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Sun, sand, sea and… well, quite frankly the world is your lobster chaps. The list of activities in Newquay we have to offer is as long as a stag night bar tab. In fact, the only disappointing thing you're going to find is simply not enough time to fit in all the things you'll want to do.

What are the best Stag Activities on offer in Newquay?

It really is a matter of personal choice and daring-do. Are you aquatic action men heading to the beach in search of surf and good vibrations? Or is it out onto the open sea, salty beards and wetsuits beneath the waves? Or for the serious thrill-seekers you can throw yourself from the cliff tops under the guidance of our coastal experts (seriously, this is an organised activity DO NOT try this without a trained pro. You might think you're Tom Daley but you'll plummet more like Dom Jolly and picking a wrong cliff or bad swell spells game over, big time!).

Whether you want to be chilling on the beach or inland carving it up with some mechanical madness Newquay stag activities are tough to beat because of the sheer variety options we have on offer, there really is something for every man jack of you to dive into headfirst.

  • Surfing - Possibly our most popular option and with good reason. Newquay is a mecca for surfers from around the globe and hosts one of the sport's largest annual tournaments. Whether you're a hardened pro or bunch of hapless surfer dude wannabees it is top-notch water boarding fun all the way (without contravening human rights).
  • Zap Cats - Possibly the most fun you can have with your lifejacket on. Skimming (often jumping off) waves at 50mph and hitting a face contorting 3G on the tight turns this is gut-wrenching, adrenalin-fuelled fun in the ultimate aquatic big boy toys.
  • Kite Surfing - This is a seriously demanding sport, by the end of the day you and the boys will know you've been in action and definitely have earned your beer. Even the toughest of stags will wake the next day with aching muscles they didn't know they had. No time to stop though because it'll be straight out onto the next adventure.
  • Coasteering - Whirlpools, waves, cliffs and courage, Newquay coasteering sorts the men from the boys in a "Don't try this at home!" day of hard man adventure. Our local experts know the best (and sometimes hardest to reach) cliffs and beaches to lead you on the ultimate physical challenge.

If you want more info on any of our activities, to find details on prices or to start planning your stag you can send us your details and we'll reply with a no hassle no obligation quote a stag schedule so you can start building your stag plans.

Why book your Newquay stag activities with StagWeb?

For starters, we can get you into the activities you want with no hassle and no need for you to phone multiple suppliers only to find they are fully booked on the days you're looking for thrills. We've been operating Newquay activities since 2002 so have built great relationships with all our suppliers, which means sour stag groups get top priority and exclusive rates that you won't get booking direct.

Make Mine a Double!

Why settle for less than total adventure? Let your cup runneth over with a full day of thrills and spills. We'll help you build the perfect stag package to make the most of your time beside the seaside.

Cornish Cracker Half a day coasteering followed by an afternoon tasting the finest "scrumpy", that's cider to us "Emmets" or non-Cornish residents. A perfect package for thirsty adrenalin junkies.

A Day On The Waves "You're gonna need a bigger boat…" Well maybe not, our amply sized deep sea fishing craft will take you out in search of aquatic big game and while you might not reel in Jaws there's still plenty of fun to be caught. And we'll marry that up with some surf lessons from top-notch pros who will do their best to get even the most landlocked stag hanging ten. "It's like totally awesome dude!"

Drive By Shooting If a life on the ocean waves isn't for you then you can enjoy the sea views without getting your feet wet and stick to land-based madness mixing the ultimate in UK go karting with some drop and roll paintball heroics. Added to two nights in a central surf lodge and guestlist nightclub entry. Book now and we'll even arrange free lap dancing entry.

Newquay's Finest - Our premier pre-designed stag package weekend, lap dancing, Zap Cats, blokarting, coasteering, nightclub guestlist entry and two nights in a central 3* hotel. We'll leave no pebble unturned in this stagtastic water-side weekend.

Still not seeing what you want? The let us know what you want to include in your package and we'll do the running around for you to put everything in place while you take the plaudits from the rest of the group for a job well done.

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