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For sheer thrills, spills and the kind of heart-pumping death-defying action you can only dream of back in Blighty (ok, maybe not death-defying, but it's insanely awesome and no fewer than two Bonds, one Lara Croft, and an entire NASA team have had their action-packed kicks here at some point), Reykjavik stag activities stand awe-inspiring backdrops, punishing landscapes and a whole bunch of impossibly cool adventures above the rest. The nightlife rocks. Luxury digs put you meters away from the capital's top bars. Rapids, ice, fire and fjords make up your playground of choice. And StagWeb offers an almighty range of unbeatable Reykjavik stag do ideas to keep the boys busy by day. We're talking best men against mountains, grooms against glaciers, and cocky best mates spectacularly thrown in at the freezing deep end. Stag activities in Reykjavik? THAT's why men go to Iceland!

Men on motors…

Snowmobiling you've seen Brosnan, Vin Diesel et al. hit the powder on these super-sleek machines. Now it's your turn. We've booked them. Time for you to own them. Get kitted up and get ready to claim ultimate stag supremacy with a rip-roaring ride across Iceland's rugged snow-capped terrain.

Quad Biking think you know quads? Think again, chaps! A massive 700cc's gives the boys access to an insane amount of horsepower for possibly one of the greatest Reykjavik stag activities of all-time. Cross lava fields. Tear up muddy tracks. Race up near vertical mountains for head honcho bragging rights and some mighty fine views across the Plateau. Then head back to town to cash in on first round rewards for a job mightily well done.

Stags up the creek…

We're a decent bunch at StagWeb HQ (and more than a little terrified at the thought of unimpressed other halves heading our way), so fear not, intrepid stag-goers, paddles WILL be provided for your mad-cap aquatic adventures. Along with a whole heap of safety gear and a cracking team of experts to guide you on your merry way. Unless, of course, you're a laid-back crew heading to chill-out in the Blue Lagoon, in which case you'll need little more than a towel and it's every pair of budgie smugglers for themselves.

Sea Kayaking If you're a bunch who want some healthy stag kudos without needing to actually put in too much effort, then it's one paddle you'll be needing for a sedate trip along the spectacular Icelandic coastline. Don't fall in. It's just plain embarrassing.

Canoeing If bright inflatables and some kamikaze tag-teaming floats your boat, then as far as Reykjavik stag do ideas go, hitting the rapids in a two-man canoe is a great way to blast sore heads and pack in the action. So make that two paddles, an awesome cliff jump for those who dare and an optional stint in the sauna for afters.

Whitewater Rafting Now this is the real deal. For the ultimate in off-shore adventures, we'll give every man a paddle, throw you all in the same raft, send you across rapids and off cliffs and if you give us the nod, we'll even have a beer and burger ready and waiting when you're back on solid ground.

On a mountain….

Admittedly our scouting gen is a bit on the rusty side now, but we're pretty sure 'when in the land of badass fiery mountains, grab your mates and go conquer' was in the handbook somewhere. Maybe. And we're not ones to stand in the way of tradition at StagWeb! No sir!

On the face of it hiking might not sound like your typical gung-ho stag adventure but if you're going to lead the boys to damn near the top of the world it's worth sucking in guts and putting in the wheezy effort to scale the peaks and take a gander at the sheer magnitude of your Reykjavik stag do stomping ground.

Glacier Hike This isn't just any old glacier. It's the undisputed King of Icelandic mountains. We're talking jagged icy peaks on top of a volcano. 200m craters. 1500m climbs. Jules Verne's infamous gateway for that journey to the centre of the earth. And the place where Brendan Fraser films disappear into oblivion.

Volcano Hike Test nerves of steel with a trek up Iceland's most active volcano. 1500m of rugged terrain. And some pretty incredible sights waiting at the summit. Last man up buys the beers.

So why StagWeb?

With more than a decade's experience lining up top-drawer stag activities in Reykjavik, we know how to get the very best out of a blinding destination. Our local knowledge is unrivalled. Strong local ties give us access to unbeatable reduced rates which we can then pass on to you. 100% financial protection puts your weekend firmly in the safest hands on the business. And with a top range of Reykjavik stag activities packages pulling together the best of the bunch, you can be sure you're getting the best for both the boys and the budget with the minimum of effort.

Getting it booked…

Have a word with the main man of the hour, throw around a few ideas on Facebook, then send us a brief, give us a call, and let us know your Reykjavik stag do ideas and we'll mix and match to make the weekend work for you. That's all there is to it!

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