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Stag Do Mr and Mrs Questions

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Stag Do Mr and Mrs Questions

Stag Do Nicknames

At this point, we'd love to sound all intelligent, explain the etymology of stag do nicknames, how the ancient Greeks gave warriors names before battle, or explain how the Vikings would rename young men before their wedding nights... but we got nothing!

The fact of the matter is stag do nicknames are there just because they're funny. We're men, hands up, we're all simple creatures with simple tastes (as our other halves delight in telling us), and when we're with our best mates, there's nothing better than giving them a new moniker that makes you laugh at them. It's what we do.

Keep It Simple

One easy way to assign everyone's nicknames is to get them to list things they love. Send out a pre-stag weekend questionnaire – it can help plan games, get the right drinks and also set their stag nicknames. Great nickname themes:

  • Their favourite drink - JD, Captain Morgan, Stella, Malibu
  • Their favourite biscuit - Chunky, Dodger, Hobnob, Garibaldi
  • Their favourite sportsman - Bolt, Murray, Rory, Kane
  • Celebrity they most look like - Clooney, Trump, Buddha, Shrek
  • Their favourite movie character - Spidey, Gandalf, Vader, Mrs Doubtfire

The Next Level

Once everyone has been assigned their name, you can take things to the next level by getting their names printed on T-shirts,

If you haven't got that big a budget, then just print stickers or get some badges laminated for them to wear. After all, a stag party isn't about looking cool, it's about having laughs.

A Rose Stag by Any Other Name...

Of course, if you want to seem a bit smarter, you can assign highbrow stag do nicknames:

  • Shakespeare characters - Romeo, Macbeth, Shylock, Malvolio
  • Historic figures - Winston, Nelson, Darwin, Da Vinci
  • Classical authors - Hugo, Dickens, Tolkien, Orwell
  • Philosophers - Socrates, Plato, Voltaire, Spinoza
  • Mr Men - Tickle, Bump, Happy, Greedy

Admittedly this won't actually make the guys any smarter, but at least they'll appear more intelligent to anyone you meet. Until the guys open their gobs, that is.

The Blame/Name Game

Their nicknames can come in handy for all kinds of drinking games (drinking penalty for anyone for forgetting to use another stag's nickname), they're also good to be calling each other across a busy pub or while battling it out at a stag challenge or activity.

Most of all, it's about having laughs, making the weekend different and creating the right amount of stag weekend chaos to keep the guys on their toes.

If you haven't got your nicknames yet, get all the guys to try our stag do nickname generator and post their results above so the rest of the guys can see everyone's new names.

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