Without law and order, without rules and structure, without proper guidance and boundaries in place, the world would soon fall into chaos and disharmony – a land of anger, riots, and utter chaos!

Not on our watch!

Here at StagWeb, we've always been upholders of fair play; we've always been sticklers for the rules and doing the right thing. We say "please" and "thank you," we stand well back from the edge of the platform, we drive on the correct side of the road, and we're so good at queuing (if they made it an Olympic sport, we'd take the gold every time!).

And your stag should be no different – rules, gentlemen, we need rules. As Hayden Fry once said: “In football, like in life, you must learn to play within the rules of the game.” This is the same with your stag, chaps! So here is our rundown of the revered stag do rules.

10 Stag Do Rules

  1. First rule of the stag do is you do not talk about the stag do.
  2. Second rule of the stag do is you DO NOT talk about the stag do.
  3. No taking photos that a family audience would rather not see.
  4. What happens on the stag do should never be posted on Facebook.
  5. Break any rules and you must face a forfeit. No exceptions!
  6. Above all else, the weekend is about the groom. Worship him!
  7. Avoiding your round is a cardinal sin. You WILL be punished.
  8. Stay focused, forget the pretty barmaid, this is a GUYS weekend.
  9. Travel light, any man found with too many grooming products will be penalised.
  10. And a mirror tax will be in operation for any excessive preening.

Gentlemen We Give You...

The Law of the Stag
The Dos and Don'ts of the Gentlemen's Away Days
Stag Do Rules
Some Other Witty Title Much Funnier Than the Ones Above

Rule 1 The first rule of the stag do...

...is you do not talk about the stag do!

First rule of the stag do

Rule 2 The second rule of the stag do is...

You do not talk about the stag do!

Except when you're organising it or are re-telling the embarrassing story of how (X) ended up in (X) with the (X) stuck on his (X).

Rule 3 No photos!

Unless explicitly agreed upon by all present, under no circumstance should any stag take a photo. Any stag who breaks this should have his embarrassing baby, teenage, fashion fail photos nailed to every tree in town upon your return.

P.S. If, however, you do break the rule we'd love to see those embarrassing photos. Tweet us @stagweb!

Rule 4 What happens on the stag do stays off Facebook...

Even adding photos into your stag group Facebook page can be a risky business – something that was harmless fun at the time can result in serious relationship strife when viewed by someone's missus out of context.

Check out our Stag Do Contract and share it with the group...

Stag Do Contact

Rule 5Challenges/dares can and will be handed out.

Failure to rise to the occasion could result in a stag forfeit, so bear that in mind when attempting a challenge.

Rule 6 Going on a stag do is about the stag do.

All outside influences such as work, kids, mortgages and life can and should be left at the door. They will still be there when you get back, but this weekend you've gotta suit up and have fun.

Rule 7 No round avoidance

No man should end the night without returning his round to the rest of the lads. Come on, no one likes a stingy 'bast@rd'.

Rule 8 Keep the main thing, the main thing.

This weekend is about the main man, NOT an excuse for single stags to 'think about themselves.'

Rule 9 Packing

Any man who cannot pack all his shaving kit and hair products into a single bag should face an excessive grooming penalty.

Rule 10 Mirror Tax in operation.

Looking good should never hamper a good time, therefore, except in your hotel rooms, any stag caught looking at himself in any mirror or reflective surface must pay a £1 Prima Donna fine which shall be added to the stag kitty.

5 stag do fines

And where there are rules, there will always be fines. Check out our 5 favourite Stag Do Fines to keep the guys in line on the groom's big send-off.

  1. Last Place in a Stag Activity – Round for the Boys
  2. Last One Ready for the Night Out – Round for the Boys
  3. Mirror Tax (Caught looking at your reflection) – £2
  4. Caught Texting the Other Half – £5
  5. Wrong Hand Drinking – Down your drink

"You have to learn the rules of the game.
And then you have to play better than anyone else."
Albert Einstein

Save and share this stag do contract with the lads

Lay down the law by sharing this page and stag do contract with all the stags.

StagWeb stag do contract

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