect way to embarrass him. Pick out an outfit from a charity shop – it could be pyjamas with a pipe, dressing gown and slippers (ready for his new husband role) or a hideous shirt and suit – you'll find a great selection of hideousness on any high street – and no matter how much he complains, do not give him his clothes back for the rest of the night.

For more ideas head to our Fancy Dress page.

9 Hi-Viz High Jinx

If you're going to be setting up your own stag weekend Call of Duty with Laser Games, Archery Tag or Paintball, make sure you "keep the groom safe" by giving him a hi-viz jacket and trousers to wear or perhaps a nice bright pink onesie. It means all the players will be able to see where he is at all times and, in the case of Paintball, be able to give him a complete "Dulux Makeover".

10 Sexy Maids

sexy maids

The ultimate 'room service'. The groom will be woken by a knock on the door only to find his maid is not your average looking cleaner and it won't be the beds that will be stripped. The rest of the stags can all pile into the groom's room to enjoy the show that will certainly perk up the groom's morning. Read more about Sexy Maids.

11 Oil Wrestling

Don't tell the groom where he's going. Just get him to the secret location where he'll see a wrestling ring and not one but two sexy wrestlers waiting to "take him down"! And when he complains he hasn't got anything to wear, you can then hand him a wrestling unitard or mankini. "Easy! Easy! Easy!" Read more about Oil Wrestling.

12 customs classic

Classics are classics for a reason: they're hilarious! This Customs classic is a surefire way to get everyone in the party mood for the big weekend away. When the groom's not looking, sling a sex toy strapped to a bottle of water in his carry-on luggage and watch the magic unfold!

13 Mud Wrestling

A variation on oil wrestling only this time, rather than smooth, warm oil, the ring is full of mud and the two bikini-clad hotties are ready and waiting. It's the perfect addition to any stag weekend and a classic stag do prank of hilarious (and muddy) proportions. Read more about Mud Wrestling.

14 Naked Dessert

Naked Dessert

A real mouth-watering treat. Keep the groom unawares as you sit down to a fantastic steak dinner. Once the steaks have been served, the lads will enjoy a private strip show... but it gets better. Once the plates are cleared, dessert will be served to the groom on the stomach of one of the nubile strippers. Will he lick his plate clean? Read more about Naked Dessert.

15 Sexy Hitchhiker

Sexy Hitchhiker

Why is the taxi from the airport slowing down and pulling over? Why is he letting an unbelievably gorgeous hitchhiker on board? Why is she insisting the minibus driver puts on her favourite CD? And why is she taking her clothes off?!? These are a series of questions that might go through the groom's mind. But he'll probably be too busy enjoying himself and thanking you for laying on such a stunning welcoming committee. This ranks up there with the very best stag pranks, but with added nudity! Read more about Sexy Hitchhiker.

16 Jelly Wrestling

Yep, you get the drill by now! A wrestling ring, two sexy semi-naked female wrestlers and a teeny-tiny costume for the groom. Only this time, the ring is filled with jelly. It's a superb opportunity for all the stags to have a laugh at the groom's expense. The way things should be. Read more about Jelly Wrestling.

17 Get Smurfed

This one requires extreme dedication, but the payoff is immense. Find the shortest member of your group (the one you call 'Frodo', 'Bilbo' or if he's a less than attractive fellow, 'Gollum') paint him blue, dress him as a smurf and handcuff him to the groom. You can make him stay this way for the whole weekend or give him a series of embarrassing forfeits to secure his freedom, but remember, the longer the big man stays smurfed, the more laughs you'll have on that big night out.

18 UV been tagged!

Simple but effective. Get yourselves some UV paint and mark up a specially bought shirt for the groom. Then when he's in the club later that night, he'll be displaying a handwritten message of your choice (think 'have you seen my mummy?!?') or an artistic impression of his crown jewels for all to see. The best bit? He won't even know it's happening until it's too late.

19 The Hangover Part 2

Now this prank requires the kind of ninja skills that would make Bruce Lee weep with pride. Buy yourselves a fake Maori face-tattoo kit and wait for mummy's little soldier to hit the hay. Once he's catching ZZZs, apply the tattoo with all the grace and skill that your drunken selves can muster and wait until morning for the groom's shocked reaction upon seeing his freshly tattooed mug. Definitely one to record on your phones!

20 The Hall of Shame

Over the years, your stag squad has probably put together a catalogue of the kind of chat-up lines that would make even Napoleon Dynamite cringe with disgust. However, on this night, The Hall of Shame will see your groom perform them all on unsuspecting groups of girls in one evening of sheer humiliation. Get the lads to write down the best of the worst and watch in amazement/horror as the nearly-wed moves from stag to stag for his next one-liner. Failure to perform results in endless forfeits and any embarrassing photos being uploaded straight to Facebook.

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Send Us Your Pranks

If you already have a history of shady pranks or evil genius ways to stitch up the groom we're all ears and happy to share the best pranks with other stags. We'll credit you on the page and give you £50 off* a stag do or stag reunion.

Or if you have video evidence of a stag prank in action we'd love to see it.

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