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Our Budapest Stag Reviews

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Beer Spas & Ruin Bars!

The Hungarian capital has been building a reputation as a massive party destination in recent years and it's now rubbing shoulders with Europe's elite. If you're looking for something extraordinary, a Budapest stag do is for you. Avoid the stress and make it memorable with StagWeb!

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Budapest Menu

Our Budapest Stag Do Guide

  • Country Hungary
  • Language Hugarian
  • Currency Hungarian Forint
  • Cost of a Beer 750 HUF
  • Airport Budapest Airport
  • Flight Duration 2h 30m
  • National Dish Goulash
  • Airport to Centre 43.9 km

10 Best Bars in Budapest

Whilst you'll find brilliant bars dotted throughout the city, Budapest's 7th district is where the party crowds flock. With a range of bars to suit all tastes, you'll be able to locate your ideal boozer in no time. However, you simply can't go all this way and not visit the ruin bars in Budapest!

Budapest Bars:

  1. Szimpla Kert - One of the most famous ruin pubs in this epic city, Szimpla Kert is simply unmissable.
  2. Spiler - Great menu, great beers and some really funky design. DJs liven up the weekends but get seated early because it does get busy.
  3. Pop-Up Bars - Budapest has a weird (but awesome!!) phenomena of pop-up bars that spring up everywhere. Really worth checking out - find them on a Guided Bar Crawl.
  4. Instant - The party doesn't stop until 6 am, 7 days a week! From live music to all-night raves, you'll be sure to find something suitably epic for you all.
  5. Beer Brothers Budapest - A great place to head for beer connoisseurs, Beer Brothers have a huge range of taps with an expertly selected array of beers to try.
  6. Racskert - An abandoned car park turned into a bar, Rackskert emits a seriously cool vibe with loads of cheap beer and great grub.
  7. 360 Bar - 360 Bar have officially completed sightseeing. Check out the views of this fantastic city from this awesome rooftop bar.
  8. Cheers Bar - An eccentric, beer-budget-friendly boozer with quirky décor and pleasant staff. We'll cheers to that!
  9. Telep - Attracting an alternative crowd, Telep is off-the-wall in all the right ways. Go check it out for yourselves!
  10. Nemdebár - Another establishment with a strikingly unique design, Nemdebár is an awesome hangout in the 2nd district.
Sightseeing in Budapest

Budapest Sightseeing

Thermal Baths - Budapest is famed for its geothermal springs and has 123 in the city alone (Hungary has over 500 in total).
Parliament Building - The impressive, gothic-styled parliamentary building is well worth checking out for any sightseers! Get the best views from across the Danube.
Heroes' Square - An iconic monument in the heart of the city and an awesome squad-selfie spot.
St. Stephen's Basilica - Another spectacular piece of architecture well worth a visit!
Laszlo Papp Sports Arena - Pretty sci-fi looking for a sports stadium and well worth a drive-by.

Pub Trivia

New York has a higher population than the whole of Hungary combined.
The Rubik's Cube, ballpoint pen, noiseless match, holograms and the theory behind the hydrogen bomb are all Hungarian inventions.
Hungarians never clink glasses when toasting.

A Taste of Budapest

Eats - The Iguana Bar & Grill brings a little of Mexico to Hungary. A great Tex-Mex restaurant with a rather fine collection of tequila for your tasting pleasure. They even have a menu dedicated purely to tequila! That's our kind of restaurant.

Drinks - The national drink of Hungary is Palinka. On the surface, the list of ingredients sounds like a harmless fruit cocktail, however, it kicks like a mule and will leave you walking sideways for a week. Approach with extreme caution.

Best places to eat & drink in Budapest
Getting around Budapest

Getting Around Budapest

Budapest has the second oldest underground train system in Europe (after London). You'll also find handy trams, boats, trolleys and buses. You can buy a 72-hour travel card ("Napijegy") that works on all forms of public transport, making it really easy to get about during a Budapest stag do and it's also good value for money.

Where to Visit

Budapest Stag Do

District I - Buda Castle

Home to some of the city's most famous landmarks, by day, sitting on the west of the Danube, it's where you'll find most tourists. Things get quiet pretty quickly in the evening and while you'll get some great team photos, it's 'Snoresville'. If you're looking for action keep moving.

Getting There - Trams are the best way to get to District 1 or by Metro (underground train) take M2 line (red on the city's underground map) heading west, there are two stations, Batthyány Tér is the largest. The area is easily accessible by foot, crossing over the river by footbridge.

District V - Belváros

Translating as 'downtown' in Hungarian, Belváros runs along the east bank of the river and is packed with more of the city's historic sights, but it's not what you'd normally think of as downtown. It's one of the city's most affluent areas, packed with the best shops and restaurants. It's also pricey, so our advice is look but don't touch, there are better places to grab a beer which won't drown the budget.

Getting There - Tram 2 or Metro M3 (blue on the underground map) runs the length of the district.

District VI - Terézváros

Budapest 6 might sound like a really bad sci-fi, but it's actually a great area that is a real contrast. Fancy hotels and bars sit side by side with rundown cafes and shops. The area is ripe for redevelopment and the smart set are moving in, bringing trendy bars and restaurants with them. A good place for a bite to eat and starting drink but not where you'll want to end your night.

Getting There - The main station is Nyugati Station which trains, trams and Metro M3 all run to.

District VII - Erzsébetváros

No stag party guide would be complete without the 7th District or 'Jewish Quarter', it's definitely Budapest's party central! It's here that you'll find the famous ruin bars. The ruin bars are exactly that, bars set into the ruins of the old abandoned ghetto. The funky open-air and rooftop bars are now THE place to party as they're full of the best bars and clubs. It's also one of the coolest places to party on the planet and something every man should experience at least once. Not only are the drinks really well priced, the food is also good, there's plenty of choice to be found and it's cheap (always shop around).

Getting There - M2 (red Metro) and trams 4 and 6 all stop in the 7th District.

If you're wondering what happened to Districts II, III and IV, no, you didn't blink and miss them, these are primarily residential districts without much nightlife worth reporting. Budapest has 23 districts in total, just in case you ever appear on QI (fact bomb! Take that, Toksvig!).

Budapest QI

The city is made up of two distinct areas, Buda and Pest.

Photo Opportunities

  • Margaret Island - A two-and-a-half-kilometre island home to parkland, wildlife and recreational facilities. Perfect for tender heads and great team photos.
  • Fisherman's Bastion - Despite appearances, this funky monument was built in the 20th century and offers stunning views across the Danube and Margaret Island. The seven towers represent the seven Magyar tribes that founded the city.
  • Memento Park - The park houses all the former communist statues many of with were pulled down by the Budapest's citizens. Many of the statues are giant and bizarre, perfect for striking team photos... Or your next album cover.
  • Liberty Statue - Giving the very best views of the city, this is the only surviving communist monument. Left intact due to its location, the signage and inscriptions have been significantly altered.
Budapest QI

It's home to one of the world's biggest music festivals.

11 Budapest Stag Do Tips

  1. Get a Travel Card - You get 72 hours of unlimited travel. The card will also get you free entry and reduce ticket prices to loads of other local attractions. It gives you the option to get out and see some of the city and is really good value. Get your Budapest Card.
  2. Plan Ahead - It's Budapest, one of the best party cities on the planet. It's awesome fun, and really different to Friday nights back home but...
  3. Budapest stag parties are popular and smart stags will already be booking hotels, lining up activities and generally being smug!
  4. Get Help Organising - There are two ways to go about planning your Budapest stag, you can do it all yourself or you can trust StagWeb and we'll do all the legwork for you so you can relax.
  5. Wake Up Early - It really is a fantastic city, so don't waste the mornings in bed moaning about sore heads. Get up at a humanly decent hour and go take a look. It really is a bit special.
  6. Swot Up On The Sights - How many times are you likely to go to Budapest in a lifetime? This could be your only trip, just do a quick hour internet research session before you go and find any points of interest or things you really want to see.
  7. Stitch Up The Groom - You can't go to Bucharest and not stitch the goom up. It's his Budapest stag do, of course, he's expecting a little bit of a hard time and you don't want to let him down. StagWeb can even help you with some cunning stag pranks. Ask for more details.
  8. Don't Blow Your Budgets - You can have a great time in Budapest without blowing the budget. Hotel rooms, activities, meals and entertainment can all be really reasonable if you know where to go. Don't get caught up by paying 'tourist prices'.
  9. Be Nice To The Locals - The locals are brilliant, really friendly and good fun, but they do get quickly tired of people not respecting their city or culture (just like any other city in the world would), so be nice, be respectful and you'll be welcomed with open arms.
  10. Get Transfers - Taxis from the airport can be expensive, our tip is to arrange transfers in advance or better yet, let StagWeb do it for you.
  11. Use Taxi Booths - Don't get stung by taxi prices. Head to the taxi booths (across the city), you can then pay in advance and merely give your ticket to the cabbie who will take you there. Much better than watching the meter tick over.
  12. Book ASAP - Don't worry later. Hotels prices will change, the closer to the weekend, the higher they'll be, so book early to get better prices.
Budapest QI

20% of the entire population of Hungary lives in Budapest.

Getting to Budapest

Most of the UK's major airports offer flights to Budapest, but prices will vary. Check flights from other airports, you could make good savings by switching the airport of departure and arranging for transport to and from the airport in advance.

Don't worry if you can't see the dates. It's normal that airlines don't release flight schedules and prices until a certain number of months in advance. You can still secure your hotel, activities, etc with StagWeb. If you then find flights are too much of an issue, you can get a refund (up to six weeks in advance) or we'll help you switch to an alternative destination.

When is the Best Time to go to Budapest?

There isn't a bad time. If you were heading to Ibiza we wouldn't recommend February, when it's out of season and the weather is a bit pants. But in Budapest, there are months when the weather can be cold. Really cold. But that just means a whole new set of activities to explore. Some of the best Stag-tivities and Budapest stag challenges can only be done in the winter months. Also, off-season, you'll find fewer people. Fewer crowds, cheaper accommodation, fewer people at the bars and fewer tourists. Yes, we're all tourists but that doesn't mean we'd all wish there were less of us.

Simply give us a call and our Budapest Specialist will help answer any questions and give you first-hand knowledge from his many regular trips to see our team out in the Hungarian capital.

As well as offering friendly advice, StagWeb are ABTA protected, ensuring we offer the highest levels of financial protection for your hard-earned money, giving everyone peace of mind. And with our individual payment system you won't end up chasing the rest of the guys, so once you've put us on the case just sit back and relax ahead of the big weekend, and we'll take care of the rest.

Budapest Stag Do Trip Tips!

Your Budapest Weekend

You can see the very best that Budapest has to offer over the course of your weekend away. We'd recommend throwing two or three activities in as well as a few nightlife options to get the party started and keep it pumping. And between all of that, you'll still have time to wander around soaking up the best sights of the city.

Getting from Budapest Airport to the City Centre

Budapest Airport is situated 20 kilometres from the city centre meaning you can reach the centre in roughly half an hour (traffic dependent). Budapest airport transfers are a good option as they take out all the hassle of trying to negotiate public transport or flag down a taxi, your ride will be ready and waiting for you to get out the airport and take you straight to your accommodation. There are regular buses into the centre of town running every half an hour, which is another option.

Local Customs and Tipping Culture

In restaurants, if you think the service was good, it's advisable to tip 10% and upwards if you're feeling generous. In bars, it's also a nice gesture to tip around 10% but it isn't necessarily expected.

Is Budapest Good for a Stag Do?

Not only is it a great opportunity to explore a brilliant city, but it's also the perfect place to give the groom a send-off he'll never forget with its incredible range of activities on offer plus its unrivalled nightlife. From the best ruin bars in Budapest to bouncing nightclubs, it has everything... and more!

Cost of Beer in Budapest

In some bars, you can get a pint for around £1 (yes, £1!), but it does vary from place to place. Don't settle on the first bar you stumble across, have a look around and gauge the prices for yourselves so you get more bang for your hard-earned buck!

Budapest Weather (High/Low)

  • January - 3/-2
  • February - 6/0
  • March - 11/3
  • April - 17/8
  • May - 23/12
  • June - 26/15
  • July - 28/17
  • August - 28/17
  • September - 23/13
  • October - 16/8
  • November - 9/4
  • December - 4/0

Budapest Stag Activities FAQs

What Budapest Activities Should We Do?

Budapest stag activities are up there with some of the best on the planet.

From the legendary Trabant Rally to the world-famous Thermal Baths, AK47 Shooting to the boozy Beer Spa, you'll be spoilt for choice on the groom's big celebration in the Hungarian capital.

How Many Should We Do in a Day?

It totally depends.

It depends on what you want to do and when you want to do it.

A lot of our Budapest stag activities will be pretty central, but some will be slightly further afield.

We'd recommend no more than three in any one day because you still need time to sample some of the local beers and get ready for that big night out.

If in doubt, speak to our Budapest Destination Specialist today on 01225 474200 and they'll be able to guide you through the best options for your group.

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