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Hamburg Stag Review
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8 Best Hamburg Stag Do Ideas

  1. Target Shooting - Stag vs stag competition to find the ultimate sharpshooter.
  2. Indoor Go Karting - Speed, competition, aggression, go karting is awesome!
  3. Red Light District Tour - Take a tour around Hamburg’s raunchy district.
  4. Glow Golf - Forget normal golf, things are about to take a psychedelic twist.
  5. Dragon Boat Racing - This would make the Oxford-Cambridge boat race twice as interesting!
  6. Trampoline Park - A whole lot of bouncing mayhem!
  7. Beer Festivals - Time your trip for one of their world-famous beer festivals
  8. Brewery Tours - If you miss out on a festival there are always epic brewery tours to enjoy.

A Guide To Your Hamburg Stag Weekend

Action Stations!

If you’re looking for stag adventures in Hamburg, then there are some fast-paced options available. However, in this beer-loving city, there are also some great stag laughs to be had at a slower pace while enjoying Hamburg’s amber nectar. A River Cruise is a great way to toast the groom.

Best Bars in Hamburg

If it’s the best bars you’re after, it’s time to take a little trip down the Reeperbahn, the infamous nightlife hotspot in central Hamburg. Here, you can check out all the awesome watering holes that will suit any group of thirsty stags. You’re in the home of beer, so grabbing a pint from one of the huge breweries is a stag-essential.

You can’t stag in Hamburg and not book a beer tasting tour - we’d actually be quite offended if you didn’t, to be honest. If you somehow exhaust the wealth of bars on Reeperbahn itself, just dip down any side street and you’ll soon come across a whiskey hideout or underground wine bar as a lot of the bars are of the basement variety. Yeah, it’s pretty cool here.

"I might have been born in Liverpool, but I totally grew up in Hamburg"
- John Lennon

Where to Visit in Hamburg

Don’t Fear the Reeperbahn...

The Reeperbahn is certainly Hamburg’s most well-known district, but it isn’t the den of inequity people might suspect. Modern Hamburg has turned it into a bustling tourist spot by day, full of great bars, cafes, plus a few ‘interesting’ shops (they don’t sell the kind of souvenirs your girlfriend was hoping you’d bring back though). It’s now a cool place to hang out by day and party by night.
The one thing that the Reeperbahn really is worth visiting for is its link with the Beatles. This is the city where the boys became men and really sharpened their musical skills as well as their rocker boy image.

Pub Trivia

Hamburg is the centre of Germany’s media industry including much of the nation’s TV.
Hamburg is twice the size of London.
Kevin Keegan played for FC Hamburg and introduced the Mullet to a grateful German nation who wore it to several World Cups.

A Taste of Hamburg

Eats - If you want a real taste of Bavaria (and trust us, you really should), then BlockBrau is the place for you. The large servings of great beer (brewed onsite) are only outdone by the massive portions of wholesome grub. The perfect start to a big Hamburg night out.
Drinks - When in Rome and all that… If you’re heading for Hamburg, then beer is most certainly the order of the day. If you really want to get a taste for it try a Brewery Tour

Getting Around Hamburg

Hamburg Public Transport is excellent! A system of public bikes are dotted around in 80 city locations. Hop on a bike, the first 30 minutes are free, after that you need to pay by card.
As well as a fastidious bus network the city also benefits from an underground rail system. Of course, this being Germany everything runs perfectly to time making public transport a great way to get about. To save on fares get a group ticket or Hamburg CARD. Loads of our great hotels and apartments are walking distance to some of the biggest and best activities and nightlife Hamburg has to offer. Speak to a member of our friendly team today for more info!

Getting There

Price wars between airlines and the strong hand of budget carriers mean Hamburg is surprisingly affordable. A flight costs less than a tank of petrol and the city is blessed with a fantastic and well priced public transport system so getting out and about is a doddle.


"Bitte" - Please
"Dank" - Thanks
"Ohrwurm" - Earworm (meaning a song that just won’t leave your brain)
"Speckgurtel" - Bacon belt (those few extra pounds you’ve recently started carrying?)
"Ein schnapps, bitte." - A schnapps, please.
"Zwei schnapps, bitte." - Two schnapps, please.
"Viele schnapps, bitte." - Lots of schnapps, please.
"Ich habe einen Kater." - I have a hangover.
"Dieser Herr wird für alles zahlen." - This gentleman will pay for everything.
"Es ist ein Krokodil in meinem Badezimmer." - There's a crocodile in my bathroom.
"Gute fahrt." - Have a good trip.

Hamburg Stag Do Trip Tips!

Getting to Hamburg


You can get direct flights to Hamburg from the three main London airports as well as Manchester and Edinburgh. The flights will vary from 1 hr 30 mins to 1 hr 45 mins.

Getting from Hamburg Airport to the City Centre

Hamburg airport is situated 11.3 kilometres from the centre of the city meaning it’ll take you roughly half an hour (traffic dependent) to get from the airport. There are regular buses which will take you and the boys to the centre, plus there’s also a train station underneath, too. If you don’t fancy faffing about with public transport, there are numerous taxi companies based at the exits or you could even hire an airport transfer to travel in style on your memorable Hamburg weekend.

Local Customs and Tipping Culture

Much like in the UK, if you’re eating in a restaurant, it is generally accepted that you leave a tip if you’re satisfied with the service. When tipping in bars, you can always round up your bill to the nearest euro or couple of euros.

Price of Beer in Hamburg

The price of a beer usually varies between €3-€4 euros, but it depends on the type of establishment you find yourselves in.

Hamburg Weather (High/Low)

  • January - 4/-1
  • February - 4/0
  • March - 8/2
  • April - 12/5
  • May - 18/9
  • June - 20/12
  • July - 23/14
  • August - 23/14
  • September - 18/11
  • October - 13/7
  • November - 8/3
  • December - 5/1
48 Hours to Party in Hamburg

Officially the most popular stag do destination for 2019 - Hamburg is the go-to party city! Gentlemen, you have made the perfect choice as this German powerhouse is a certified stag playground. Brace yourselves, fellas, it’s gonna be colossal!


It’s finally here, at last, you’ve touched down in Hamburg for the groom’s big send-off. You’re going to want to hotstep it through the airport and fling your bags in your hotel! You’ve only got 48 hours, gentlemen, you’ve got to try and pack in as much as possible.

48 hours in Hamburg
Activity No.1 - Beer Bike

It’s the stuff dreams are made of, a pedal-powered boozer! Yes, you’re heading abroad to a new city, of course, you can’t just spend your whole weekend inside dark and dingy pubs, you’ve got to get out and see the place… but it would be nice if you could bring the pub with you too. Well, now you can! Hop aboard, get pedalling and take to the streets!


Now that’s how you kickstart a stag do! Time for some food to fuel you up for a big night on the town. And this isn’t the time to seek out the golden arches, guys! Luckily the best man booked up the brilliant Hofbrauhaus Meal so you can all indulge in some of the best local cuisines on offer.

Bar Crawl

After your delicious German meal and a couple of hours making jokes about the size of the groom’s bratwurst, you and the boys head out on a monumental Bar Crawl to familiarise yourselves with some of the biggest party venues in this fine city! Led by a friendly female guide, you embark on a mission to give the groom a night he’ll never forget!

48 hours in Hamburg
The Club

This Bar Crawl is the gift that keeps on giving as not only did you get to visit some of the best party venues in town, it also included nightclub entry so you and the boys could cap your night off in style. Waltz straight on past the long lines outside, give your name at the door and get in there and throw some outrageous shapes.

The Morning

Well, last night threw up a few surprises! Who knew the groom was such an incredible dancer?! I mean, just how did he get his leg that high?! Such elegance, such grace, such je ne sais quoi! Well, no time to dwell! You, twinkle toes and the rest of the guys better get up, Hamburg’s epic stag adventures won’t conquer themselves!

Activity No.2 - Paintballing

There’s a reason paintballing is a certified stag classic: it’s a fast-paced fun and hilariously entertaining! Who wouldn’t fancy peppering the groom head-to-toe in a fight to the pub?! Lock and load, gents, there can be only one winning team and the losers will, naturally, face a suitable stag forfeit!

The Aftermath

Luckily the groom was on the other team because he weighed them down like a millstone. Thank God, too, because that forfeit was excruciating to watch. Anyway, time to head back so the groom can wash the paint out of his luscious blonde locks before you head out for your second activity!

Activity No.3 - Red Light District Tour

Yes, it’s not just Amsterdam that’s got a raunchy side, Hamburg also boasts its own Red Light District and it would be remiss of you guys not to go and check it out! Don’t fear the Reeperbahn, fellas, let the Reeperbahn fear you! The tour includes beers, sights, plus a visit to a lap dance club - sightseeing taken to a whole new level of awesome.


After your eye-opening tour of some of Hamburg’s biggest landmarks, it’s time to refuel before the last night out! You and the guys head to the world-famous Hooters for a hearty meal served up by some of the hottest waitresses on the planet.

48 hours in Hamburg

Once your stag army is full up and ready to march into the night, you bounce on out and hit the town! It’s the groom’s big night so you better make it monumental. Swing by the casino for a quick game on the tables before you hit the club. Let’s try and win some money for the beer kitty, guys!

The Club

Well, against all odds, the groom has only gone and bossed the casino! That’s the beer kitty sorted for the evening, plus a little bit left over for some airport chocolates for the bride-to-be. The beers are flowing, the music’s on point - time for the groom to pull out his impressive moves one last time...

48 hours in Hamburg
Hamburg? Completed it!

Well, twinkle toes turned into two-left feet in the blink of an eye! What happened in the last twenty-four hours?! That was some of the worst dancing you’ve ever witnessed. Really embarrassing stuff! Well, Hamburg, you were epic as per! Better hope someone hurries up and proposes again soon to give you and the boys another excuse to fly back and do it all over again.

25 Reasons Hamburg is an Awesome Stag City

John Lennon - Even a Beatle loved this city and the band set up home in the Reeperbahn. John Lennon was once quoted as saying: 'I was born in Liverpool, but raised in Hamburg'.

Oktoberfest - The world-renowned festival of beer isn't exclusive to Munich, lads. You can expect all the beery good times you'd find in the south of Germany right here in Hamburg, so pull on your lederhosen and find yourselves a stein!

Reeperbahn - The infamous Red Light District is a must for any Hamburg stag party. An amazing, vibrant and eclectic section of Hamburg life where pretty much anything goes and the groom will be decidedly nervous, wondering just what his mates might have in mind for him?!?

Mahnmal St. Nikolai - If you exclude the towering TV tower, the Mahnmal St. Nikolai is Hamburg's tallest building. It's a bit of a cultural icon in the city, and the locals will tell you that the panorama lift built into the tower provides the best view of the city's skyline.

Second Largest - Hamburg is Germany's second-largest city, only Berlin can beat its whopping population of 1,739,117 people. That's a lot of Hamburgers.

A bridge too far - This city has more than 2,300 bridges which is more than London, Venice and Amsterdam combined. Let's just hope that nobody in your party is 'gephyrophobic'.

Hamburger SV - The city's premier football club were a mainstay in the first division of German football (until recently). They're 6-time league champions and 5-time German cup winners, and you can never count them out against even the toughest of competition. They have a fierce derby with cross-city rivals St Pauli.

Football Spectating - If the groom's a European football aficionado, then he'll love witnessing a match day at Hamburger SV's Volksparkstadion. You'll sit with the home fans and cheer Der Dino all the way to victory.

St. Michaelis - Stags can enjoy a trip to this church that's actually a spectacular piece of German architecture - if you decide to climb Der Michel's tower you'll be rewarded with some of the most striking views in the city.

Miniatur Wunderland - Hamburg's Miniatur Wunderland is seriously immense, taking up 6,400 square metres of floor space - if you've never seen a fully operational model city in action before then you'd probably shrug off any suggestions that it's worth a look in straight away, but this is absolutely epic - there's even a functioning airport!

Hummel Hummel - If someone says 'Hummel Hummel' to you, you're meant to reply with 'Mors, Mors'. This is because a water carrier named Hans Hummel was once bullied by a group of kids who kept making fun of his name - which in turn lead him to reply with 'Mors, Mors', a shorter way of saying 'Kiss my ass' in German.

The Beatles - As a young band, The Beatles spent two years in the city from 1960-62 honing their craft before returning to Blighty. Their antics during this time are legendary with locals even today. Stories include John Lennon peeing from his bedroom window and playing with a toilet seat around his neck as well as the band urinating in an alley as nuns walked past.

'I need a dolla, dolla...' - Hamburg is, surprisingly, home to more millionaires than any other city in Germany - perhaps that's why we keep seeing German supercars everywhere...

Indoor Go Karting - There's no denying it, the Germans just do cars better than us and after you've taken to the track in one of these bad boys, you'll realize that the same can be said for Go Karting.

Burgerlich Hamburg - After a heavy night out, you could be left feeling the aches and pains of an almighty katzenjammer, but you don't need to suffer, stags. Head to this epic burger bar and wrap your laughing gear around some of the best grub in the city.

Uebel und Gefährlich - This club is stylish to the max, it's where all of Hamburg's well-groomed lads and lasses go to get down to the sounds of the city's top DJs, and if you ask any hungover 20-something where they were the previous evening, the chances are they'll reply with Uebel.

Brewery Tours - Speaking of beer, if you've got a deep-rooted love of every lad's favourite drink, then you need to hop on to one of our awesome Brewery Tours and discover how the best German biers are made before enjoying a delicious dinner and the freshest pint you've ever tasted.

H1 Club - H1 is really popular with the locals, and it's not difficult to see why. For one, this club is massive and it always seems to be packed out. This is nightlife at its finest. An evening under H1's neon lights isn't one the boys will be forgetting any time soon...

Tierpark Hagenbeck - We've all been to a Zoo before, but you've never seen one like this. The animals aren't kept in cages here, instead they're allowed to roam free in open-air enclosures, but they still manage to keep a fair bit of distance between the groom and the ravenous Lions, thankfully...

Hamburg Dungeon - Can you escape the Hamburg Dungeons? You'll meet ghouls and ghosts as well as the historical fiends of Hamburg's dark, gothic past. Even the most macho-stag can end up with the willies here, and the elevator of doom makes for a truly terrifying ride.

Strandperle - Every lad knows that the beach is synonymous with beers - that's a concept that Strandperle are more than familiar with, offering the boys the chance to kick back and relax in a comfy beach chair with a coldie in hand. Top stuff.

Target Shooting - While we think it's a good thing that you can't just walk into ASDA and buy a pistol in Blighty, getting hands-on with some of the most powerful handguns on the planet is definitely a satisfying, stress-busting experience.

Le Lion - If Bond visited Hamburg, this is where you'd find him. This classy bar is bustling with elegant, sophisticated ladies and proper gentlemen - wear your finest garbs to this venue.

Molotow - Fans of indie music will love this legendary night club hosting the city's best bands as well as big-name acts like Biffy Clyro, Jamie T and Mumford & Sons - this is definitely one for a groom who's a big fan of music that rocks.

Beatlesplatz - Despite all of this, Hamburg genuinely loves the Beatles so much that they've dedicated a square to the famous Liverpudlian band - a snap of the lads with the wire-frame models of Paul, John, Ringo and George is sure to make for a fantastic profile picture on your Hamburg stag do.

Your Guide to a Hamburg Stag Do

Nestled on the banks of the Elbe and Germany's second-largest city, Hamburg has an industrial and mercantile history which at times has been the envy of the... Zzzzzzz... BEER!

Yep, whatever way you dress it up and whatever your best intentions may be, there's no getting away from the fact that Hamburg stag weekends are famed for the frothy golden amber nectar, so if you and your fellow stags are partial to the odd shandy then this is the place for you.

From Bubble Football to Beer Halls, you won't be short of a whole host of epic Hamburg stag activities to keep you all occupied.

Why Go On A Hamburg Stag Do

Ask not what your Hamburg stag do can do for you, but what you can do for your Hamburg stag do... [too many "yous" & "dos" make it stop! - Editor] Principally our top advice would be to book early. Hamburg is a popular travel destination and rapidly becoming a top choice for stags.

It has nightlife on an epic scale with enough bars, pubs, dance and strip clubs to see bar crawls span an entire year without repeating a venue. Add to that some top drawer daytime activities and it's almost as if Hamburg was built with stags in mind. Big enough to get utterly lost in and not feel as if you're bumping into other stag parties at every turn, but compact enough and so efficiently governed (it is German so what else did you expect) that traversing between activities and evening watering holes is quick, easy and surprisingly affordable.

But its growing reputation as a party venue does mean booking early is well advised to make sure you're not beaten to the prize by more organised stag groups.

Make a quick, no-hassle enquiry to get an idea on price - Ask now.

A Brief History of Hamburg

In historical terms and up to the present day, Hamburg has mirrored London. It has been overrun by Romans, pillaged by Vikings, hit by the Black Death and a Great Fire, and destroyed by two world wars (after the first one the allies even took away 1500 merchant ships for the Reich having been a bit of a ‘bally old’ nuisance), but with a touch of the Sid James about it, it carried on regardless. Today, as well as being the glamorous home of Germany’s media and TV glitterati, it is a hotbed for tourists especially those keen on the massively overt and varied nightlife. And, of course, the Hamburg stag weekend is becoming a must for knowledgeable stags.

Fine dining, world-famous beers and no small measure of high heeled beauty are astride all over this great city.

Oh and there’s also an area where ladies hang out of shop windows and their blouses selling their wares [You couldn’t have put it more delicately??? - Editor] but more of that later.

Has a Hamburg Stag Weekend Always Been Popular?

No, in fact, it's only recently that you could use the words "Hamburg" and "Fashion" in the same sentence. The Beatles honed their craft in Hamburg before becoming the talk of the Cavern Club and back in the '50s & '60s the city was awash with drunken sailors, wannabe biker boys and ladies of a certain profession. Only the ladies are still around... probably not the same ones, though.

When Kevin Keegan brought his boots to town in 1977, he also introduced the mullet. At that point (apart from their beer) German tastes got utterly lost. So much so that the Hoff became one of the biggest selling recording artists in Germany and pretty much single-handedly brought about the collapse of the Berlin wall and the German music industry [you're just making this up now, aren't you? - Editor].

Is a Hamburg Stag Do Just About Beer?

Once again, it's a resounding "no". The classic '80's scouser look which at one time seemed to be the only fashion accessories German men would consider (take a look at any of the German national teams of the '80s and '90s for details) is now long since a thing of the past.

It really has emerged as a buzzing, fashionable and much celebrated modern metropolis.

Yes, the Reeperbahn is still a massive attraction for German nationals and tourists alike. At one point there was even a brothel so vast it spanned 6 entire floors until it fell on hard times and was forced to close in the '80s [you're really testing my patience now! - Editor]. It is an amazing area of the city and well worth a visit despite the fact that you (probably?) won't be buying any of its myriad of services.

Clubs and bars often have a very different feel in Germany where they put a real spotlight on local talent and comedy. You'll also find plenty of really good live music venues to give your Hamburg stag a break from club music. Having said that, Hamburg also has some great clubs and DJs, so whatever your musical tastes, you'll be well catered for.

Booking Your Hamburg Stag Do

Since 2002, StagWeb have been helping stags plan legendary weekends across the UK, Europe and beyond. We were the first stag operators to become ABTA bonded (ABTA No.W7797) which, although possibly dull and boring, really should make a difference when booking your Hamburg stag do, especially as you'll be travelling overseas.

As the man with the plan and your stag party organiser, you're not only responsible for leading the boys to a promised land, booking the right things at the right price, but also making sure their cash is protected.

We became ABTA bonded because our commitment is to giving you not just a good weekend but an epic weekend. We want your stag do to be the stuff of legend so that you and the boys will be talking about it for years to come.

This isn't purely some altruistic feel-good factor, we know if we get it right then you'll come back to us again and again, but don’t just take our word for it, check out the reviews and see what those that have gone before have had to say about us.

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