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We don't know if you've heard, but for beer fans, there's literally no better city on earth to visit for a casual pint than Munich - it tops lists again and again. From beer halls to beer gardens to just regular pints of beer, the whole city is an ode to a well-poured pint. That said, despite what the brochures would have you believe, there's plenty else going on after dark on a Munich stag night for those of you who just can't take any more ale. The cathedrals and castles might make it look kitsch and cutesy, but Munich is the capital of Bavaria, and the third-largest city in Germany and the nightlife mirrors this - there are cutting edge cocktail lounges, early-opening café bars, and the sort of wild, late-night nightclubs that wouldn't be out of place in Berlin. The Munich stag nightlife is far more diverse than you might think so there's no excuse for spending the entire time in the back of a pub. For the best clubs in Munich, book our guestlist nightclubbing so you and the boys can skip the queues and party in style.

What's the plan?

It's tempting to imagine that a fantastic Munich stag night out with the boys will just fall into your laps, after all, you're all the sort of lads that fun just seems to follow. Unfortunately, the boys are not the Wolf Pack and life is not The Hangover. It's not even The Hangover 2. If you want a brilliant Munich stag do, a little forethought and planning is necessary, unless you want to be stuck trying to mime the word 'pub' to the hotel receptionist for tips on where to head. You'll also need a few activities to fill the evening too - German clubs are notoriously late starting, compared to English ones, which are frankly lightweights in comparison. Luckily Munich has plenty to offer on that front. You could pass the time and waste a few hours (and a few Euros) at a casino… just remember that it's never a good idea to bet your tickets home, no matter how good your hand is. Alternately, get the party started at one of Munich's famous beer gardens the atmosphere and the drinks are unforgettable experiences. And to get you where you need to be, book a limo for the night. With Lincoln and Hummer available (as well as the option to add a stripper), it's the only way to travel.

Munch in Munich

We hate to sound like your mother, but before a big night out, it's necessary to have a correspondingly big meal otherwise things end earlier (and messier) than you necessarily want. Munich cuisine is typically Bavarian by which we mean perfect for filling up before you head out, with plenty of meat, bread and dumplings dominating the menu. If you want to try the best of Bavaria, try a traditional German dinner, showcasing the best German food (and washed down with the best German beer). If you'd rather stick to something you already know each man loves, go for the start-up steak instead it's steak and chips, there's literally nothing to dislike about it. And if you want to really put a tasty meal in front of the lads, add a stripper (or two strippers) to the meal or go all out with a naked desert!

Munich stag night staples

The options for the Munich stag nightlife are many and varied, but there are a couple of non-negotiables that every stag night just has to include if it wants to earn a place in the hall of fame. Nightclubbing is the traditional way to end a night out, checking out the Munich Mdchen and showing off your own moves. Waiting outside in a queue, however, is the fastest way to lose your buzz, as well as lose the lads respect for not having pulled things together a bit better. Nightclub q-jump entry will get you in ahead of the crowd and guarantee you're not left standing in the cold. Strip clubs are another must-see on a stag night, and literally, the last place on earth you want to have to hover outside in a line, whilst all the girls are dancing away inside. With the VIP strip club tour, you not only get entry to two of Munich's top lap dancing clubs, but you'll also get a gorgeous girl to guide you around, taking you there and spending a few hours in your company.

So why StagWeb?

Best man duties are to be taken seriously it's the highest badge of honour one man can bestow upon his mate. We understand this duty and are willing to help you shoulder the burden. We already know all the best places to go, clubs to hit, pubs to drink in and we're happy to share that knowledge with you, saving you a lot of time and research… and a few pennies too. Add that to our extensive list of options for different nightlife activities, plus our packages that plan the entire weekend for you, and it's a hell of a combination.

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