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How to Use StagWeb's Stag Do Fancy Dress Generator...

Trying to get the guys to agree on fancy dress can be an absolute nightmare.

What? Who? How much?

... sod that!

Why not let Lady Luck decide your fate as you hit our generator button above?

Whether you go with the 1st pick or you give yourself 2 skips, it's the quickest and easiest way to decide on your outfits for the groom's colossal celebration.

Stag Fancy Dress - The Dos and Definitely Don'ts

DO - Keep it light. It's meant to be a bit of fun. You don't want to go too OTT or make people feel uncomfortable.

DO - Plan your costumes well in advance. People are busy these days. They're going to need time to get their sh*t together.

DO - Check what you're doing and where you're going beforehand. Not every place you'll be hitting up will allow fancy dress.

DON'T - Be offensive. Good stag do costumes can be enjoyed by everyone. Offensive ones will annoy the public, doormen and the boys in blue.

DON'T - Go too niche. It'll make it a pain to source or make your outfits. Keep it fun. Keep it affordable.

Why Stag Do Fancy Dress is a Good Idea...

  • Get the Laughter Flowing - nothing will get the boys pumped and ready to party more than a range of hilarious stag outfits.
  • Break the Ice - if some of the groom's pals don't know each other that well, fancy dress is a great way to break the ice and get a sense of camaraderie going.
  • Embarrass the Groom - the stag do is the perfect opportunity to embarrass the groom once and for all.

Don't Get Caught Out...

Not every venue or activity is going to allow stags to wear fancy dress.

Make sure you check ahead of time to avoid any faff or hassle.

Do People Usually Dress Up On a Stag Do?

Some of the greatest stag dos of all time have involved fancy dress.


We'd say more stag weekends than not have some element of fancy dress involved.

So, whether you're going the full shebang or just pranking the groom, it's a great way to add an element of hilarity to your weekend.

Stag Do Fancy Dress Ideas

  1. Fox & Hunters - Dress the groom as a fox and deck the stags out in fox-hunting attire
  2. Superheroes: Marvel - Avengers, assemble! Pick your heroes out of a hat
  3. Superheroes: DC - Same as above but the DC side. We're talking Batman, Superman, etc.
  4. Ugly Suits - Get a range of cheap, ugly suits to wear - either matching or individual
  5. Ugly Shirts - If suits are a stretch get some ugly shirts for the stag do to rock
  6. Toy Soldiers - Suit up and don some green toy soldier outfits
  7. Golf Attire - The perfect stag do fancy dress if you're planning a big old bar crawl
  8. Morphsuits - An absolute stag classic. The only question is: same colours or different?
  9. Celebrities - Broad? Yes. But it gives you scope to go as weird as you like
  10. Where's Wally - Another classic. But classics are classics for a reason: they're epic!
  11. Football: Full Kit W*nkers - Self-explanatory. You could even dress the groom as the ref
  12. Old People - Bald caps, cardigans, Zimmer frames - the works.
  13. Charity Shop Buys - Set a budget and then buy some outrageous charity shop clobber
  14. WWE Wrestlers - Let's get ready to rummmmmmblllllleeeeee!
  15. Classic '90s Footballers - From Seaman to Shearer, there are loads of hilarious options
  16. Peaky Blinders - By order of the Peaky f***ing Blinders!
  17. Bond Villains - We've been expecting you...
  18. Star Wars Characters - No, try not. Do. Or do not. There is no 'try' with fancy dress
  19. Lederhosen - Don your Bavarian outfits and get ready to sink some steins
  20. Hawaiian Shirts - Say bye to boring tops and "Aloha" to these hilarious Hawaiian stag shirts
  21. Animal Onesies - You can get pretty creative with this one
  22. Pirates - Avast, me hearties! It's time to walk the plank into married life...
  23. All Dress as The Groom - Does what it says on the tin. It's funny when you don't tell him
  24. All Dress as The Bride - Does what it says on the tin. It's funny when you don't tell him
  25. Video Game Characters - Sonic, Mario, Crash Bandicoot, etc., etc., etc.

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