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Things to do in Munich

Beer, sausages, and lederhosen are undeniably still a part of Munich stag activities, but they're not the only part by any means - though do feel welcome to pull on your leather shorts and braces if the mood takes you … it's an alternative to the morph suit or mankini at least. In any case, although Munich's past is evidently carefully maintained, it's also a city that has moved determinedly into the modern age and the Munich stag do ideas have moved with it. After all, you'll need to spend some time out of the beer gardens to recover enough to return that night. StagWeb has tracked down the best there is to offer in Munich, from unusual Sunday morning picks like a chilled out Whitewater Rafting to stag favourites like paintball or go karting for you to try. . You'll be spoilt for choice for what to do in Munich on your big weekend away, so check out our awesome activities now.

Mile high club

Since Munich is located so close to the Alps, and with so many striking architectural works around, even the most grounded stag lad is likely to spend at least a little time craning his neck to see what's going on above him. Why not get in on the action yourself with some of our high flying Munich stag activity ideas? With high ropes, you'll essentially be testing your skills on an obstacle course, with an aerial dimension to up the fear factor considerably. Alright, the instructors will probably strap you in safely, but trying to tell yourself that whilst you dangle helplessly above the ground is unlikely to make it any less terrifying. If just climbing isn't enough and you'd rather spread your wings and soar, try the flying fox. If you didn't start off with a fear of heights, the 35-meter drop will inspire one. And if you'd rather keep both feet on the ground and just look to the skies instead, test your shooting skills with some clay pigeons instead.

It's all going downhill…

Of course, the best part of any airborne activity is the drop to the ground so why not go straight to that, and skip out the faffing around midair? At StagWeb we've got a selection of activities that offer the adrenaline of racing, the thrill of speed, and the sheer insanity of hurtling very fast downhill. Whitewater rafting is one of the biggest kicks you and the lads can get, working together to survive a tumble down rapids with nothing but a raft and a few oars to protect you (and a few helmets, life-jackets and wetsuits too, if you're going to get picky about it). Keeping on dry land, bull carting is a fast and furious ride literally down the Alpine mountains and frankly, there's not much standing between you and the rocks. And for a genuinely pants-wetting ride, you're not going to find anywhere in the UK, try Bobsledding. The twisting, icy tracks and the sheer speed mean this will be one ride the boys will never forget.

Seeing things

Not to keep banging on about it, but Munich is pretty spectacular, and if you're going to make the effort to leave the UK you might as well get to see a little of the local colour. A Segway tour lets you see all the best of the city effortlessly, with the quick little vehicles cutting out all of the boring walking bits that a tour usually involves and there's no better way to scope out the city for later on at night. If you'd rather get straight to the good bit, book a party tram instead. Bring the lads, food and drink, and we'll bring the party. The party tram is capable of holding up to 60 people too, so if your stag group is on the large side this might be one for you. Let's face it though you won't be able to honestly say you've seen the best of Munich without having taken a look around some of the breweries. With some of the best beers in the world, Munich has to be one of the best cities in the world for a brewery tour not least because you'll end the tour with a few free beers and a genuine Bavarian feast.

So why StagWeb?

Activities are one of the most important things to plan, and one of the things that everyone forgets with so much importance on having an incredible night out, it's easy to forget that you'll need something to keep you occupied until the pubs open. When you're heading off to foreign lands, the difficulty doubles we don't know how your German is, but we're guessing it's nicht so gut. StagWeb have been helping put together stag parties since 2002, so we've already found all the best activities for lads on a stag around, and can offer you both great options and great service. Take a look at the Munich stag activities we've got on offer, drop us a line letting us know what you fancy, and we'll see how we can make it happen.

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