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Hvar is an exclusive stag do destination, gents.

This place is where guys who are looking for a taste of luxury come to celebrate.

From the chilled island life to the big nights out, the beach days to the coastal activities, your Hvar stag weekend will be legendary from the moment you land til the moment you depart.

If this is all unfamiliar territory for you, have a scroll down our Big Stag Guide below to find out all you need to know about a wild weekend on this stunning Croatian island.

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Is Hvar Right for Your Group?

Hvar is the perfect blend of relaxation and celebration.

You can chill during the day on one of the many beaches, take on a range of activities, or hit up a beach club before the big nights out.

And when we say big night out, we mean BIG night out - from bar crawls to VIP club nights, you can get the full stag do experience here.

The only reason Hvar might not be a great option is if you're looking for somewhere on a budget.

Whilst there's value to be had here, the cost of getting there can be more expensive than other European destinations, so bear that in mind.

Ideal For...

  • Big Nights Out
  • Classic Activities
  • Unique Activities
  • Coastal Activities
  • Legendary Stag Stays
  • Guaranteed Sun

Not Ideal For...

  • All Budgets
  • Country Croatia
  • Language Croatian
  • Currency Euros
  • Cost of a Beer 2.00 EUR
  • Airport Split Airport
  • Flight Duration 2h 35m
  • National Dish Zagorski štrukli
  • Airport to Centre N/A

The Places in Hvar You Need to Know About

Hvar Town

Packed with sports bars, sophisticated drinking joints and themed experiences that all overlook the harbour, this is the hub for Hvar's nightlife.

Top 10 Hvar Pubs, Bars & Clubs

Central Park Club

Situated in the town centre, Central Park Club is the perfect place for refined drinks and live music. Whether you're looking for a bite to eat or a blues, rock, jazz or soul party to kickstart the evening, this place has you covered.

Where: Sveti Marak, 2, Bankete bb, 21450

Adriana Rooftop Bar

A swanky rooftop bar with an easy-going atmosphere, lounge furniture, and a stunning view of Hvar's harbour. The drinks, scran, and service are top-notch. Crack a bottle of wine with the lads and toast to the groom.

Where: Fabrika 28, 21450

Caffé Bar Sidro

Hvar's most popular café bar. Spend those hot evenings here by soaking up the lively atmosphere and refresh yourself with a craft cocktail - the Mojitos here are renowned across the city.

Where: Trg Sv. Sjtepana 1, 21450

Carpe Diem Bar

It kicks off here (in a good way) and the parties are some of the world's best. This stylish and sophisticated experience is the mother of all stag parties.

Where: Riva 28, 21460, Stari Grad

Teraca Bar

Soak up the view in one of Hvar's most historical areas. If you're looking for a less crowded bar with friendly staff and sublime views, then get the groom in the Teraca Bar.

Where: 21450

Lampedusa Bar

Friendly staff, fast service, delicious cocktails and authentic Croatian beer. What more does a group of stags need? This place is awesome for that first drink of the evening.

Where: Riva 28, 21460, Stari Grad

Aloha Bar

A stunning view of the harbour with reasonably priced drinks. Try the cocktails or, if that isn't stag-sized enough, have a crack at a classic fishbowl.

Where: Fabrika 15, 21450

Calma Beach Bar

Looking for a chilled spot? Stroll to this secluded beach bar and enjoy some expertly crafted cocktails.

Where: 21450

Night Club Romance

A raunchy club with an electric atmosphere. This place opens at 11 pm and closes at 6 am, so prepare for an early morning finish if you party here. Be sure to visit between the hours of 11 pm and 2 am for happy hour!

Where: Miće Marchija 9, 21450

Nautica Bar

This vibrant harbourside venue has a world-class choice of cocktails and beers for all tastes. On top of this, the lively atmosphere and relaxed setting create one hell of a bar.

Where: Fabrika 8, 21450

The Best Time to Go

StagWeb's 2023 statistics show that 58% of stags visited between May and July.

And this adds up...

Hvar's weather is outrageous during these months, meaning it's prime time for beach parties and boat cruises.

Also, if you go before the schools break up in late July, you'll save yourselves an absolute fortune.

You can visit outside of these months, but we'd recommend going between May and September as this is when all the best activities run.

How Long Do People Go For?

60% of our stags stayed for 4 days (3 nights).

This allows for two days without travelling, which gives you plenty of time to explore all the island's bars and awesome stag activities.

If you're flying somewhere, you're not going to want to stay somewhere for less than 3 days anyway.

How Soon Do People Book?

One average, guys heading to Hvar with StagWeb book four months before they're due to go.

That gives them enough time to get things in order, however, we'd advise anyone to book as early as possible.


Well, it's simple maths, really:

The earlier you book, the less likely you are to miss out on the best activities, nights out, accommodation, etc.

Where to Stay in Hvar

All our Hvar stag accommodation guarantees a cracking stay right near the centre of town.

We have some incredible options to suit all budgets, from hostels to plush 4-star hotels.

Don't risk booking elsewhere and getting turned away because they don't accept stags - sidestep the hassle and secure everything in one place.

Hvar stag accommodation Hvar stag accommodation
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What to Do in Hvar

When you're not relaxing on the beach or sampling the nightlife, you'll have up to 15 different Hvar stag do ideas to get stuck into.

If you're looking for a range of activities, then Hvar is top-class. As well as the classic stag adventures, you can enjoy a load that you simply can't get anywhere else.

Hvar stag activities Hvar stag activities
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Things to See in Hvar

Stari Grad

Visit the oldest town in Croatia. This port is a cultural hub of Europe, so take a stroll and soothe any lingering sore head heads.

Mekicevica Bay

A famous hiking spot with Robinson's Beach at the end. It's well worth the trip here to witness this secluded swimming spot.

Grapceva spilja

An ancient cave where human remains from 4,000 BC were discovered.

How to Get to Hvar...

What Airport to Fly To...

Hvar doesn't have its own airport, so you're going to need to fly to Split Airport and make your way over to the island.

A lot of airports in the UK fly here but be sure to check well in advance.

How Long is the Flight from the UK

Depending on where you're flying from in the UK, it takes roughly 2.5-3 hours to fly to Split Airport.

Not bad for the tasty beer, a bouncing nightlife, and stunning scenery.

Getting from the Airport to Hvar

Once you've landed, take a taxi to Split's Ferry Port (24.4km away), which costs around €35-€45 and takes just under half an hour.

You'll then need to hop on the ferry which costs around €37 a ticket and takes up to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Tips On Getting Around Hvar

Walking - Hvar Town is most definitely walkable, but if you want to go further afield then you may need to consider your options.

Bus - The buses are not frequent, so don't think you can rely on this (unless you plan in advance).

Boat Trips & Water Taxis - Down by the harbour, you'll find a load of boat trips and water taxis that can take you to various points on the island and beyond.

Common Hvar FAQs

Is Hvar good for a stag do?

Hvar is an awesome place for a stag do. It's the perfect mixture of relaxation and celebration with loads of beaches to chill on during the day and loads of bars to hit up at night. It also boasts a great blend of on-land and water-based stag activities. The complete package.

Is Hvar busy in October?

October is a lot quieter than the summer months. We actually wouldn't recommend going outside of the months of May-September as the activities will be stopping for the season and the parties won't be as lively.

Is Hvar cheap?

Hvar is cheap compared to many stag do locations, however, getting there may bump the cost up. Be sure to do some budget planning and have a scout around for cheap flights, plus transfers to Hvar.

Can you drink in public in Hvar?

In Hvar, it is against the law to drink on the streets outside of a bar, restaurant, or club. You may be fined up to €700 (£620), so respect the rules and keep the drinks to licenced establishments only.

What alcohol is popular in Hvar?

The local drink, Rakija, is a fruit brandy. It's pretty strong, so brace yourselves. Many local restaurants brew Rakija themselves, so always ask when you stop off for some food. Also, Croatia makes many tasty beers, so give the local brews a taste, too!

Tom Probert
Written by Tom Probert Marketing & Content Executive
Created: 01/05/2024Updated: 01/05/2024
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Planning a Hvar stag?

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