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8 Top Glasgow Stag Do Ideas

  1. Rage Buggies - The most fun you can have on four wheels without getting arrested.
  2. Whitewater Rafting - A superb wild water test for adventure loving stags.
  3. Whisky Tour - Celebrate the true taste of Scotland with a few wee drams.
  4. Highland Games - Where men are men and haggis are nervous. A true sporting test.
  5. Bubble Football - Complete sporting carnage for men who should know better.
  6. Riverbugs - Whitewater rafting but without the raft. A truly epic challenge!
  7. Clay Shooting - Your own big bang theory to find the weekend's top gun.
  8. Indoor Electric Motocross - Get your motors running in this all-action Motocross activity!

A Guide To Your Glasgow Stag Weekend

Where to Drink in Glasgow

For the best bars in Glasgow, Merchant City is one of the best places to head. It’s easy to stumble across any kind of bar here: dive, sports, cocktail, whiskey, gin. Whatever you fancy, you’ll find somewhere in this buzzing area of Glasgow!

For something a wee bit different, Finnieston is famed for the cooler side of things if you’re a group of stags of the self-proclaimed hip variety.

Stag’s that choose Glasgow for their send-off are certainly in for a treat in the East Neighbourhood where the homebrew rules supreme. Spirit distilleries and craft brewpubs are dispersed all around. Take to the West around Ashton Lane for some al fresco drinking underneath an atmospheric fairy light canopy.

Glasgow is home to the world's longest bar. The counter at the Horse Shoe Bar in Drury Lane measures a massive 103ft.
"I'll have a pint aff the heavy big man. Cheers!"

Where to Head...


If you're after a "wee pint" or three then head along to the area of Sauchiehall Street, Bath Street and the Royal Exchange. You'll find a huge variety of bars, clubs, restaurants and live music venues. Just remember, if someone offers you a "Glasgow kiss" it probably isn't what you're hoping for. Don't pucker up.

Must see...

If you want to give recumbent stags a treat then drag them up the Glasgow Tower to give their Hangovers a rude awakening. The views are stunning!
Culture vultures can get their fix at the Riverside Museum which really is worth a visit and even the most reluctant visitors will be amazed by how much they get into it.
Alternatively you can try the Scottish Football Museum, Glaswegians say it's the emptiest museum in the world owing to the lack of silverware, however it's not an argument we're about to get into, for fear of "gettin' wan o'er the heid!"

The Big Yin

Words of wisdom from Billy Connolly, Glasgow's favourite son.
"Never trust a man who, when left alone with a tea cosy, doesn't try it on."
"There are two season in Scotland, June and winter."
"Before you judge a man walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He's a mile away and you've got his shoes."
"I've always wanted to go to Switzerland to see what the army does with those wee red knives."
"A lot of people say that it's a lack of vocabulary that makes you swear. Rubbish. I know thousands of words but I still prefer 'f***"

On Ya Bike! Getting Around Glasgow

As well as a good bus service through the city centre, Glasgow also has an underground rail network, to make the most of public transport you can buy tickets including; day tickets, ZoneCards and SmartCards giving you unlimited travel.

Active Glasgow stag parties can give their legs a workout while traversing the city with Next Bikes, public bikes that can be picked up and dropped off at a network of bike stations throughout the city.

Pub Trivia

The first ever international football match was hosted in Glasgow in 1872.
The Scots held England to a 0-0 draw.


"Alrigh' there big mahn?" - Hello Sir, how are you?
"Bampot" - Fool
"Ach ya wee bastar!!" - Oh crumbs, that hurt.
"Och ya beauty!" - Jolly good show!
"Tapped in the heid/Wired to the moon." - Someone who is not quite the full ticket
"Bawbag" - Scrotum/ term of derision ("Ya wee babag!")
"Pished" - Drunk
"Dinnae bother pal" - Don't worry old boy.
"Ach dinnae bother pal, the bawbag's pished again!" - Don't fret old chap, my friend has simply had one too many.
"Deep fried mars bar" - Glaswegian equivalent of health food

Top Glasgow Tip

It’s a very compact city so if you get accommodation in the city centre (contact us anytime for best options) then you can park up and find you have everything you need within walking distance for the entire weekend. It’s a massively unsung but a brilliant party city which makes it perfect and great value.

Glasgow Stag Do Trip Tips!

Getting to Glasgow


Like its bouncing counterpart Edinburgh, one of the easiest ways of getting to this brilliant Scottish city if by flying. Most UK airports will have direct flights to Glasgow, meaning you can get there in a flash!


Most large train stations will have direct trains straight to Glasgow, so you won’t have to faff about with loads of changes (unless you live in the back end of nowhere!).

  • London to Glasgow - 5hr 38min (average)
  • Birmingham to Glasgow - 5 hr 28 min (average)
  • Bristol to Glasgow - 7 hr 56 min (average)

Getting from Glasgow Airport to the City Centre

Glasgow city centre is located 9 miles from the airport so you can either opt for a bus or taxi, or you could go all out on the groom’s big weekend away and save a lot of hassle by booking up a private airport transfer to whisk you off to your accommodation in no time.

Cost of a Pint in Glasgow

You should be able to get a pint for around the £4 mark, but this will vary depending on where you find yourselves!

Glasgow Weather (High/Low)

  • January - 6/2
  • February - 7/2
  • March - 9/4
  • April - 11/5
  • May - 15/8
  • June - 17/11
  • July - 19/13
  • August - 19/12
  • September - 15/10
  • October - 12/8
  • November - 9/5
  • December - 7/3

Why choose a Glasgow stag do...

It might not have the prestige of being named Scotland's capital city, but Glasgow isn't losing out to Edinburgh in any of the ways that matter to a good stag do. It's got the bigger population, the better football teams, and the best nightlife in Scotland. With clubs and pubs dominating the city as well as a load of friendly, no nonsense locals to show you how to party like real men, it's a top destination for a stag do that will put hair on your chest. It might have a reputation for being a bit rough and ready, but Glasgow has grown out of its stroppy teenage years and emerged from its bedroom as a thriving cultural centre point. Even so, Glasgow stays true to its roots and remains unpretentious and straightforward whilst shaking off its tough exterior. As long as you don't mention the football, that is...

It's not all about boozing in the city centre any more either - Scottish stag dos have evolved with the city and now there's a whole host of activities to keep you busy in the city. From stag staples like paintballing to the slightly stranger hotdogging or hydrospeeding, a Glasgow stag do has plenty to offer those looking to get their adrenaline fix during the day too. The Highland Games are a massive favourite with stag groups who have ventured north of the border or patriotic Scots keen to fly the national flag, as they yank on those kilts and get caber tossing (no, that's not a euphemism).

When's good to visit Glasgow?

If you're hoping to dunk the boys in the Clyde you'll have to go for a summer stag do in Glasgow, since most of our water sport activities are seasonal. Trust us, you'll be grateful when you head home with your tackle still attached and frost-bite free. Don't be put off an autumn or winter Glasgow stag weekend though - there's plenty going on all year round, with the Film Festival in February and the Comedy Festival in March, amongst others. We've got plenty of all-year activities too... if all else fails, there's a distillery tour or vodka tasting session to thaw you out.

A guide to the patter

Alright, English lads, it's time to let go of any preconceptions of the Scots as a taciturn bunch. The Scots aren't ones to keep it all inside, and that's never clearer than with forthright Glaswegians. And by clearer, we mean less clear - they're a fast talking bunch, with a dialect that's all but incomprehensible to the English (not to mention Edinburghians). All we're saying is there are a few slang phrases you might want to learn:

  • Bampot - You're being insulted, though a little less than if they'd called you a bamstick.
  • Bamstick - More insulting than a bampot.
  • Bawbag - Either a term of endearment or an insult, depending on who it's coming from. It's no bamstick, in any case.
  • Patter - Sit down in a bar with a Glaswegian, he'll tell you.
  • Cludgie - Toilet. We'd learn this one before things get desperate.
  • The dancin' - A nightclub. Not any specific one, just a general nightclub.
  • Ginger - A fizzy drink. You probably won't need this one much.
  • Lose the rag - Someone's about to lose their temper with you numpties.
Need deep pockets?

Now some Scots are proud of their reputation, for deep pockets, and short arms. Bad news for small business, great news for those on a Glasgow stag do - local brews are considerably cheaper than imports so drink local.

How to arrive - travelling to Glasgow

If you're coming from down south, flying is a great choice for travelling up to Glasgow. The city has two airports, but Glasgow International is your best bet for jet setting - it's smaller, but closer and with more UK flights scheduled. Trains are available for those both within Scotland and without, but book them in advance - it's not cheap. If you're looking for a budget option, try long distance coaches.

So why StagWeb?

For a stag do, Glasgow is a pretty wallet friendly option anyway, but when it comes to deciding on where the lads' money should go, you don't want to take any chances. With StagWeb, you know you're getting the best activities and accommodation around, and at the best prices. Check out our epic stag-ready Glasgow packages, or send us your hand-picked selection in a enquiry of what you like and we'll get straight back to you with the best weekends at wallet-friendly prices.

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