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In Deep Water

Glasgow and rival Edinburgh are in strict competition with one another for the accolade of best Scottish city, and so much better for us they're constantly upping their game to beat the other to be the best around. This works out pretty sweetly for you, with Glasgow growing and morphing from a bleak industrial city into a brilliant stag adventure land, perfect for you and the lads to indulge in a bit of healthy competition yourselves! We've got a huge range of stag do activities, giving you plenty of options for finding the perfect one to fit your stag weekend and they extend well beyond the city centre too, letting you all experience some of the fantastic Scottish countryside at the same time. Forget hair of the dog and a fry up, there isn't a better way to chase off a hangover than chasing the stag around a racetrack on a go kart! There are plenty of fun things to do in Glasgow, gentlemen, and here at StagWeb, we have a colossal range of stag activities waiting for you to conquer!

In Deep Water

It's not exactly Ibiza, but Glasgow men are a hardy lot and determined not to fall behind in the water sports stakes. If you've ever wanted to live like the unholy love child of Iron Man and Aqua Man, extreme water jetpacks might be the exact sport your stag party needs. We'd tell you how extreme, but we're busy shooting 30 feet into the air off the back of a jet ski. Riverbugs don't sound as terrifying, but trust us it meshes all the excitement of white water rafting and all the comfort of sitting down and then pushes you down some rapids. It's not available in the rest of the UK, presumably because it's only the Scots lads who are barmy enough to try it. If this all seems a little bit too likely to lead to drowning for your tastes, there are a few more sedate options around too, a fishing party is the perfect way to head out to sea and have a bit of banter with the lads ideal for a lazy Sunday morning before heading home. Wet suit up!

Highland Hijinks

A stag do in Scotland isn't like a stag do anywhere else in the UK for one thing, there's haggis and impenetrable accents to deal with. Great Glasgow activities, then, should commemorate this auspicious venture with activities that reflect their Celtic location. By which we mean, of course, a tour of a whisky distillery. We're not just talking swilling a few free samples here; it's a full tour of the brewery and the process involved in turning unappetising grain into delicious nectar of the gods. And a few free samples, too. If you'd rather clear your head after imbuing a few too many whiskeys, try a few rounds of golf instead. It was invented in Scotland, and they still have some of the best courses around the UK today. And for the absolute ultimate activity, there's really only one way to spend the day at the highland games. From caber tossing to welly hurling, it's a great friendly competition for the lads and really, really funny.

Inner City Pressure

We're not suggesting that the best Glasgow stag do activities are based outside Glasgow. On the contrary, a few well-placed afternoon activities means you're perfectly located to start the night and vodka tasting is one of the best ways to do this. You'll arrive to a free shot, and leave with a more sophisticated palette, expert vodka knowledge, and a few more free shots in your stomach. Win all around, we think. Alternately, go for gold with stadium hire for you and the stags. You don't only get a professional football pitch to boot a ball on, you get access to the changing rooms and tunnel too, ideal for living out those premier league fantasies you never gave up on.

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