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  1. Who are StagWeb?
  2. When should I book?
  3. Can I make changes if I need to?
  4. What is the deposit?
  5. Do I need final numbers when I pay the deposit?
  6. What happens after the deposit is paid?
  7. How do I get people to commit?
  8. When is the balance due & how is it calculated?
  9. What if I haven't got everybody's money in time?
  10. Can the group pay individually?
  11. Is my money safe?
  12. Do I get a receipt?
  13. What if I have to cancel?
  14. What happens if numbers change?
  15. If numbers drop will the price increase?
  16. If guests want to join the group after we have paid is that ok?
  17. What if we have odd numbers?
  18. A member of my party is disabled, how should we prepare?
  19. What will the room breakdown be at our accommodation?
  20. Will there be a security deposit at our accommodation?
  21. What is the booking form and where can I find it?
  22. Are transfers included?
  23. Should we get insurance?
  24. I'm going abroad, should I take extra care?
  25. Are flights included?
  26. Why do you do stag weekends?
  27. How come you know so much about putting on a stag party?
  28. Why are you better than anybody else?
  29. How do I have the best time, save time, hassle and money?
  30. How do I find out the details of the event?

1) Who are StagWeb - How we work

StagWeb is a professional tour operator so we consistently assist with requirements for travel and events, both in the UK and abroad. The principle we consistently apply is “how can we make this the best possible experience for you”. We always put ourselves in your position, so we better understand your expectations and can work closely with you on achieving the greatest results. Essentially we take a stag party brief and optimise it with the best available programmes. Through unrivalled experience and a very high standard of delivery we have great relationships within the industry and therefore coordinate the market's leading programmes.

Important advice… Please remember value and cost are different things... if you're going to pay for something it should be the best value experience available. Buying cheap can be very expensive if you have a rubbish time. Indeed many cheap propositions are a blatant rip off, so beware price promises and nervous low cost propositions - often times you're getting directed to relatively unacceptable, poor quality options. The purchase you make for your stag weekend will create an experience to remember (or forget), it will impress or depress the lads and most importantly, excite or upset the groom. Also select well, as an ABTA bonded and fully licensed tour operator StagWeb is one of the few organisations to provide you with the back up you should expect. Receiving great value is the best investment you will make, with StagWeb you'll get it.

2) When should I book?

A: Simple as it sounds book as early as possible! The earlier you book it, the earlier we guarantee the itinerary you want. By booking early there are big advantages such as scheduling the best time slots, receiving premium accommodation options, added value and special promotions... plus... the ball is rolling.

3) Can I make changes if I need to?

A: Yes indeed, in all but a few specific cases. Your own personal account manager will work with you to ensure your event is just as you want it, if you find you have to make changes it's usually ok as long as we have enough notice but please keep in mind availability cannot be guaranteed. It's harder to make changes inside 6 weeks and they might not always be possible. Also keep in mind that some programmes, certain accommodation and ticketed events do not allow for changes.

4) What is the deposit?

A: Deposit is usually a straightforward £49 for full weekends to cover the group, but variations may apply subject to promotions and specialist itineraries. For example we can do a “staggered deposit” giving you more time to round up money from the troops, if you need extra flexibility just ask your account manager.

5) Do I need final numbers at deposit time?

A: It's not necessary to have final numbers until 6 weeks before the event. At the booking stage book for the maximum number you think the group is likely to be - and we'll make changes along the way as you advise, so if you drop numbers or raise numbers no problem. As long as you know your numbers 6 weeks in advance it's easy.

6) What happens after the deposit is paid?

A: Your programme is confirmed and the events department immediately start putting things in place! Now you get to relax as we coordinate the behind-the-scenes planning. Your event pack is prepared and made ready to send out once balance payment is received. All you’ve got to do now is keep on top of the numbers, so fire off an email.

7) How do I get people to commit?

A: You have to keep on top, put down deadlines eg deposits in by "x", full payment due by "y". This is important because it will not only save you time in chasing but ultimately save you money by not covering for others. So you could introduce a 3 strike policy - if they don't get back to you by the third time of asking take them off the list, honestly the groom will understand. Plus... we'll send you a specially prepared stag invitation for you to edit as required and send on to the lads making your job even easier!

8) When is the balance due & how is it calculated?

A: 6 weeks prior to your event date. Your final balance will simply be your final group size multiplied by the price per person (which will be confirmed on your deposit receipt), minus your deposit. So for an event for 12 guests at £149 per head
> 12 guests x £149 (price per person) = £1788
> Less deposit paid eg £99 deposit
> Total = £1689

9) What if I haven't got everybody's money in time?

A: Don't worry - just book for those that have paid you, others can join the group later subject to availability (admin charges may apply directly to them).

10) Can the group pay individually?

A: Yes. We’ve invested heavily in a fantastic new client management system that allows for this with high levels of security and accuracy.

11) Is my money safe?

A: Yes 100%. We are financially bonded (ABTA membership number W7797) so you’re protected. We were the first stag specialist to bond and while a couple of others have followed our lead we remain the pioneer of financial protection for stag and hen clients! Don’t book with anybody who can’t offer you the financial protection you deserve.

12) Do I get a receipt?

A: Yes you get a deposit payment email and a balance payment email detailing exactly what you have paid against so it's all totally clear with no small print!

13) What if I have to cancel?

A: You'll see on the standard terms the cancellation policy - which as the industry goes is really flexible, however in a nutshell if you cancel within 6 weeks you'll unfortunately lose your deposit, that also applies to individuals. Please note ALL cancellations must be received in writing directly to your account manager. However hopefully you'll know if you're not going to make it in plenty of time. We run a deposit guarantee programme which means in the unfortunate event you have to cancel as long as you cancel at least 6 full weeks in advance you don't lose your deposit - you can use it for up to 12 months from the original event date, but as this is an unusually client focused commitment conditions do apply - ask your account manager on booking. So in the unfortunate event you do have to cancel you can still use the deposit for a future job! Nobody else offers this service! If you can.

14) What happens if numbers change?

A: Outside of 6 weeks no problem we just amend all bookings accordingly, please note changes in numbers may affect prices. Inside 6 weeks, as above if numbers change inside 6 weeks cancellation charges will still apply for individuals so the rule of thumb is to only book for those who have confirmed they're definitely attending, we can always add people later on (availability allowing).

15) If numbers drop will the price increase?

A: In some instances yes, in others no. It depends on the scale of change and also what you've booked. In many cases costs are calculated according to group size in which case if numbers decrease the price will increase proportionally.

16) If guests want to join the group after we have paid is that ok?

A: Usually yes - as long as we have the availability for your programme it should not be a problem, but please let us know in advance. Please also bear in mind that any add-ons / amendments will incur an admin fee of up to £10 each (£5 for activity-only bookings). Multiple add-ons can be treated as one single amendment, as long as they are confirmed at the same time (e.g. if you were to add on and pay for 3 extra guests at the same time, you would be charged a single £10 admin fee rather than £10 per person).

17) What if we end up with odd numbers?

A: In most cases it won't matter at all, however one area where it can apply is accommodation in which case you'll be looking at either a triple room or a single supplement - as preferred/available.

18) A member of my party is disabled, how should we prepare?

A: No problems at all. We'll just need to know what conditions / restrictions / considerations apply and we can build the itinerary accordingly. We have experience in these matters so rest assured we take all client needs seriously and act appropriately, just let us know on booking.

19) What will the room breakdown be at the accommodation eg hotel/apartments?

A: Hotel rooms will usually be twins (i.e. 2 guests to a room in single beds), unless otherwise stated at the time of booking. If you confirm an odd group size, we will place 3 guests in a triple where possible (in some cases this may include 1 x double and 1 x single beds).  If you would prefer a single room, please inform your Event Manager as soon as possible. Please note that a single supplement charge will apply for this. Apartment, self-catering and hostel breakdowns are usually confirmed once final payment has been received as they are very much dependent on group size. Specific room or apartment breakdown requests will be accommodated where possible but unfortunately cannot be guaranteed, so please let us know as early as possible if you have specific requirements, we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. Please also let us know if any of your group requires disabled access so that we can ensure that this is catered for. Please note if you have specific room sharing requirements please indicate them on the “Booking Form” and or accompanying sheet.

20) Will there be any security deposits required eg for accommodation?

A: The majority of our hotels and apartments, both across the UK and abroad, will require a security or damage deposit on arrival at check-in. This is usually charged per room/apartment and the amount may vary. Deposits can usually be paid either by cash or in the form of a card authorisation and will be refunded to you on departure provided you adhere to hotel policy. Please ask your Event Manager for more details on this.

21) What is the booking form & where can I find it?

A: Our booking form can be downloaded via a link on your deposit receipt. You will need to fill this out and return it to your Event Manager by e-mail/fax/post before paying your final balance. Unfortunately we are unable to supply your full event details without a signed booking form.

22) Are transfers (eg activity or airport) included?

A: Only by prior arrangement. Activity transfers are not included in UK programmes unless requested however they are usually included in international programmes. Airport transfers are recommended for all international bookings but only included at the client’s request.

23) Should we get insurance?

A: If you're going abroad - yes definitely. If you have your own insurance policy check that it covers you for everything that you're doing. If you're staying in the UK we would also always recommend it.

24) I'm going abroad, should I take extra care?

A: Yes certainly, think of it as a normal international trip. Get yourself insured and pay particular attention to international guidelines. As you know things can be done very differently abroad, even in EU countries. Have a look at our international tips.

25) Are flights included?

A: No. We recommend budget airlines for the best fares, if you book far enough in advance you'll get the best fares available.

26) Why do you do stag weekends?

A: Because we can and do provide the best service and experiences in the marketplace.

27) How come you know so much about putting on a stag party?

A: Because we've been market leaders for over 14 years. From a hotels and event management background the founder of the company set up StagWeb when he was a best man. With company experience in group travel, hotels, entertainment and corporate hospitality it was a strong platform to start from. We have developed into one of the leading specialist travel companies in the marketplace, and we're confident we are the best.

28) Why are you better than anybody else?

A: We understand what you want and need. We've got the highest levels of experience in tour operation, professional hospitality and event management which makes us different from most other companies in the marketplace (many have copied - which is flattering, but they consistently fall short there is only one StagWeb). We prepare better, we structure programmes better, our administration and operations procedure is better. We only use the best available options, we provide exceptional quality and outstanding value and our service levels are second to none - we don't take short cuts. Furthermore we concentrate solely of stag weekends - we make that our professional focus, we don't try and be all things to all people, therefore we will always give you more. Your safe and successful weekend at incredible value is the reason we are in business. If you have a minute - have a look at our reviews.

29) How do I have the best time, save time, hassle & money?

A: That's the easiest of the lot, let StagWeb organise it for you, brief us now!

30) How do I find out the details of the event?

A: Full details of your event will be available in the 'My Itinerary' tab of your VIP area, roughly 3 weeks prior to your event. If you require any specific information earlier than this, please contact your Event Manager.

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