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Sun, sea and shark fishing!

Algarve stag weekends are home to pro tour golf courses, some of the world's best surfing, epic nightlife and someday soon you and the guys having the best weekend of your lives!

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"...From start to finish they took away any need for organization and ensured we got to every activity and let us focus on enjoying ourselves..."

Algarve stag weekend -
16/03/2018 -
5/5 stars

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Algarve Activities
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Action Stations!

Algarve has got almost every activity under the sun (literally!) to keep the boys grinning from ear to ear over their weekend. There are plenty of staggering wet and wild ocean activities like Banana Boating, Parasailing, Ribbing and Waterskiing to get the hearts pumping, and everything from Health Spas to Golfing for laid back stags - the Algarve won't disappoint.

Best bars in Algarve
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Best Bars in Algarve

Shamrock Irish Bar - No matter where you are in the world, you're never far from an Irish pub. This classic watering hole is ideal for catching up on sport and enjoying a crisp and refreshing pint in the heart of Albufeira's old town.

Piccadilly Cocktail Bar - Open til 4am and always serving up an epic selection of knock out cocktails, premium pints and refreshing ciders, this late night bar is the perfect start for a big stag night out!

The Manhattan Café - Run by two brothers, this watering hole serves up some of the best drinks in Algarve.

Algarve event calendar
Event calendar icon

Event Calendar

March - FIESA International Sand Sculpture Festival
40,000 tonnes of sand, covering 15,000 square metres and sculptures of up to 12 metres in height; this is the biggest festival of its kind and certainly worth a visit.

August - Silves Medieval Festival
Tuck into a hearty feast, grab a tankard of beer and witness one of the best medieval festivals in the world.

August - Loule's 'White Night'
The region's biggest street party, Loule's 'White Night' is an Algarvian's way of saying goodbye to summer. With every attendee dressed head to toe in white, all night festivities and street performers; this is the most unique night out you'll have any time.

"A dog bitten by a snake is afraid of sausages."
- Portuguese proverb. No, we have no idea either!

Algarve districts
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Where to Head...


Lagos is the must visit city of Algarve. Packed with sandy beaches, soaked in sun and with just about every activity you could possibly want to try your hand available here, this city is a shining beacon for all stag kind. It's even got some historical clout, being the hub of Portugal's Age of Discovery.

Must see...

If sun, sand and sangria are what you're after, a trip to Tavira Island is essential on your Algarve stag do. Separated by a few hundred metres of water, this small island is basically one big beach. It's ideal for swimming, soaking up some sun or soothing a nagging stag hangover.


Algarve gets 3,000 hours of sunshine a year but rarely gets hotter than 25 degrees.
Portuguese is spoken by 230 million people across the world.
Dad's Army's Clive Dunn lived in Algarve from the 1980s until his death in 2012.
Portuguese Water Dogs are native to Algarve.
Algarve has Portugal's highest number of wild Iberian Lynx.

A taste of Algarve
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A Taste of Algarve

Eats - Forget your cheeky Nando's, Algarve is famous for its world class piri piri chicken. This hot, spicy and succulent dish is a regional classic and you simply won't find better than in the Algarve.

Drinks - Medronho is a breathtakingly potent fruit brandy distilled in the region and most commonly made as a homebrew. A couple of commercial versions of this drink can be found, but if you're after a traditional tipple seek out a local moonshine version!

Getting around Algarve
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On Ya Bike! Getting Around Algarve

Trains are one of the best ways of getting around Algarve. With regular services running from the Western Lagos to Vila Real de Santo Antonio on the Spanish border, trains are a reliable and speedy way of covering some of the greater distances in Portugal.

Renting a car is another great option in Algarve owing to the region's limited public transport services. Of course if you're planning on hitting the clubs a taxi is your best bet for after hours, post-drinking transport.


"Ola" - Hi.
"Qual o caminho para o pub mais próximo?" - Which way to the nearest pub?
"Uma pinta, por favor" - One pint, please.
"Duas pintas, por favour" - Two pints, please.
"Noventa e dois pints, por favour" - Ninety two pints, please.
"Socorro! Estou sendo atacado por uma lagosta!" - Help! I'm being attacked by a lobster!

"Look at the sand on that!"

If you're looking for the perfect party playground for your jolly boys away days the only real question is 'Why wouldn't you have an Albufeira stag do???'

If we were to draw up a list of the things a truly legendary stag do requires then the Algarve would tick every box and offer so much more besides.

Come on in the water's great - Sampling an Algarve stag do…

Pull up a sun bed, crack open an ice cold Sagres and adjust your shades as we tell you the about the best that an Albufeira stag do can offer;

  • Sun - They have so much of it! In fact the Algarve has more hours of sunshine than California so even the fairest in the land will get a healthy glow before you head back to Blighty.
  • Fun - Albufeira offers some of the best sun drenched activities known to stag-kind, wakeboarding, waterskiing, mud buggy safaris, shark fishing and some of the best golf courses you've ever shanked your way round.
  • Nightlife - If you're even having to ask the question about the available nightlife on an Albufeira stag weekend you might not be the man for the job. It's famously epic! Albufeira is the (loudly) beating heart of the Portuguese coast and the perfect place for any Algarve stag do to party.
  • Beaches - "Look at the sand on that!!" Some of the best beaches in the world (blue flagged) attract the local glitterati as the finest flock to the golden beaches. There'll be plenty of great coastline for you boys to admire.
  • Baps - "Look at the baps on that!!" You'll find no end of deliciously firm buns to get to grips with along the beach bars, clubs and café's should you feel the need for a breaded snack.

If we were to mark an Albufeira stag do in a beer can rating… well quite frankly you guys will be able to build a raft out of the empties and sail home. It really does offer the very best of everything, weather, action, laughs, great clubs and banging tunes and of course 'laydeez'.
It's worth mentioning just how stunning the local lovelies are but tread carefully chaps, they can be a tad weary of what they consider to be boozed up Brits looking a for a holiday fling so being charming and sharing a few laughs will make for a much better weekend than trying score a nasty notch on the bed post.

How to book your Albufeira stag do - "Booked it. Packed it. Ffffff…"

…felt much better. We're well aware that booking a stag do can be a bit of a headache sometimes, trying to get all the lads to agree on where, when, how much they want to spend and that's where we can come in, to help take all the pain out of it.

You can contact our team giving us an idea of numbers, dates and the activities you're interested in.

There's no need for you to start searching websites, sending countless emails trying to get prices and doing needless running around. We're already done all the running around for you. Plus because we have used our tried and tested suppliers countless times it means we can offer you special deals you won't get booking direct.

How to make it YOUR perfect Albufeira stag weekend…

It's YOUR weekend so we're not going to try and sell you our package but to help you book the right combination to make your Albufeira stag weekend not just good but legendary!

But we do know things can and will change so if you need to make adjustments on numbers or activities as you get the nearer the day we can make those changes for you.

We've been arranging Albufeira stag weekends and Algarve stag do's since 2002, so know not just the best activities clubs and accommodation but how to get the best deals helping you save money for the important things. Like beer.

If you want to get the lads opinion you can share this page straight to your Facebook stag group page.

His BIG day…

Most girls have dreamt of their wedding day for years planning every last minute detail to the nth degree. Most guys… mmmmm…. Not so much. But we have always wanted a victorious send off. Like Vikings in the halls of Valhalla we want our finest comrades with us, for there to be plenty of fine ale and for people to sing songs of our great deeds.

Ok so maybe that last one is asking a bit much but you certainly want to make sure you create something the boys will be talking about for years to come.

So if you're looking for something special and truly memorable to say goodbye to the main man before he is committed into the "sorry lads I've got to get back to the wife" obscurity of wedded bliss then make sure you do it in style. Get it right and an Albufeira stag do really will be worth writing songs about.

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