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In A Nutshell

The world's first theme park for men, the ultimate male-centric party playground where men can 'go stag' in a utopian man cave of simply epic proportions.

Deadline for goal

99.9% of our 3.5 billion backers goal.

What Is StagWorld?

StagWorld is the promised-land, the vision of men (like you) who dream, of a world where there are no weekend lists of DIY jobs, no shoe shops to be dragged around, where men can watch sports, take on stupid dares/challenges and do sporting battle and never be asked "does my ass look big in this?".

There are over 3,500,000,000 men in the world.
If all those men were to pledge just one dollar, pound or euro we'd have... Well a lot.

That means we can make our dream and your dream a reality. More importantly we'll have the means to make the world a better place for mankind... Women will just have to get their own island.

Who's with us?!? How to pledge...

StagWorld will be split into four zones;

Zone 1: Sports Zone

Sports zone

Bumper Go Kart Track
Full contact go kart racing in pimped up bumper cars.

Ultimate Sport's Bar
Waitresses dressed as beach volleyball players, never ending hot dog kart, giant screen sports, sports memorabilia on the walls, it's the bar you always wanted.

Man Sports Challenge
Bend it Like Beckham free kick, Swing Like Tiger golf hole, the 50 metre Don't Spill Your Beer! dash, etc

World's Largest Beer Pong
It ain't rocket science, it's the world's largest beer pong, roughly the size of a football pitch!

zone 2: Beer land

Beer Land

Beer Rapids
Ride a turbulent river of beer siting on giant donut rings.

The Lovely Juggs
The dream pub containing pour your own pint tables, BBQ food and our Bikini Mixologists (every cocktail is shaken and never stirred).

Yippee ki yay Cinema
seats with inbuilt fridge and snack dispenser, showing the best man movies of all time.

Beer Barrel Rollercoaster
No cars, just beer barrels. It's like Niagara falls without the worry of getting wet or dying at the bottom.

zone 3: Kickass canyon

Kickass Canyon

Zorb Roulette
A giant roulette wheel where players ride inside a zorb ball, the square the zorb lands indicates either a prize or forfeit.

Tank Paintball
Paintball with tanks because sometimes hitting your friend in the nads with a paintball just isn't enough.

Rage Room
Get it all off your chest with the help of a baseball bat and sledgehammer by beating the living crap out of everything in this specially designed, stress relieving room.

Stag vs Food
Have you got what it takes to overcome this giant food mountain? Vegetarians need not apply.

Chili Eating Challenge
Exactly what it says on the tin.

zone 4: The academy

The Academy

Bridezilla Taming
Try calming three insanely angry women and live to tell the tale.

Nightmare Towers
Haunted house containing man's greatest fears; Being handed a crying baby, mother-in-law coming to stay, room full of all your exes, visiting a lap dance club with your boss.

Zombie Survival Training
Learn every skill you could need to survive the coming apocalypse. Crossbows (Darryl, TWD), Cricket Bat & Throwing Records (Shaun, SotD), etc.

School Dinner Canteen
Complete with Punch-a-bully Corner and MILF dinner ladies.

Extra Features

Beer Bike Monorail

Bikini Babe Parade
At midday parade down Main Street featuring our Bikini Babes.

Beer Bike Monorail
The perfect way to travel around the park, the beer bike monorail is an eco-friendly, pedal-powered pub.

'He's Not Here' Answering Service
We'll divert all calls from your phone to our "He's not here..." service so no one can gate crash your away day with any of that real life stuff.

"You Look Good!" Meeters & Greeters
Our Bikini Babes will welcome all guests and boost their self-esteem by telling them they're looking good.


The first stage of StagWorld is to find and purchase an island, which will be a Party Enabling Nebular, large enough to house the theme park. We will rename the Party Enabling Nebular Island and really put it on the map, #PENISLAND.


We'll open the doors on what will be the world's first male-centric theme park. Investors will all be invited to the grand opening and receive a StagWorld goodie bag, filled with man-stuff.


By entering your email below you are pledging your support to StagWorld. Once we have reached our target number of supporters you will then have the opportunity to invest just £1 to become a future partner in StagWorld (please note, we will not attempt to gather funds until we have 5,000,000 supporters to get help make StagWorld a reality).

PLEDGE YOUR SUPPORT and become a StagWorld crowdfunder.

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