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Your Guide to a German Stag Do...

First off – well done.

You obviously know your stuff if you've narrowed the groom's celebration down to Germany.

It's the perfect place for beers, big stag adventures, bustling cities and a big slice of culture thrown in for good measure.

Oh... and did we mention the beers?


Well, we'll mention them again because German beer is elite.

And any best man knows the cornerstone of any good stag is lashings of wheat-coloured lager nectar.

But which is the best city for your German stag do?

Well, here at StagWeb, we've been sending stags across to mainland Europe since way back in 2002, so we know all there is to know about the best places to head for the main man's big send-off.

Check out the best of Germany below!

The Best German Stag Do Destinations...


You can't go wrong with a capital city stag celebration.

With Berlin, you know before you go that you'll be getting big nights out.

You know there'll be loads of sights to see.

You know there will be plenty of places to enjoy a bite to eat and sink a few tasty German beers.

Plus, there are loads of big stag adventures to pit your (potentially hungover) wits against.

For more information on a Berlin stag do and to get the ball rolling on the planning, follow that link now!


Cologne. The definition of cool. An alternative stag city that is packed with action.

Boasting a passionate football team, an elite party scene and good beers as far as the eyes can see, Cologne ticks every stag must-have.

OK, it's not as busy and buzzing as Berlin, but you'll struggle to find anywhere that is!

Cologne has its own party-loving atmosphere, plus you'll find your euros go further here.

For the full lowdown on a Cologne stag do and to kickstart the planning process, tap that link now!


Another German city that's trying to rub shoulders with the big boys.

Dusseldorf is definitely rising the ranks as German stag cities go.

It's got a cracking Old Town district full of great beers – in fact, it's been dubbed 'The Longest Bar in the World' with 300+ pubs situated in such a small area.

The perfect place for a pub crawl.

For more info about a big Dusseldorf stag do, hit that link!


For three consecutive years, Hamburg was either our most popular or second most popular European destination.


  1. Hamburg
  2. Prague
  3. Barcelona


  1. Prague
  2. Hamburg
  3. Barcelona


  1. Prague
  2. Hamburg
  3. Benidorm

Then the pandemic hit and nothing happened for a bit.

But now we're out of it all now, European travel is back and booming, and we're expecting Hamburg to return to its top spots.

To see what all the buzz is about, head to our Hamburg stag do page for a complete rundown of this bouncing party destination.


What can we say about Munich?

The home of Oktoberfest. The home of one of Europe's greatest football teams. The home of world-famous Bavarian beer.

That's not bad actually, is it?!

Munich is stacked.

If you're looking for somewhere that's big like Berlin, but offers something a little bit different – Munich is a great shout.

See what a Munich stag do is saying now and get the ball rolling on your big Barvarian weekend.

Germany Stag Do FAQs

Is Germany good for a stag do?

From massive party cities like Berlin and Munich to cracking alternatives in Cologne and Dusseldorf, Germany is a cracking option for a stag do. Add to that the incredible beers on offer, the huge range of activities to take on, plus currywursts galore – you won't be short of things to do on a German stag do.

Is Germany good for clubbing?

In a word... yes. In multiple words... apart from certain Spanish islands, Germany is possibly the number one clubbing destination in Europe. From massive techno nights to a booming karaoke scene, Berlin's exclusive underground venues to everything in between – Germany is the place to go if partying is paramount.

Which city in Germany has the best nightlife?

We might say Berlin. You might say Hamburg. We could like Munich. You might love Cologne. Each city in Germany has a unique nightlife specific to them. If you want massive clubs with thumping tunes, Berlin is for you. If you want cracking boozer after cracking boozer, try Dusseldorf or Cologne. It's different strokes for different folks.

Who are StagWeb?

We are the UK's leading stag planners, having sent over 600,000 party legends off on their pre-wedding celebrations since way back in 2002.

We've revolutionised the industry and made it so best men no longer need to stress about organising the groom's big send-off.

We're talking small deposits. No chasing people for money as everyone pays us direct. The best destinations. The best activities. The best deals... and so much more.

Give us a call today on 01225 474200 or send us a free no-obligation enquiry today and our team of experts will start planning your big German celebration.

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