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Krakow at Night

It's difficult to be considered one of the giants of destinations of central Europe when there are contenders like Berlin and Prague in the running… and it's doubly difficult when you're not even the capital city of your own country. The Krakow nightlife, however, puts it firmly ahead of the pack as one of the most explosive, astounding cities for a stag night around. Whether or not the claims that it's got the highest density of bars in Europe are true or not hardly matters, the fact that they can even make that claim proves there are more than enough watering holes to quench even the most parched of throats… minimalist vodka bars, smoky and edgy pubs, and huge, colourful cellars sit side by side on streets. From the restaurants to the bars to the best clubs in Krakow, stag nights here provide you with a never-ending dizzying spiral of frenzied, frantic stag fun.

I've got a cunning plan…

Heading on to a Krakow stag do and expecting a brilliant night to just 'happen' seems fair enough on the surface of it after all, with such a well established and colourful nightlife, how could it not be a success? Well, although Krakow's bars and clubs have hours that are flexible, to say the least, this generally means very late closes, not early starts Krakow strictly follows the European model and the Krakow nightlife tends to start late. This is generally fantastic for a big night out unless you head out to early and wear yourselves out before the rest of the city has really got going. We'd recommend scheduling in a few pre-clubbing activities to keep the night going longer… a few hours in a casino is a great way to spend a few hours (and a few zloty) before heading out it's an excuse to suit up too. A limo is an excellent start to any night out, having the twin benefits of letting you arrive in style and skip the public transport too. And for the ultimate evening activity for Krakow stag nights, you and the boys need to visit a lap dancing club. Not only does it get you all pumped and ready for the night out, it's also not a stag night 'til you visit one.

Polishing off your night

We all know how important it is to fill up before heading out for the night mums and doctors have drilled it into us enough over the years. There's no reason for it to be just another necessity though aside from being an opportunity to sit down and catch up with some good grub with your mates after a busy day, there's also the opportunity to add a little spice to the meal. With food and beer, a brewery dinner is a brilliant start to the night, getting the evening started well before you've even eaten and with some entertainment too, the one meal has everything you need to get ready for a night out. If you like your entertainment as tasty as the meal though, there's really only one thing that will get all the gents drooling a strip dinner. It's guaranteed to be a mouthwatering meal.

Guiding Spirit(s)

Krakow isn't quite the land of the super clubs whilst they are absolutely everywhere, they do tend to be smaller than you might expect, hosting a few hundred at a time. They also tend to be very well hidden, only identified by the thumping bass lines resounding through the walls, or a literally throbbing pavement beneath your feet. Some way of finding the very best of the Krakow nightlife then like, say, a guided pub crawl with an English speaking guide often comes in useful. If you'd rather narrow your chances of missing out on your Krakow stag night even further, guest list nightclubbing ensures that you get into the biggest nightclub in the city with ease. The Vistula might not be as iconic as the Thames or the Danube, but that won't matter a bit when the party goes where you go on a booze cruise you might want to skip the Barcelona-style budgie smugglers, but it's really the only way to travel.

So why StagWeb?

Have you not been listening? The nightlife in Krakow is immense, and you'll want to be doing all you can to make the absolute most of it! And with 14+ years experience putting together stag nights, we're pretty certain we're the ones to help you do that. We know the best spots, the best entertainment, and the best tips and tricks to make sure that your Krakow stag night goes off without a hitch. If you're willing to benefit from our expertise or at least let us tell you a little more give us a call and get ready to be blasted by the full force of the incredible Krakow nightlife!

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