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Trending Bratislava Stag Do Ideas

Here's our top 7 choices for a big weekend in Bratislava.

  1. Target Shooting
  2. Beer Bike
  3. Whitewater Rafting
  4. Bubble Football
  5. Hydrospeeding
  6. Foot Golf
  7. Machine Gun Shooting

A Guide To Your Bratislava Stag Weekend

Bratislava Activities
Action icon
Action Stations!

Machine Gun Shooting - Get your itchy trigger fingers on some legendary hardware. Shoot AK-47s in a test to see who is the weekend's Top Gun.

Jelly Wrestling - Two smoking hot bikini-clad babes, one giant pool of jelly and one very nervous looking groom... "Fiiiiighhht!"

"The Brat Pack" StagWeb spend 48hrs in Bratislava. Read more here...

Best bars in Bratislava
Best bars icon
Best Bars in Bratislava

Papichulo - This trendy bar/club is actually a converted public toilet. "You're taking the p..." Open until 5am it has beer pong, karaoke, DJs & big-screen sport.
Americké Námestie, 811 07 Bratislava

Bar Rock - Does exactly what it says on the tin. Live music, lively crowd, lethal drinks. It's like a night out with Dave Grohl.
Bar Rock, Sedlárska 366/1, 811 01

Primi - A great bar with fancy ideas. There's a cool club upstairs, stylish restaurant downstairs and large covered courtyard.
Pimi, Michalská 378/21, 811 03

Bratislava event calendar
Event calendar icon
Event Calendar

January - Knights at Devin. Go back in time (and maybe pack some popcorn) as warriors of old do battle for your entertainment.
June - Junifest. Inspired by Oktoberfest, this is Bratislava's beery celebration of every man's beverage of choice.
July - Medieval Castle Festival. Game of Thrones fans will love this epic festival of all things medieval in Lubovna Castle.
July - Pohoda. Bratislava's huge summer festival with top rock, hip hop, pop and dance music acts.

"Barter like a gypsy but pay like a gentleman."
- Slovak proverb

Bratislava districts
Where icon
Where to Head...

Districts - Everything can be found in the Old Town which is pedestrianised and packed with dozens of superb bars, all within easy walking distance. There's even an area of bars known locally as 'The Bermuda Triangle' because so many people go there and aren't seen again for days. Many Old Town venues don't start filling up until 9-10pm but stay open until late if you're thinking of heading straight to breakfast like real men!

Must See... - Sad Janka Krala - If you're looking for a quiet, wide-open space to let any tender stag heads recover the Sad Janke Krala park is an oasis of calm greenery to lie back and think of England until you're feeling human again.
Statues - Bratislava is full of them and if you're feeling artistic you can get some great team photos alongside one of the weirder sculptures.


Taxi 'schmaxi'! The old town is all entirely pedestrian-only.
Slovakia was formerly part of Czechoslovakia until 1989.
Touching the hat of Bratislava's statue of a man lying in a manhole is supposed to bring good luck. But it's also a popular peeing post for local dogs.

A taste of Bratislava
Taste icon
A Taste of Bratislava

Eats - Keep it real and enjoy some local 'man-food' at the Mestiansky Pivovar. You'll find traditional food in what is actually a giant brewery. Yes, a p*** up in a brewery. You're welcome!

Mestiansky Pivovar Drevená 575/8, 811 06

Drinks - One thing you must try is Borovick. It's like the Devil himself has built a still and decided to start brewing stuff. We could go into a flowery description of the soft botanicals, delicate nose, strong taste of... The simple truth is, it'll melt your tongue, shrivel your eyeballs and you'll wake up to find out you're now engaged to a bus driver called Marek.

Getting around Bratislava
Getting around icon
On Ya Bike! Getting Around Bratislava

On foot. The Old Town is a relatively small area and everything is within easy walking distance (we can arrange transport for any activities outside the city centre). Our top transport tip is fly to Vienna (more flights and better prices) then get the bus from Vienna to Bratislava, which takes around 45 minutes and costs just €5.


"Ahoj" - Hello
"Prosim" - Please
"Ďakujem" - Thank you
"Na zdravie!" - Cheers!
"Pivo prosím." - A beer, please.
"Dve pivá, prosím." - Two beers, please.
"Veľa piva, prosím." - Lots of beer, please.
"Ženích zaplatí za všetko" - The groom will pay for everything.
"Zatancovali by ste si so mnou?" - Would you like to dance with me?
"Nie." - No.

33 Reasons Why Bratislava Is Epic!

17's Bar - "I am not a number, I am a free man!" ... Unless that number is 17. In which case show us the keys, we'll lock ourselves in chains if it means we never have to drink in a bar that isn't 17's ever again. Sample a fine range of Slovak beers as well as some of the city's best pub grub.

Quad Biking - What better to witness the beauty of the Slovak countryside than on the back of a four-wheeled 120cc beast of a quad bike?

Bratislava Castle - It looks a classic Bond villain's Baltic lair. "Ah Meeshter Bond, we've been ekshpecting you... It's your round!"

The Bridge of Chuck Norris - It's just a bike bridge, but it's worth seeing simply for the fact that the locals unanimously voted to change its name to celebrate the man behind Walker Texas Ranger.

Casa del Havana - Viva la fiesta! Twizzle your mustachios and chew on a Cuban cigar in the brilliant Casa del Havana, one of Bratislava's premier cocktail bars. The senoritas here are sensational and the drinks well worth seeking out on your Bratislava stag do. Vamos!

Identity Crisis? - Bratislava has had various names over the years. It's the Prince/Symbol/Slave of capital cities.

Beer Palace - It's a palace... Celebrating beer... Need we say more? This phenomenal bar sources its regal Urquell Pilsner from its very own original tanks, guaranteeing you one of the purest pints not only in Bratislava, but in all of Europe. "Na zdravie!" (cheers!)

Andy Warhol - The famous American pop artist Andy Warhol's parents came from Slovakia, although that fact probably won't earn you your '15 minutes of fame'.

Lochness - Step off the streets of Bratislava and into this perfect pub that feels as if it's been imported straight from the Scottish highlands. Tuck into hearty pub grub, indulge in some seriously tasty whiskies and finish with a smoke in the cigar lounge. Aye, Lochness is just that good.

Indoor Go Karting - Stage your own Bratislava Grand Prix on the city's epic Indoor Go Karting track and take on the boys in wheel to wheel action.

Michalska Cocktail Room - Imagine an underground living room with more spirits than a Russian mafia den. That's Michalska Cocktail Room, one of Bratislava's best kept secrets and one of the city's best (if not the best) bars. Although you won't find any signage, so ask the barista at Urban Bistro for directions and make your way into this subterranean playground.

Stefan Banic - The inventor of the parachute was a local lad. We're not sure how many volunteers signed up for the first test flight.

Slovan Bratislava - One of two top-flight football sides in the city, Slovan Bratislava once beat Barcelona in the beautiful game. Ok so it was back in 1969 but it still counts.

FC Petržalka Akadémia - The other half of the Bratislava derby are less successful than their counterparts, they haven't beaten Barcelona at all!

Bratislavsky Rozok - This unique sweet treat makes for one tasty delicacy. It's well worth seeking out while in Bratislava.

Most SNP Bridge - One of the city's most famous landmarks, the Most Slovensheko Narodneho Povstania is truly impressive. If the groom's scared of heights it's the perfect day out!

Bobsleigh - Feel like the stag do is going downhill fast? Now it can in what is officially one of the most dangerous Olympic sports of all time.

420,000 - That's the average population of Bratislava, and you can expect to see a large proportion of that figure in the city's best clubs and bars on your big weekend.

The Club - Which club? THE club. This ever-popular venue is where Bratislava's laid-back, bohemian vibe meets the decadence of western Europe with LED light displays, hyperactive DJs and a gorgeous clientele who don't and won't stop dancing.

Hydrospeeding - Yep, this is as awesome as it sounds. Hydrospeeding is like one man white water rafter... with added danger!

Bar Rock - The Bar That Rocked. A story of an underground bar with guitars lining the walls, a free-spirited crowd, a retro jukebox and live music to bang your heads to like it's 1991 and you've just discovered Smells Like Teen Spirit. All told in some of the best cocktails and pints that the city has to offer.

Target Shooting - Allow the groom to release any nearly-wed frustrations before his big day...by getting hands on with some of the most powerful weapons known to man in this target shooting activity.

Foot Golf - A brilliant mash up of two of the world's greatest sports, footgolf is a great addition to any Bratslava stag weekend.

Baby Nation - It wasn't until 1993 that Slovakia became a nation in its own right, with Bratislava as its capital.

Klubovna - The best beer gardens in Europe? The world's greatest pints? Slovakia's friendliest landlords? There's only one way to find out. Head to Klubovna and soak in the Bratislava sunshine or take in the laid back #vibes indoors with delicious Eastern European pub grub.

HC Slovan - The biggest sports team in the city which is totally obsessed with ice hockey and treats it's player's like gods.

Zorbing - If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to be placed into what resembles a giant, inflatable golf ball before being rolled down a hill, then Zorbing is the activity for you!

Monument of the Slovak National Uprising - Possibly the most modern monument we've ever seen, with the dullest name!

Bratislava Forest - Need some wide open spaces to rest those aching hangovers? This should do the job!

BeAbout - Slovakia's brilliant BeAbout burger bars show the rest of Europe what everybody's favourite meat-and-bun-combo should really taste like. Bow down to the Royal Burger, loaded with beef, bacon, double cheddar and let the BBQ sauce reign over you in all its majesty.

Top Tweeters

Bratislava - Stay up to date with all things Bratislava and see fantastic pictures of the city before you stay.

HC Sloven Bratislava - Get the lowdown on the city's number one sports team.


Welcome to Bratislava - More insider hints and tips on the best parties in town.

Slovakia only become an official country in 1993.

Bratislava Blinder

There are three certainties in life; Death, taxes and incredible Bratislava stag weekends. Slovakia might have only "gone official" as a country as recently as 1993 but in the past two decades its party capital has cemented itself as one of the world's must-see cities for its incredible underground clubs, vibrant pubs, packed bars and quite frankly bonkers activities. And the best bit is that the Slovaks have kept the costs down to entice adventure-hungry blokes like you to their beer-fuelled shores. Couple that fact with StagWeb's low rates and your weekend funds won't just be intact, they'll be booming, leaving you with more in your pockets to treat the groom to a truly unforgettable last hurrah in Eastern Europe.

Stag Fact #1 - Bratislava has a bridge named after Walker Texas Ranger action hero Chuck Norris.

Slovakian Hospitality

Bratislava is a truly eclectic city with its own UFO-shaped viewing platform (weird), nightclub-boxing rings with gorgeous girls strutting their stuff (weirder) and a former "Miss Wonderbra" with the world record for Longest Legs on a Supermodel (WTF... Show me a picture?). But knowing where to stray in this Slovak party paradise is even more of a head-scratcher, which is why we try out all our accommodation before sending out our groups. It's the only way we can be sure that you're in the perfect place to kick off your big weekend. Which in Bratislava's case is right in the city centre, with the vibrant nightlife by the Danube riverside and the Old Town both within an easy walking distance from all our hotels, hostels and even Boatels. Yep, hotels on boats. Bratislava is that cool.

Stag Fact #2 - Bratislava boasts 10,000 beds for bleary-eyed stags to rest their heads.

Bratislava - The Ultimate Stag Destination

The pre-wedding action you can take on in this city is, frankly, balls-and-quite-literally-everything-that-isn't-nailed-down-to-the-floor awesome. Nowhere else in Europe will you find such an epic smorgasbord of activities for your nearly-married gent to enjoy before he sacrifices his weekends to wandering aimlessly around IKEA and telling his mother-in-law how just much he enjoys her new curtains under the vicious gaze of his newly betrothed wife. There really is something for everybody, whether it's racing wheel to wheel on Bratislava's premier Go Karting track, navigating the extreme currents of the city's White Water Rafting course or giving the groom the scare of a lifetime and having the Stag Arrested.

Here's just a few of the greats...

  • Target Shooting - Lock ‘n' load and get hands on with all-powerful weaponry that would bring a smile to Arnold Schwarzenegger's grizzled chops.
  • Bobsleigh - Perform your finest Cool Runnings impressions as you hurtle down a specially built Bobsleigh track at speeds of up to 125mph.
  • Machine Gun Shooting - "Say hello to my little friend!" Get to grips with the classic AK47 and more as you put those hours of Call of Duty experience to the test.

Stag Fact #3 - Bratislava ranks 10th in the world for annual beer consumption

Slovakian Nights

Stefan Banic a Slovakian miner invented the parachute.

Dust yourselves off. After the days of did-that-just-happen activities comes this city's incredible nights, and a Bratislava stag weekend just isn't complete without the chance to wet the groom's head with a healthy amount of the Slovakian party capital's finest Pilsner. The warm continental climate of the city also means that most of the amazing clubs, pubs and bars spill out onto the streets, creating an awesome summer vibe for most of the year (although in winter you will be glad that most of the clubs are underground). Add a side helping of gorgeous locals and it's not hard to see why most of Eastern Europe flocks to Bratislava in the warmer months to let loose and let the good times flow.

But you aren't like most of Eastern Europe. You're stags, lords of the night and masters of all you survey, so you need to be treated as such. That's exactly what we'll do by giving you the chance to go VIP on your big nights out so you can spend less time queuing and more time making memories for your groom-to-be.

Surprise the groom with these extras...

  • Mud Wrestling - "Let's get ready to ruuumble!" Two bikini-clad babes. One inflatable mud wrestling ring. One epic (and absolutely filthy!) surprise for the groom.
  • Ice Bar - Don those fetching overalls and make like Bond in Die Another Day drinking ice-cold vodka as a smoking hot stripper dances for you.
  • Naked Dessert - Fill the tank with a delicious steak dinner and two Slovak beers before a sensational strip show, ending with the chance to eat dessert from the dancer's sexy body!
  • Strip Limo - Fish and chips. Steak and ale. Strippers and limousines. Some things just go together. Cruise Bratislava's streets and turn things up a gear with a smoking hot strip show.

Bratislava Beer Funds

We've all been there. Planning a big weekend like this can be seriously trying even when you're just managing your own money. But when you're juggling everybody else's cash as well, including funds belonging to gents you possibly haven't even met, planning your Bratislava stag do can suddenly seem like a huge responsibility.

But don't fear. StagWeb are both ABTA bonded (No. W7797) and ATOL protected (No. 11011) which means we adhere to the strictest codes of conduct in our industry, giving you and your booking complete financial protection.

Still not convinced? Check out 845+ StagWeb reviews.

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Or you can give us a call on 01225 474200. Our destination experts are a friendly bunch and love talking about all stag weekends, no matter how big or small your celebrations are going to be.

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