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Beers & Beaches!

With its bouncing nightlife, big activities and brilliant beach, it's easy to see why a Blackpool stag weekend is still a firm favourite. Roundhouse kicks the planning stress out of the door with the help of StagWeb, who'll remove the hassle and ensure you enjoy a legendary send-off!

Even after 22+ years of stag planning for over 600,000 party legends, we still love reading your feedback. Check our reviews for yourself – we're currently rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

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Blackpool Menu

8 Best Blackpool Stag Do Ideas

  1. Bubble Football - Suit up and have at it as you go head-to-head in the most chaotic version of the beautiful game ever!
  2. Go Karting - Put to bed arguments of who the best driver is on our 750-metre seafront track.
  3. Wrestling School - Time to channel your inner Hulk Hogan. "Let's get ready to rumble!"
  4. Battle Archery Tag - Stag vs stag competition. Bows up, arrows out, let's battle!
  5. School Sports Day - Taking you back to class and relive former sporting glory.
  6. Dodgeball - Get ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge.
  7. Turbo Cricket - Fast-paced, slightly chaotic and outright epic.
  8. Pleasure Beach - Bust those hangovers at this adrenaline inducing theme park!

A Guide To Your Blackpool Stag Weekend

Action Stations!

Blackpool Pleasure Beach offers all the fun of the fair but with much more kick-ass rides (even Top Gear's Mr Stig once took on The Big One). Rides, bars, dancing girls, and the chance to torture hungover stags. The Pleasure Beach is the perfect addition to any Blackpool stag party.

Where to Drink in Blackpool

Or, as we like to call it, the Mecca of Stag Dos.
Start off at the famous Promenade where there is simply no struggle whatsoever when it comes to finding a buzzing bar.
As long as you can see the tower, you'll be able to see a bar or club. Easy. And there's so much range that you can tailor your night out to whatever you happen to fancy without forcing yourself into the mood.
In summer the vibe is always there and you'll be swept into the party spirit as soon as you hit the seaside strip.
Dip into seafront hotels for secret bars that might be a little quieter in the evenings if you need an escape from the Blackpool madness. The city will always surprise you, so get exploring.

"I love Blackpool. We're very similar. We're both better looking in the dark"
- Ian Holloway

Where to Head...


The bright lights of Blackpool are easy to find, everything happens in the town centre with a few great venues stretching along the prom. A trip to Lytham St Annes is worthwhile if you want to find somewhere away from the masses or for live Entertainment the Pleasure Beach has some great stand-up comics.

Must see...

If your stag does like to be beside the seaside, then no Blackpool stag do is complete without a walk along the Golden Mile. A great place to kick off a big night out or blow away hangovers the morning after the night before.

Pub Trivia

Hopeful punters push 11,000,000 coins into Blackpool's slot machines every year. Laid out they would stretch 168 miles.
Annually the town sells enough candyfloss to cover Wembley's pitch four times over.
Blackpool illuminations attract 3.5 million visitors who spend an estimated £275 million!!!

"I'd rather be on Blackpool Beach than Bondi Beach."
- Leon Price

Getting Around Blackpool

As well as good rail and bus links Blackpool's famous tramline is a handy way to travel along the considerable length of the seafront. Head down to the pleasure beach and work your way back into town enjoying a few beverages on route.
Alternatively there are horse drawn carriages if you want the complete Blackpool experience ("No Steve you're too big, get off the donkey!").

21 Reasons Why Blackpool Rocks!

Fun Capital of England - Blackpool is widely considered as Britain's answer to Las Vegas, with its Pleasure Beach, theme park rides, theatres, seaside games, arcade piers and fantastic beaches, we'd even venture to say it's a little better than sin city.

Parisian sights - Blackpool's iconic Blackpool tower was modelled after Paris' Eiffel Tower, which was opened a few years prior to Blackpool's.

Notariannis - Arguably the best ice cream in the whole country, Notariannis has been serving up homemade ice cream to beach goers, locals and tourists since 1928. They only sell vanilla, but when it's this good you won't want anything else.

Blackpool Rocks - Blackpool is home to the Guinness World Record for the largest stick of rock ever created, the hard candy weighed 434kg and was 4.5 metres in length.

Tangerines - Blackpool FC once topped the Premier League table, but is currently fighting to reclaim their past glories in League One. A club that's oozing with history and known for its tenacious and devoted supporters, the Seasiders or Tangerines are the biggest sporting outfit in the area.

Flamingos - Open late 7 days a week, top DJs playing everything from out of this world house music to chart toppers, Flamingos is one of Blackpool's best and most loved nightclubs for good reason: it's epic!

Mirror, mirror, on the wall - The world's largest mirror ball (we didn't know that was a thing either!) is on Blackpool's South Beach.

Slot Jockey - Blackpool's North Pier has an epic collection of arcade machines that receive roughly 11 million coins each year, weighing up to 86 tonnes.

Sure Fire Stag Pleaser - Blackpool's stag do paintball centre is one of the best in the country with a number of intense game modes and state of the art kit, this stag party classic won't miss the mark.

Rollercoaster of emotions - Blackpool has some of the best rollercoasters not only in the UK, but in all of Europe. With the Pepsi Max Big One hitting speeds of 95 miles per hour and the Big Dipper one of the few wooden rollercoasters still in operation, adrenaline junkies would be well served by Blackpool's offerings.

Fish and Chips - You might be able to get fish and chips anywhere in England, but they're never as good as they are beside the seaside in one of Blackpool's many chippies. Local, freshly caught fish and plenty of batter, please!

Haunted Blackpool - Not just a British capital for leisure, Blackpool also is known for its ghostly goings on. From a genuinely haunted Pleasure Beach ghost train to the spirit of an old highwayman trying to spook customers at The Eagle and Child pub, Blackpool has plenty of paranormal goings on.

Tim Burton - Edward Scissorhands, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Beetlejuice and Sweeny Todd director Tim Burton claims to be "Blackpool's number one fan". The Hollywood director often visits Blackpool and once turned the lights on for the Blackpool Illumination.

Sun, Sea and Stags - Blackpool has one of the best beaches in the UK and it won't cost the boys a penny to hit the golden sands for a day of relaxing in the sunshine, burying one of the boys up to his neck in the sand and dipping your toes in the bracing sea.

Light it up - The Blackpool Illuminations are known across Britain as being one of the most popular and historic festivals around. Started in 1879 and taking place over 66 days from August to November, the illuminations attract millions to Blackpool each year to see the over one million bulbs that light up the iconic promenade.

Soul Suite - This Blackpool pub is known for its Northern Soul and Tamla Motown nights and is always a lively, upbeat and popular watering hole for Blackpudlians and tourists alike.

Old School Transport - Blackpool has one of the few remaining historic tramlines still in operation. With a range of heritage trams running alongside modern cars, this is the ultimate stag weekend run around.

Blackpool Illuminati - While the list of people who have turned on the Blackpool Illuminations features more celebrity names than we care to list, the 1977 candidate was none other than Red Rum ... a racehorse.

Comedy Carpet - A gigantic floor mural packed with quotes, punch lines and top gags from the best entertainers worldwide, the Comedy Carpet is chock full of belly laughs and banter. All you have to do is walk over and stick your reading glasses on.

Celebrity Sightings - It turns out that Blackpool's rich and famous fan base is larger than just Tim Burton. Lady Gaga once ate lunch in the Devonshire Arms, famous suave man George Clooney was seen buying fish and chips here and Mick Hucknall performed at the Pleasure Beach for a music video for the song 'Fairground'. The list goes on!

Blackpool in Song - Blackpool has been referenced in countless songs from Jethro Tull's 'Up the Pool' and 'Big Dipper' to Manic Street Preacher's 'Elvis Impersonator: Blackpool pier' and Franz Ferdinand's 'Love Illumination'.

Bubble Football - Madder than Louis Van Gaal at a press conference and promising endless stag banter, this epic twist on the beautiful game that sees the lads donning giant inflatable orbs is hilarious, nuts and probably never going to get FIFA sanctioning.

Blackpool in film - Blackpool has featured as a filming location for loads of quality movies and TV shows from the multi award winning Brit triumph The King's Speech to humble BBC comedy The Trip.

Blackpool Brews - Lytham Brewery make some of the best real ales in the county and are located just a short drive from the centre of Blackpool. With brewery tours, 12 top notch beers and outlets in and around Blackpool, Lytham's creations are must tastes for any beer mad stags.

Bangin' Blackpool - the UK's number 1 holiday resort!

Blackpool brings visitors from far and wide every year to see the illuminations, famous pleasure beach and, above all, to party! It's called the Las Vegas of the North for a reason. Thankfully, elderly couples whirling around the dance floor and donkey rides along the seafront have taken a back seat in recent years and the town has been taken over by guys and girls ready to have a good time at the town's pubs, clubs and incredible dance floors. An energetic holiday vibe dominates the town and the club scene here has spent the last ten years growing to become one of the best in the north.

The fun never stops here and there's always something great going on to try out with the lads, from beach activities and a classic fish and chip supper to clubbing or classy drinks when you're out on the town. Luckily, when you book with StagWeb, we can make your Blackpool stag do dreams a reality! It's one of our most popular destinations of all time, so we know all the best nightlife spots and stag do combos inside out and back to front. Blackpool Rocks! Which one of the guys will manage to steal a kiss-me-quick on the seafront - and who'll get a smack over the head with a piece of Blackpool rock? If you want to party with the prettiest showgirls and ice skaters in the whole of the UK in some of the best clubs around, then make Las Vegas of the North, Blackpool, your number one choice today!

Seaside Stars

It's no secret that Blackpool is bustling with ice skaters, showgirls and glamorous singers who file out into the town after they finish their sets and shows eager to let their hair down. Take it from us - there are some serious showbiz beauties out there!

Awesome Activities

There's so much happening, but we'd recommend booking up some activities too to keep the group amused during the day and to get everyone together.

When to visit Blackpool

There's always something going on here, making it an excellent spot to hold your stag do whatever the time of year, plus, the majority of our Blackpool stag weekend activities run come rain or shine! However there's certainly something to be said for enjoying this town at its finest in full swing of the holiday season from around mid May to September. We're talking about the UK here, so there's never going to be searing heat and days of sunshine on offer, but water sports and outdoor activities tend to work better through the summer and there's a great buzz in the air on the beaches and piers. The famous illuminations are switched on in late August every year and light up the night with 'artificial sunshine' until November and catch the amazing super-long running circus every night in September. If you're all fans of heavier beats, you're in luck, as the Rebellion punk rock festival takes place in the Winter Gardens in August each year and have hosted big names in the industry, such as Misfits, Cockney Rejects and Buzzcocks in the past. Safety pins and tartan blazers at the ready!

Where to be while in Blackpool

The best place to be on your Blackpool stag do is, as the old song goes, beside the seaside. Wander along the beachfront and check out no less than three piers, the famous Tower and the Pleasure Beach for the thrill seekers among you - it's one of the biggest funfairs in the world! The central winter gardens, promenade and North, South and Central piers are all located along one stretch named the 'Golden Mile'. Once you're set up on your Blackpool stag weekend, getting around isn't difficult, as pretty much everything you'll need to get to is all easily located along the beach on foot. If you don't fancy walking though, take a bus, taxi or even one of the local trams which occasionally feature antique, original models from the resort's Victorian heyday. If you're feeling particularly fancy and don't mind taking a bit (a lot) longer over your journey, travel the sands in style in a traditional 'landau', or horse-drawn vehicle! Pick your noble steed.

Blackpool stag weekend action!

There are so many different combinations of activities, nightlife and accommodation when you book with StagWeb! We can organise group classics like go karting and paintballing. Our 'Splat Pool' package, for example, means that you and the guys can enjoy paintball, a restaurant meal, lap dance club entry and guest list clubbing all in for a great price. Sorted! A Blackpool stag do is a top favourite with pleasure seekers and party people alike who really know how to have a good time, making it one of the very best destinations in the whole of the UK time and time again.

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