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As Frank Sinatra once said, "Newcastle is my kind of town…" (although thinking about it, it might have been Ant McPartlin who said that). Either way, Newcastle is renowned for being one of the UK's best party destinations. A Newcastle stag do will easily rival anything that Brighton or Manchester has to offer. From booze cruises to floating discos, there's more than enough to satisfy the boys. It is a busy and vibrant city so to make sure you get the most out of your Newcastle stag night, sort your itinerary, reservations and entry in advance. At StagWeb we'll give you access to the city's hot spots and make certain you benefit from the best choices available!



There's nothing worse than a group arriving at their destination for the first night out only to find that the man leading them to the promised land is now asking at the local kebab shop where's the best action to be had. Be in the know and plan ahead. Do you want to get the group into a comedy night? Do you need something with a competitive edge to get friendly rivalries up and running? If you're not sure, ask us, planning great nights out is what we do.


Saturday on your Newcastle stag night is the big one - this requires some effort, it's a big night for the groom, after all, having whetted everyone's appetite with some Friday night fun it's time to make the magic happen. This is his last night of freedom and he's expecting it to be legen…. wait for it… dary! So it's up to you to deliver the goods. Want to get to the front of the queue at Tiger Tiger, Newcastle's premier nightclub? Oh, and you want free entry? Book with StagWeb because its those kinds of details we've been taking care of since 2002.

THINKING AHEAD - How to plan your Newcastle Stag Night?

There is no doubt that Newcastle is a great party city, however, that means you're not going to be the only ones looking to make the most of all it has to offer. No matter what time of year you're planning your visit you won't be the only party heading out on the Toon so we'll make sure to get you on the best guest lists in town.

Put us to the test - we're ready to go to work for you. Choose your Newcastle stag night options above, we'll help you with an unbeatable evening to remember - and with StagWeb's booking protection guarantee, holding your evening is risk-free.

With our considerable experience, professional preparation, demanding quality control and a huge appetite for fun and value, we have the UK and Europe's best options waiting for you! We make sure that all stag night action reaches the high standards you should rightfully expect, we're totally committed to you having the best possible time but don't just take our word for it, get the optimum solutions by booking it now.


Newcastle stag nights are arguably the best in the land. Newcastle is divided into different areas each with its own unique nightlife. From the infamous Bigg Market to the Gate and the trendy Jesmond you and the boys are spoilt for choice. Newcastle is a sure-fire stag night favourite and for good reason, the city has everything you could possibly want - the best bars and nightclubs, top casinos, great greyhound racing, plenty of lap dancing clubs, hilarious comedy clubs and a famous booze cruise on the Tyne ... the list goes on and on.

nightlife in newcastle


Let's take it as a given that at some point you and the boys are going to sample the occasional spot of local beverage, when in Rome do the like Romans, when in Ireland it's almost criminal not to sample a pint of the 'Liffey water'. And while in Newcastle there will have to be a salute to the brown ale that is so celebrated.

However, ahead of the drinking in bars and clubs, you will need to keep the troops fed, an army marches on its stomach which is also the site of potential stag night rumblings. Not everyone wants to settle for a burger or post club kebab and Newcastle has some fantastic restaurants, to start your evening off with a bit of style. Again planning is everything so think about booking ahead of time for food-loving stags. Or if in doubt ask our team and we'll help steer in you in the right direction.


Wey aye, lads! You're guaranteed a belta of a night in the home of the Toon - you're going to have a 'geet walla' time in this epic town and there's plenty of stag action that's sure to leave you absolutely paggered.

Okay, so leaving all the Tyneside talk behind, a night out on the Geordie Shore is going to be something that you won't be forgetting for a long time after you leave. They simply don't do quiet nights out in Newcastle's best bars, and more often than not the biggest challenge is simply knowing which venue's best for your squad of thirsty stags.

So to help out (because we're nice like that) we've put together a list of the best Newcastle bars, so you can get spuggy in the top party spots without the hassle of having to suss them out for yourselves - howay man!

SPORTS BARS - Newcastle's Best Sports Bars

Sam Jacks - To be honest, we could include Sam Jacks in any of the categories, but because of its frankly mental atmosphere on match days, it has to head up the list of sports bars. The form of Newcastle United has seemed temporary in recent seasons, but the class of Sam Jacks is permanent. Grab a cold one and give it a large 'howay the lads!' in one of the infamous dentist chairs. This propa sports bar can be heard cheering on the Toon at the centre of the city's Gate complex.

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Players - While you aren't likely to see any actual players in here (although Fabricio Coloccini's bouffant locks are becoming increasingly popular in Tyneside) this is still a bloomin' excellent place to enjoy a few cold ones with the boys while watching the footy. Do try to resist performing any Alan Shearer impressions as you provide your 'expert' half-time punditry for the locals. You'll find Players in the Gate complex.

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NINE - We've heard it from a (possibly) trustworthy (definitely not) source that Alan Pardew still makes the trip from Crystal Palace to enjoy a bevvie or two at Newcastle United's premier league sports bar. They don't just show the Toon's games either, so whoever you support, you can sit back with the lads and enjoy the big game... you might be better off leaving any Sunderland shirts at home though, or the locals might get propa radgie! NINE (previously named Shearers) can be found in St. James' Park, 'Mike Ashley, Ashley give us a wave, waheeeey!'.

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Shark Club Gastro Bar - This epic bar is famous with locals for having one of the best atmospheres in the city, and it was recently voted 'Best Sports Bar outside of a Stadium in the UK' by Talk Sport. Still not convinced? What does forty 42" TV's and a 100" 3D projector screen do for you? Throw in the best burgers in town (according to the regulars) and you're onto a big winner. Shark Club is in Sandman Signature Hotel, next to St. James Park... maybe you should let Steve McLaren know so he can use the groom as a stag super-sub!?!

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drinking games

Pacific House - Believe it or not, boys, there might be members of your stag party who don't like football!?!? While this kind of hedonism is understandably unforgivable, you're on a stag do, and you want every lad to enjoy themselves. Luckily, Pacific House manages to achieve the impossible task of being the kind of stylish sports bar that everybody can enjoy drinking in, football fan or not. Although with 10 large screen TV's dotted around, even the most stubborn lads will end up cheering on a side! You can convert your non-believing mates into religious football fans in this bar on 12-22 Northumberland Road, just opposite City Hall.

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Aspers Casino - Heading to Aspers to watch the big game definitely isn't a gamble. With a whopping wall to wall 156" screen showing the biggest matches from around the world, you simply can't go wrong. Grab a coldie and chill out in surroundings befitting of your gentlemanly party. If the match is boring you can always get stuck into a game of Pool with your best marra's as well! You can find Aspers on the first floor of The Gate Complex.

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Real Boozers - The best 'real pubs' in Toon

Pleased To Meet You - After a mental day of action, you'll be pleased to meet this bloody brilliant craft-beer pub too. It's decked out a bit like the Copacabana but don't let that fool you, you won't find any mustached old men in Colonial gear here. What you will find is a gorgeous range of independent ales that make for great refreshment for your parched stags. PTMY is the pub of choice for Newcastle's young professionals and you'll find it on 41-51 High Bridge, just off Grey Street.

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The Bacchus - Bacchus might be the Roman god of wine and good times, but as we all know, real lads don't drink wine together - we save that for lovey-dovey dates with the missus. The Bacchus totally gets that, and in response, they've decided to supply the faithful beer-drinkers of the Toon with a frankly epic selection of handcrafted brews. Wrap your laughing gear around some of Newcastle's best independent ales just down the road from the Theatre Royal on 42-48 High Bridge.

The Crown Poseda - It's a local legend that this pub was bought by a Spanish sea captain for his mistress although it's unlikely that your groom will be able to replicate that feat for his missus, you can enjoy a pint or two of Newcastle Brown Ale in this historic setting. This is everything a pub should be, hearty, homely and full of bellowing laughter from lads both young and old. A cruise down to The Crown Poseda doesn't take long; it's just down from the station at 31 Side.

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The Bridge Tavern - The Bridge epitomizes everything that's great about the modern Pub, it's smart, effortlessly cool and chock full of independent beers that make StagWeb's mouths water just thinking about them. These guys are so passionate about every lad's favourite drink that they've even set up their own in-house micro-brewery - meaning that you're guaranteed a pint with real soul. The Bridge is located off the River Tyne - 7 Akenside Hill, just under the bridge.

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The Town Wall - Local folk have been meeting in The Town Wall since before 'banter' was a hashtag. But these days it's a hotspot for party-loving twenty-somethings and it's not difficult to understand why with its cool décor and open atmosphere. If we were to build our own pub from the ground up, it wouldn't look too different from The Town Wall although it'd probably have more posters of Kate Upton. Find this pub at Pink Lane - right next to the central station.

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Cocktail Bars - Man cocktails, shaken but not stirred

Alvinos - At times your party will probably resemble something of a comic strip (it'll be more Beano than Avengers most likely) but this epic cocktail bar is literally decked out in comic book décor. It's really cool, and there's nowhere else quite like it even the menus read like an issue of X-Men. This is the perfect place to combine your childhood love of comics with your grown-up love of stiff booze! Alvinos' is at 88 Pilgrim Street. (P.S. They have table football, game on lads!)

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Floritas - This Latino-themed venue claims to be inspired by the bars in Miami, Florida and we certainly aren't arguing based on the beautiful women we've seen here. It's a great party venue, transforming into a club after more sociable hours have passed and they do some truly epic cocktails. Don't be put off by all the pink spirits lads, that's just to keep the ladies interested. Are you up to the flaming Zombie?!? You can find Floritas at 32 Collingwood Street, just off Neville St.

See more: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Osbornes - This bar is seriously flash and it's the place where Newcastle's in-the-know lads go to chill out before hitting the clubs for a big night out. It's located in Jesmond or as StagWeb likes to call it, 'the Notting Hill of the North' and the cocktails you'll find here aren't for whimps these are drinks that would make your hard-as-nails whisky-drinking Granddads wince. And they'd probably regard Osbornes' 'hardshakes' with a wary eye as well and rightfully so, The Mountie is devastating! Osbornes is away from the centre at 61 Osborne Road, Jesmond, but it's well worth the journey for the sheesha garden alone.

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Tokyo - Good booze is the ambrosial nectar of any stag night worth its salt and that's something that this bar does very well indeed. A few daring cocktails beneath the low lights of Tokyo is a suave, gentlemanly way of beginning proceedings on your big weekend. With a massive selection of drinks to choose from, every stag will meet his alcoholic match. StagWeb's choice was a speakeasy Tom Collins, what'll be yours? Tokyo is found on 17 Westgate Road, a short walk away from Newcastle's best clubs.

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Quilted Camel - Ah yes, the 70s, that glorious decade where most lads thought the epitome of cool was to walk around with an open Hawaiian shirt, forested chest-hair on full display whilst wielding an ungainly porn-star moustache. While those trends are thankfully behind us, Quilted Camel has gone some distance when it comes to conserving the funky, neon nights out from 40 years ago for stags to savor in the present day and believe us, that's not a bad thing. It'll be Purple Rain all around, we reckon. The Quilted Camel can be found at 36, Sandhill.

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Perdu - As you walk into this bar, you might spot the skulls of the stags who've fallen victim to this bars' cocktails before you. They're hung on the walls like war trophies, will yours be next? Stags who order the Mary Berry might face a forfeit from their laughing mates, but it takes a true man to stomach one of these bad boys. Great nights can be found at Perdu, 20 Collingwood Street.

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Pitcher & Piano - The calm before the storm is a special moment on any stag-do, filled with excitement and anticipation for what's sure to be an unforgettable night. Pitcher & Piano's Newcastle residence is the perfect place to begin your evening, with stunning quayside views worthy of any lads Facebook profile picture and drinks that Bond wouldn't sniff at to boot whether your tipple of choice is an Irish Buck or a Blood & Sand. Pitcher & Piano is at 108 Quayside, just off the Millennium Bridge.

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Live Entertainment Venues - Good music, good mates, good times!

Digital - Digital isn't your bog standard nightclub every Friday, one of the big up-and-coming or established names in electronic dance music graces the decks to deliver a floor-filling set. David Guetta, Fatboy Slim and Deadmau5 are just some of the huge stars who've played this massively futuristic club, and no trip to Newcastle is complete without an evening spent under Digital's neon lights. Times Square is where the Party's at.

See more: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Think Tank? - This is where all of Britain's best bands plied their trade before taking to the stages of Reading and Glastonbury. The décor is suitably grungy and to this day you can see new up-and-coming bands before they're picked up by the major labels, so you can be the smug mate in the pub in a few years time when a song you heard performed live ages ago is featured on Radio One. Think Tank? It is open most nights and you can find it on Times Square.

The Cluny - As well as being an absolute quality bar, The Cluny also doubles up as an epic music venue for Newcastle's unheralded local artists, most of whom provide top-drawer live performances. This venue features live music on most evenings and you can always pop in for a quick coldie this is perfect for getting a big night out off to a rocking start! The Cluny can be found at 36, Lime Street.

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The Head Of Steam - When it comes to showcasing the energetic buoyancy of new music acts, there might be no venue better than The Head of Steam. The bar's diminutive performance space guarantees electric performances, and more often than not you'll be on your feet for bands you've never heard of take a good look at the cool artwork while you can because soon enough this place will be wall to wall with fans of new, exciting music. Blow off your head of steam at 2, Neville Street.

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House Of Smith - Newcastle's style-conscious lads and stunning girls all have one thing in common and no, don't be fooled by Geordie Shore, it isn't how long they spend doing their hair in the morning they all party at House of Smith. This epic club hosts the biggest parties in Newcastle and some of the city's best DJs take to the decks to wow the masses with an unstoppable set of club bangers. With great tunes, beautiful girls and plenty of live entertainment, this is the house party of your dreams! The House of Smith can be found at 26 Collingwood Street (Next door to Floritas).

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Tup Tup Palace - This club is simply legendary. When we think of Newcastle nights out, we think of Tup Tup. What happens here stays here, but just know that this phenomenal party palace has played host to the likes of Cheryl Cole, Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Ed Sheeran, Drake, Tinie Tempah, Will. I. Am and many, many more. This is the closest you'll get to living out your Wolf of Wall Street fantasies (without becoming a multi-millionaire) and it's the perfect way to wave goodbye to the condemned man's groom's days as a single man. This exclusive club is found on 7 St. Nicholas Street.

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