Funniest Stag Fancy Dress Ideas

"And this year's best dressed grooms will be wearing..."

It ain't what you stag do, it's the way you stag do it.

Stag do fancy dress has become the highlight of the weekend for some. Get it right and it can set up a brilliant weekend. So here's a quick look at some of the best stag party costumes.

Fox & Hounds

Give the groom a fox costume and a 60 second head start before you set the hounds on him.

Only Fool & Horses

These guys became internet stars after dressing up like right plonkers.

WWE Wrestlers

Full marks, not only did these guys dress up, they even brought their own ring!

Toy Soldiers

A golden oldy of stag do fancy dress but done well it's brilliant!

Roller Coaster

Scream if you wanna go faster!

Piggy Back Boys

'Say "hello" to my leetle friend.'

Alien Abduction

Because in space Skegness, no one can hear you scream.

Groom Stitch Up

Tell him everyone is coming in fancy dress. Then he'll turn up, stitched up!

Stag Do Or Stag Don't Fancy Dress?

Here's our Do's and Don'ts of stag do fancy dress.

Please note; not all venues will accept fancy dress.

  • DO pick a theme that is actually achievable. You don't want to spend the whole night explaining your costumes because no one can work out just what the hell you're supposed to be.

  • DON'T be predictable. Superheroes? A dozen guys all dressed as The Avengers...? Yawn. Dull. Boring! Dare to be different and strive to be original. Create your own superheroes, "I'm Pants Man and these are my Power Pants of Joy!"

  • DO consider a running theme. If you come up with a real winner then it can be a recurring thread for your entire weekend that you can build stag do games and activities around.

  • DON'T wear something you're going to be uncomfortable in. Dressing as a six foot hot dog might seem funny for the first half hour but will soon become a nightmare when you're on the dance floor sweating like a death row inmate at a leaving do.

  • DO it! This really is a case of if a job's worth doing do it right, if you go at it half hearted then you'll fail and your efforts will look like the partially conceived, poorly executed sham they are. Go for it! Embrace the madness properly and you'll set yourselves for a truly memorable weekend.

  • DON'T be offensive. Good stag do costumes will make people wish they were part of your merry band. Offensive stag do outfits will be met with resistance by doorman and (worse case scenario) catch the eye of the local boys in blue.

Previously it was just the groom who was dressed up (or down) on his last days as a bachelor. Dressing him as a bride, attaching a ball and chain, presenting him with his pipe, dressing gown and slippers, but now all the guys can get in on the act with a joint costume. And it really does work better when all your stag fancy dress costumes are coordinated. And let's get one thing clear here, wearing a onesie does NOT count as fancy dress.

Luis Suarez Vegetarian Buffet

Done well getting the boys in matching stag do costumes can be brilliant. Not only does it create a sense of "one for all, all for one" but also it can be a great ice breaker. If you get your costumes right you'll find yourselves approached by inquisitive ladies wanting to know what the craic is, you'll be seen as a fun crowd who don't take themselves too seriously and know how to have a good time.

Get your costumes wrong and you'll become social lepers, avoided at all costs and less welcome than Luis Suarez at a vegetarian buffet.

It's really easy to just be lazy, to trot out the same tired stag do fancy dress clich├ęs that everyone has seen before. But this means you'll end up looking just that, a bunch of guys who made no real effort. In essence to the casual observer (and remember many of these will be local lovelies who will have their own taste radars up and running) you'll look lame and unoriginal.

Building a theme around your stag costume can be brilliant. If you're still in need of stag weekend fancy dress ideas why not base it on the groom? Is he a keen golfer? Try 1950's golf wear, oversized caps, plus fours and horrible check or tweed patterns. Then it's game on. You can set the guys out on the course for a nine-hole evening (a drink in each of the holes/pubs) and set a few 'bunkers' and 'water obstacles' (games and forfeits) along the way. Keep score and run a leaderboard with a prize for the winner.

So when it comes to stag do costumes you are really only limited by your own ingenuity. Have fun, go a bit crazy and always make sure any onlookers are also able to enjoy the joke too.

Please note; not all venues will accept fancy dress.

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