Can’t choose a Best Man? Introducing The Best Man Olympics


Choosing the right best man is vital! This guy has the power to make or break both your stag weekend and the wedding, so getting it right is even more important than United finding the right successor for Fergie. They picked David Moyes when they probably would have been better with David Walliams… Don’t let that happen to you!

The Stag Planner

Your best man’s chief role will be organising what should prove to be the biggest weekend of your life! Get the right man with a plan and you’ll be enjoying sun, sea and cervezas with some epic daytime activities and amazing nightlife. However, if you pick someone with the organisational skills of the Sepp Blatter, you’ll all be stuck in his aunt’s caravan in Skegness while he’s wearing a new expensive-looking watch.

The Wedding Wingman

He’ll also be the man standing beside you at what will be the biggest event you’ll ever attend. Additionally, he’ll get free reign to rip you apart in front of all your nearest and dearest during his Best Man Speech. While you do get a chance to fire off some early shots during your Groom’s Speech, he will ultimately have the last laugh.

But Just How Do You Find the Best Man for the Job?

Here at StagWeb, we’ve created a truly scientific Best Man Test based on psyche, physical fitness, sporting prowess, tolerance to alcohol, creativity and how to cope under fire.

StagWeb proudly presents…

best man olympics

Find a field, set up your own beer tent (vital to ensure all the athletes are kept hydrated), light a BBQ ready for the victory feast… and let the games begin!

Scoring – Set up a scoreboard and mark each of the potential best men’s names. After each event score the stags on a downward grade. If you have 10 guys then the winner of each event will score 10, the runner up 9, third place 8, etc.

The Events

Tossing Your Ring

Being able to finger your ring is a major part of the best man’s role, he’ll be the one giving it to you and your bride on the day, so you want to be sure he has a good action.

You’ll need: A wooden toilet seat or an old tyre

The rules: All the PBM (Potential Best Man) will take it in turns to throw the ring (toilet seat/tyre) as far as possible. Each PBM will get three attempts with their best throw being taken as their score.

Bag a Bridesmaid

Having his pick of the bridesmaids is one of the perks of the best man’s job. But does he deserve a beauty or a beast?

You’ll need: Some obstacles (bamboo canes), some beer and some idiots

The rules: Split the PBM into pairs (put guys of roughly the same build together). Place two beers for each team at the end of the track.
They will now face an obstacle course of your choosing (could just be some slalom poles or raised barriers to step over, etc). The teams will line up and on your command, the first man will pick up his partner, throw him onto his shoulder and run the course. When they reach the end the carrier must down the beer, as soon as it’s empty the pair will sprint back to the start line, switch places and go again. The first team back shares the points.

Pass the Pint

Question: How could you ever trust any man that spills too much beer?
Answer: Don’t!

You’ll need: 4 buckets, 16 car sponges and water

The rules: Create 2 lanes by separating the buckets 20 metres apart, fill one bucket in each lane with water and place the sponges next to it. Pace out and mark 5-metre intervals between the buckets. Split the PBM into teams, each team selects a lane with one PBM standing at each of the buckets and markers. Once you blow your whistle, the PBM at the full bucket must fill a sponge with water and throw it to his nearest teammate, who will, in turn, throw it to the next man down the line (no players can be skipped, everyone in the team MUST touch each sponge). This continues until the sponge reaches the last man who will ring out whatever water is left into his bucket and throw the now empty sponge back down the line (sponges by now will be going in both directions).
Whichever team gets the most water in their bucket in 3 minutes wins (best of three).

Mock the Weak

Can he deliver a great joke without going all Billy f***ing Connolly on you? Here’s a chance for each PBM to show his comedy class.

You’ll need; Thick skin, Score cards & Pens

The rules; Print out score cards. If you have 10 stags you’ll need 10 sets of cards (10, 9, 8, 7, etc). Give each PBM a set of cards. The PBM will take it in turns to tell a joke about the groom-to-be. The rest of the guys will judge their competitors by writing their name on the score card they deserve. Once all the scores are written they should be placed in hat or bag for the groom to count up. Deduct one point for every time they swear but don’t tell them until you announce the scoring, well what did they expect, it’ll be a family affair on the day!

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Eggceptional Under Achievers

Catching the bouquet is a huge part of the bridal traditions, but what if all the bridesmaids fail? It’s for this very reason the best man needs to be a safe pair of hands.

You’ll need: Eggs & Idiots

The rules: Split the PBM into pairs and ask them all to line up facing their partners at a distance of 3 metres. Give each pair an egg. On your command, the PBM with the egg must throw it to his partner who must catch it intact. Any team that breaks their egg is out. And the next round begins. Those with intact eggs must both take a step backwards (increasing the distance between them), and the thrower becomes catcher and vice versa. Whichever team manages the most distance/complete throws are the winners.

Beer Roulette

It’ll be a stressful day, so you need a man with nerves of steel, who’s even prepared to take a bullet (or at least a beer) for you.

You’ll need: Cans of beer, a table, and two chairs

The rules: Two PBM will sit facing each other across the table. The judge will select two cans, really shake one up and then place them both on the table without the PBM seeing which is which. The PBM each choose a can which will be opened above their heads by the ref. One player gets a beer shampoo, the other player progresses through to the next round. Continue the process with all the PBM in a cup tournament format until you have a winner.

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Suits You

You can’t put up with any badly drawn boy, your best man must look sharp at all times, so this will test their ability to stay looking good no matter what comes their way.

You’ll need: Sponges, buckets, water, broom handle, bamboo canes, beers and a stopwatch

The rules: Take the guys back to the ‘Bag a Bridesmaid’ track. This time there’s an added component of a broom handle plus buckets and sponges at the end of the track to go along with the existing obstacles. Each of the PBM will take it in turns to run the track going against the clock. Once they clear the existing obstacles each ‘athlete’ will find a broom handle, he must press one end on the floor, press his forehead against the other end and spin around the pole five times before continuing on the course.
At the end of the track, the PBM must down a beer before sprinting back, while he’s drinking it’s ‘Open Season’ and the rest of the PBM can throw water-soaked sponges at him. His run is complete when he sprints back across the start/finish line.

Pimp My Ride

Oh no! Everyone forgot to trash the wedding car, and the bride and groom are about to drive off into the sunset. The PBM can’t let them get away unmarked. Read… Aim… Fire!

You’ll need: Bamboo canes (6 per team), sponges (1 per team), broom handle or some old pieces of wood will do, cable ties (5 per team), gaffa tape  (3 strips per team), large rubber bands (7 per team), and eggs (3 per team)

The rules: Split the guys into groups of three. Give each pair their equipment (except the eggs), they now have 10 minutes to design a machine to fire an egg as far as possible.
After the ten minutes are up each team must step forward and will be given one egg to fire as a practice round. Once all the teams have fired they have two final minutes to tinker or modify their machines.
Time’s up! Each team will step forward again for two final rounds of firing. Only each team’s furthest shot will count. Furthest egg wins.

At the end of the event, count up each man’s score and perhaps award the winner a trophy. You now have your best man, unless his joke was too funny in which case just pick someone else instead.

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